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Best Passport Covers

Updated October 2022
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Main Street Forge Leather Passport Holder
Main Street Forge
Leather Passport Holder
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Luxurious Classic
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A stylish and dependable leather option in numerous styles.


Pocket for passport and travel card slots. Large enough to hold a boarding pass. Protects your passport from wear for use with frequent flyers. Comes in a variety of colors.


Does not have a dedicated space for vaccine cards.

Best Bang for the Buck
Teskyer Passport Holder and Vaccine Card Holder
Passport Holder and Vaccine Card Holder
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Fasionable and Functional
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A dependable option with a dedicated slot for COVID vaccine cards.


Slot for boarding passes and sleeves for credit or ID cards. Eco-friendly leather. Closes using a magnetic clasp to keep travel documents safe.


Vaccine card slot is a tight fit and may not work if your card is laminated.

Fintie Passport Holder
Passport Holder
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Versatile Design
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Available in many styles and colors, it protects and organizes your travel documents.


Dedicated slot for both your passport, boarding pass, and 4 card sleeves. Professional look. Made of durable and comfortable polyester. Features RFID blocking.


Material is prone to wear and stitching can fray with rough use.

JCD Frosted Passport Cover
Frosted Passport Cover
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Simple and Sleek
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This option that protects your travel documents from spills and other hazards.


An affordable choice for passport protection. Pocket can fit both boarding passes and vaccine cards. Keeps cover transparent. Durable and simple to use.


Plastic is thin and prone to wear if treated roughly.

Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Passport
Michael Kors
Jet Set Travel Passport
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Most Stylish
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This passport holder is made with high-quality fabrics and has a simple but elegant design.


The PVC leather Michael Kors lettering logo on the front gives this passport holder a stylish look. It has six credit card slots, an ID window, and two multipurpose slip pockets.


Getting a card out of the ID window slot is difficult.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best passport covers

If you’ve ever traveled to another country by plane, train, or car, you’ve probably scrambled to find your passport among your belongings when crossing the border. A passport cover can protect your documents from wear and damage while making them easy to find quickly.

Passport covers may be just big enough to hold the titular document, or they may have additional pockets for vaccine cards, driver’s licenses, and other documents. There is a range of materials and styles to choose from, and some brands offer customizable covers so you can easily tell your passport apart from family members’ IDs.

While a passport cover isn’t vital, it’s helpful to have for peace of mind and for quickly accessing your most important documents.

hands holding a passport cover
Many passport covers can also hold your license, a COVID-19 vaccination card, credit cards, and cash.

How to buy the best passport cover

Form factor and design

Passport covers can be slim or more substantial, and there are benefits to both sizes. A smaller cover that adds little bulk is easy to tuck into your pocket and generally easier to pull out when it’s needed. However, it can also be difficult to find among your belongings, unlike a bulkier cover or a passport wallet.

The most basic passport covers have “book cover” designs, with two flaps on the right and left sides for your passport to tuck into. These typically don’t have any extra pockets for other IDs or documents, and they tend to be affordable.

Other passport covers have a single flap, usually on the right side, for holding your passport in place while making it easier to remove than book cover style designs.

Larger passport covers resemble wallets and have several extra pockets. These may be spacious enough to hold all of your documents, credit cards, and cash.

Additional pockets

Your passport won’t be the only document you take with you on your journey. If you’re comfortable storing everything in the same place, you should make note of whether the cover you’re considering has storage for extra items.

  • Vaccine card pockets: Traveling abroad post-2020 often means carrying a COVID-19 vaccination card issued by the CDC or other vaccine cards. Keeping these in the same place as your passport helps you track them down quickly.
  • Driver’s license pockets: If you’re traveling within the United States, you need a form of government-issued photo ID. While your passport fits this requirement, so does a driver’s license, so carrying both can be helpful. Additionally, you may be able to use your driver’s license to purchase alcohol or rent a vehicle in some countries. Take note that most countries require an International Driving Permit to operate a motor vehicle; a driver’s license may not be sufficient.
  • Boarding pass pockets: This flimsy piece of paper can be almost as important to have on hand as your passport when it comes time to board. Keeping your boarding pass with your passport ensures that you can find it quickly.

Water-resistant passport covers can keep your documents safe in the case of heavy rain — or even if you drop the cover in a puddle.


What features do passport covers have?


Passport covers are made of materials ranging from thin plastic to high-quality leather. This is one of the biggest factors in the price of a cover as well as its durability.

  • Leather is a popular choice for its classic look and pleasant feel, but it’s also usually the most expensive option. It comes in many different colors and textures, and some companies offer personalized options. While it’s fairly durable, it can be damaged by water and oil.
  • PU leather is more affordable than the real thing and is more environmentally friendly, especially when it’s made of recycled materials. Whether you call it fake leather or pleather, it can have a surprisingly genuine feel and is available in a wider variety of colors and patterns.
  • Cloth offers a classy, comfortable design and is fairly durable. Many fabrics are plant-based for those who are vegan or appreciate eco-friendly designs. Beware that cloth is generally prone to stains.
  • Plastic passport covers that don’t try to mimic leather are the most affordable option and are usually quite minimalist in design. They may have a few extra pockets, or they may be clear vinyl covers that hold your passport and nothing else.

RFID protection

Starting in 2006, United States passports have included RFID chips that contain relevant information. This means your passport either has an RFID chip or expired years ago.

This chip allows customs agents to verify the information on your passport and can prevent identity theft by making it difficult for thieves to alter any information on your passport.

Covers that include RFID protection use a small amount of metal to block radio waves from lifting information from your passport. This prevents thieves from lifting your information just by getting close to you. In addition, your credit cards and your driver’s license may also use RFID chips — yet another reason to store these items in your passport cover if possible.

Closure types

How your passport cover opens and closes determines how quickly you can access your documents and how likely they are to slip free.

  • Magnet closures are satisfying and simple, and there’s no button or other mechanism to deal with when opening the cover. Don’t worry about the magnet damaging your credit cards — only a magnet of significant strength can damage its magnetic strip.
  • Button closures are a secure choice that are unlikely to come undone, even amidst the chaos of travel. However, you may find yourself fiddling with the button to get the cover open and closed.
  • Zippers are easy to use and can prevent water or other substances from damaging items in your cover, though jams are possible on occasion.
  • Non-closing designs simply fold in half and offer little protection against the elements. These are commonly found in inexpensive covers.

ID and vaccine card windows

To save yourself the step of removing your photo ID or vaccine card from a pocket, many passport covers have ID windows like those found in wallets. It’s a good idea to check the dimensions of the window to make sure it will hold your driver’s license or vaccine card.

a hand holding a passport cover
In addition to making your passport easier to find, passport covers can add a bit of comfort by preventing the corners of the document from poking into you.

How much do passport covers cost?


For $5 to $10, you can purchase a set of basic plastic passport sleeves or straightforward PU leather covers. Most options in this range don’t have any form of closure, but a few offers RFID blocking.


Covers from $10 to $20 usually feature high-quality materials and wallet-style designs with several pockets for IDs and credit cards. Closures like zippers and magnets are more common in this range.


For $20 to $50 are leather passport covers from familiar brands with attractive designs. While these don’t always offer more features than their less expensive competitors, they may be more stylish and durable.

While it’s okay to keep your important documents in the same place, you should keep photocopies of your documents separate.



  • Double-check the information in your passport. Mistakes are possible, and if your passport contains any errors, it can quickly put an end to your trip. Sort out any errors as early as possible.
  • Make sure you have enough blank pages for new stamps. Some countries may put stamps on three pages of your booklet.
  • Check the expiration date. If your passport is expiring soon or has already expired, you should get a new passport as soon as possible.
  • Keep your passport in a secure place on your person. The inside pockets of jackets are fairly safe from thieves, as are money belts worn under your clothing. Or you can keep your passport in a personal safe in your hotel room.
  • Bring color copies of your passport and other IDs. This is a crucial step in case you lose any of your IDs. It also allows you to leave your passport in your room while you’re sightseeing. You can also store digital copies on a flash drive.
  • Never keep your passport in a bag. Handbags and backpacks are easy pickpocketing targets, or you may leave your bag behind. When your passport is kept directly on your person, it can’t be forgotten.
passport covers in black and red
When you have your passport photo taken, consider asking for a copy of the photo so you can get a new passport easily in the event that your other one is lost or damaged.


Q. Is it risky to keep all of your important documents in one place while traveling?

A. It does increase the chances of misplacing all your IDs at once or having them stolen. However, it can make it difficult to find the ID you need in a pinch, and it may increase the risk of having one of your IDs stolen. The most important thing is to keep your documents on your person rather than in bags and bring multiple copies of your documents.

Q. How important is a passport cover?

A. While it isn’t essential, it’s a helpful organizational tool and can prevent your documents from being damaged by water or spills.

Q. Is it better to keep your passport on your person or in your room?

A. It depends. Keeping your passport on your person means you always have access to it and can check to make sure it’s safe. Keeping your passport in your room means you don’t need to think about its whereabouts during the day. If you opt to leave your passport in a room, ensure that it’s locked in a safe and that you keep photocopies of it on your person.