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Best Travel Wallets

Updated March 2022
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Wanderings Leather Travel Wallet with Passport Holder
Leather Travel Wallet with Passport Holder
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Customer Favorite
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A great wallet for travel that features an elegant look and extra safety features.


A classic leather wallet with RFID blocking and a simple design. Has enough room to hold your passport when traveling, plus cards and cash. It's slim enough to fit easily into a pocket and has excellent reviews from buyers.


Pockets for cards can be quite tight. Some users didn't think the wallet quality was good.

Best Bang for the Buck
Zoppen Passport Holder Travel Wallet
Passport Holder Travel Wallet
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Best for Women
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This good-looking RFID-blocking wallet is a reasonable choice for consumers who like the look of leather in an animal-free construction.


Constructed of material that has a leather look, but isn't made with animal-based materials. Has feminine lines that compliment women's fashions. Available in more than 20 stylish colors. Plenty of pockets and a removable wrist strap round out its feature set. Affordable.


Snap closure won't shut if you over-stuff the pockets. Slots are tight. Not quite as durable as authentic leather.

Polare Full Grain Leather Passport Holder
Full Grain Leather Passport Holder
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A high-quality wallet with an adventurous design and built-in RFID blocking.


Available in several colors and styles, featuring a compass or a map on the front. Made of full-grain leather. Pocket for passport and many slots for cards and cash. Zipper. RFID blocking for safety.


Material can scratch easily. Item is a little bit expensive.

Amazon Basics Leather RFID Blocking Passport
Amazon Basics
Leather RFID Blocking Passport
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Simple Yet Solid
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An RFID-blocking wallet with minimalist design that will match with everything.


Three colors available for purchase. Made of leather and features 4 slots for cards, as well as room for cash and a passport when traveling. Wallet is big enough to hold items but not too large. RFID blocking included.


Some pockets are too small for some items like passports. Reports of cheap quality.

Pacer Go Slim Long Travel Wallet
Pacer Go
Slim Long Travel Wallet
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Streamlined Design
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Although this wallet won't hold as many cards, documents, and other items compared to others on our list, it's worth considering for consumers that prefer a slim profile.


Stands out from other travel wallets on our list for an ultra-thin build that fits nicely in pockets, bags, and more. Has RFID-blocking technology and a passport slot. Made of genuine leather in a choice of dark blue, gray, and red. Stylish and well-made.


Has a fraction of the pockets as others we considered. Card slots are somewhat tight.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best travel wallets

Traveling means fun, excitement, and plenty of new experiences, but there can also be some stress involved, especially if you’re worried about keeping your valuables safe. Fortunately, a travel wallet can help give you peace of mind, no matter where you’re traveling around the world.

Travel wallets are specially designed to hold all the items and documents you need for travel, including money, credit cards, identification like your driver’s license and passport, boarding passes, and more. These wallets provide easy access to your items so you don’t have to go hunting through your bag when you’re waiting in line at airport security to find your boarding pass and ID. Most travel wallets won’t weigh you down, as they have a slim, compact design.

A travel wallet can come in handy for anyone who travels, but it’s especially useful if you travel internationally, since those trips typically require more documents. They can also work well for families, as you can find models that hold multiple passports.

Searching for a travel wallet starts with figuring out the right type, material, and size, but you should also consider its storage compartments, security measures, and other features to ensure it’s the best travel wallet for your needs.

travel wallets
Many travel wallets include special pockets for your boarding pass or train tickets, so you can quickly grab the tickets when you need them.

How to buy the best travel wallet

Is a travel wallet worth it?

If you’re wondering whether you really need a special wallet for traveling, it helps to understand how a travel wallet can improve your travel conditions.

One of the most frustrating things about travel is keeping track of all the documents you need to get through the airport, such as your passport and boarding pass. A travel wallet gives you one place to keep all these items, providing you easy access to them during your travels.

A travel wallet provides a place to keep any cash you may be carrying and can also help keep your credit cards, debit cards, and hotel key cards protected with specific security measures. Most wallets have slots for these cards, so you don’t have to worry about them falling out.

Because of their slim, compact design, you can even wear a travel wallet under your clothes, which can protect you from pickpockets and provide some extra peace of mind while traveling.

Types of travel wallets

Travel wallets are available in several styles, so you can find an option that suits your needs and preferences.

  • Travel document wallet: These travel wallets are usually the largest option, designed to fit all your must-have travel documents. They can fit a passport, driver’s license or other ID, and other items. These wallets work well for air and train travel and are ideal for international trips.
  • Folding travel wallet: These travel wallets are thinner and more compact because they don’t have any zippers. Instead, they fold closed to fit in your pants pocket. They aren’t the best option for international travel because they don’t tend to be large enough to hold your passport and other travel documents.
  • Belt wallet: These travel wallets are worn on your belt or waistband so you can hide them beneath your shirt. They’re fairly large, meaning they can hold most essential travel documents. Belt wallets provide the easiest access to your belongings since you don’t have to remove them to take out your items.
  • Neck wallet: These travel wallets have straps that allow the wallet to hang around your neck. They sit against your stomach, so you can hide the wallet under your shirt. Many travelers like these wallets because, like belt wallets, they provide hands-free access to the items inside.
  • Wrist wallet: These travel wallets have a strap that attaches to your wrist. The wallet itself hangs from the strap and you can easily access the items inside. They may not be large enough to hold all your travel documents.

Travel wallet materials

Travel wallets are generally made of durable materials that hold up well to regular use. Some common materials for travel wallets include:

  • Leather: Leather travel wallets are highly durable and offer the most stylish look. These wallets can last for years, but you’ll pay more for a leather option.
  • Polyester: Polyester is another popular material used for travel wallets. It’s lightweight, water-resistant, and highly affordable. Polyester travel wallets can last a long time.
  • Ballistic nylon: Ballistic nylon is one of the most durable materials used for travel wallets. It was originally developed for flak jackets to protect soldiers from debris during World War II. A ballistic nylon travel wallet is your best bet if your trips usually involve vigorous activities.
  • Regular nylon: Regular nylon is another common material for travel wallets, but it’s more affordable than ballistic nylon options. It’s fairly durable and has a nice lightweight feel.

What size travel wallet do I need?

Finding the right size travel wallet can be tricky. It should be large enough to hold all your important travel documents and items, but you don’t want it to be too big or bulky, or it can be difficult to carry. If you’re struggling to choose a size, opt for a mid-size model.

Leather travel wallets offer the best combination of form and function, making them the best option if you’re concerned about your wallet’s style.


Features to look for in a travel wallet

Storage compartments

Travel wallets all have multiple storage compartments, but they differ in number, size, and style. Most feature a compartment for holding cash, a pocket for coins, and slots to hold your credit cards. Many travel wallets also have a pocket for your passport and other identification, as well as other travel documents.

It helps to choose a travel wallet with plenty of storage compartments or pockets because it makes it easier to organize your belongings. This way, when you’re rushing through the airport, you can easily find any item you need at a moment’s notice.

Security features

Many travel wallets are equipped with safety features to protect you from pickpockets and thieves. For example, some models have straps made of anti-slash fabric, so the wallet can’t be torn or cut away from your body. You can also find many travel wallets with an RFID-blocking design. This prevents thieves with an RFID reader from reading the information from your credit cards, passport, or driver’s license, which may be embedded with radio frequency identification chips that contain personal security information.


If your travel wallet has many exterior pockets, look for a model with zippered closures. This allows you to secure items like your passport, credit cards, and cash so they won’t fall out every time you reach for your wallet.

Water resistance

To keep your vital items protected, it’s a good idea to opt for a water-resistant travel wallet. When you’re traveling, you never know when you may get caught in the rain, wind up on a boat, or visit another area where you’ll be exposed to water or moisture. Some wallets are made of moisture-wicking materials like nylon and polyester. Others have a waterproofing treatment applied for additional protection.


Some travel wallets feature straps that allow you to wear the wallet rather than just carry it in your pocket or bag. You can wear some travel wallets around your neck, around your wrist, or over your shoulder. The most versatile travel wallets let you remove or add a strap based on your needs.

travel wallets
Some travel wallets are large enough to hold your smartphone, meaning you can keep all your essential items in one location.

How do you accessorize a travel wallet?

Passport cover

Even if your travel wallet has a spot for your passport, it’s a good idea to purchase a passport cover. It can protect your passport from any damage that might occur while traveling.

Luggage set

No matter how long your trip is, you’ll need at least one piece of luggage to carry your clothes and other belongings when traveling. A set is an excellent investment because it includes bags in different sizes, meaning you’ll have the right luggage for every trip.

How much do travel wallets cost?


The most affordable travel wallets are made of polyester or nylon. They don’t have advanced security features but many can hold a passport in addition to other identification and travel documents. These travel wallets cost between $10 and $35.


Mid-range travel wallets are made of higher-quality polyester and nylon, ballistic nylon, or leather. They likely have advanced security features like an anti-RFID design and plenty of storage compartments. Some can even hold two or more passports. These travel wallets cost $35 to $80.


The most expensive travel wallets are leather or ballistic nylon. They have plenty of storage compartments for easy access and organization and offer advanced security features like an anti-RFID design and anti-slash straps. These travel wallets cost between $80 and $175.

If you want to hide your travel wallet under your clothing, a belt- or neck-style option is your best bet. Some travelers find it easier to access a belt travel wallet, but others feel a neck wallet is more secure.



  • Don’t keep all your money in your travel wallet. Spread it out between a few spots so you won’t lose all your money and/or credit cards if you’re pickpocketed. You shouldn’t carry more money than you need for the day.
  • Bring only the items you’ll need in your travel wallet. You don’t need to bring all your credit cards, discount cards, and identification when you’re traveling — they’ll only add bulk and weight to your wallet.
  • Opt for a larger wallet if you’re traveling with your family. If you’re traveling with children, choose a travel wallet large enough to hold multiple passports so you can carry all your group’s documents in one spot.
travel wallets
Some travel wallets have a clear ID window that allows you to show your identification without removing it from the wallet, reducing the chance that you’ll lose it by taking it out several times.


Q. Do I need a travel wallet and a passport wallet?

A. A travel wallet and a passport wallet are essentially the same thing. While not all travel wallets are designed to hold a passport, most are. On the other hand, passport wallets typically contain storage compartments for other items in addition to your passport. Some manufacturers market their products as travel wallets, while others call them passport wallets. In the end, they serve the same purpose — you don’t need both.

Q. Where should I carry a travel wallet?

A. Most people feel more secure if they carry their travel wallets on their bodies rather than in their pockets. You can find wallets you can wear around your neck, waist, or wrist. Styles you can hide under your clothing tend to be the most secure.

Q. What should I carry in a travel wallet?

A. It depends on where you’re traveling. You should bring cash, your debit card, a credit card, and a backup card for emergencies for all trips. You should also bring your driver’s license or other identification cards. For international travel, you’ll need your passport. It’s a good idea to have emergency contact information and your emergency medical insurance information.

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