Updated April 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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YAMIU Travel Shoe Bags, Set of 4, Waterproof Nylon With Zipper
Travel Shoe Bags, Set of 4, Waterproof Nylon With Zipper
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These durable bags hold everything from flip-flops to heels to sneakers.


Waterproof, lightweight nylon with a zipper closure. Can be used for travel, gym trips, or dust protection while in storage. Machine-washable.


Handle seams can come apart. Bag size corresponds to capacity; make sure your shoe size and bag size match.

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MISSLO Portable Nylon Travel Shoe Bags with Zippers
Portable Nylon Travel Shoe Bags with Zippers
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Simple Yet Solid
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Notably, these shoe bags typically hold either one large boot or a pair of less-bulky shoes.


Made of lightweight nylon fabric with zippers. Material is stiffer than that of other brands, which some people may prefer. These bags expand quite a bit.


Zippers get caught in the fabric relatively easily. Not necessarily a good choice for storing boots.

Cosmos Unisex Non-Woven Drawstring Shoe Bags for Travel
Unisex Non-Woven Drawstring Shoe Bags for Travel
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If you're having trouble finding bags that are large enough for generously sized men's shoes, consider these.


Set includes 10 shoe bags with choice of color. Spacious and made of material that repels water. Double drawstring closure for security.


High heels could puncture the bag. Only some color choices feature a transparent window. Black bags are larger than other color choices.

SPIKG Portable Travel Shoe Bags
Portable Travel Shoe Bags
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Easy to Carry
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Affordable and sleek travel shoe bag with a window so you can easily see which shoes are inside.


Travel bag features a drawstring to close easily and a clear window so you can see your belongings without taking them out of the bag. Versatile and dust-resistant. A few colors and designs available.


Material may not be very sturdy and can be a little stiff.

YF Drawstring Shoe Storage Bag
Drawstring Shoe Storage Bag
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Most Stylish
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Travel shoe bag with a classy design that is also waterproof.


Multiple organizational uses for your suitcase. Material is waterproof and features a window to see items in the bag. Sold in a set of 18 with 2 sizes. Bag closes with a drawstring. Two color options.


Material may not be very durable. Sizing may not work for every shoe.


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Buying guide for Best travel shoe bags

Arguably, the toughest item of clothing to pack is shoes. They’re awkwardly shaped, heavy, and may damage other items in your suitcase if they aren’t packed correctly. While there are a few hacks you can try to make traveling with shoes less of a hassle, ultimately, the best option is to purchase a travel shoe bag.

A quality shoe bag is durable, affordable, and has features that protect your shoes. It can be a simple bag with a drawstring closure or it can be a small piece of luggage with zippers and multiple compartments. You can buy a travel bag that holds a single pair of shoes or you can get a larger model that holds up to four pairs.

If you never realized how many options were available, reading through a comprehensive guide on the topic is helpful.

travel shoe bags
Pack solid-colored shoes when traveling. Brown, black, beige, and other neutral colors can be paired with the widest variety of outfits.

How to buy the best travel shoe bags

Do I need a travel shoe bag?

A travel shoe bag isn’t a necessity. You can throw your shoes in the bottom of a suitcase and know they’ll get to the destination. Unfortunately, you can’t predict if they’ll get damaged, so there’s a little risk involved. Since shoes tend to cost more than other items of clothing, a travel shoe bag is a good way to protect your investment.

However, shoe bags do more than keep your shoes from getting scuffed in transit. They keep the dirt and debris on your shoes from sprinkling through your luggage — you don’t want to unpack and find your favorite shirt has a mud smear on it. Shoe bags can also help contain odors, so your entire wardrobe doesn't smell like feet when you arrive at your destination. You don’t need to limit a shoe bag to shoes; you can pack other items inside as well. Lastly, a shoe bag makes packing easier since it can save you time and space and help keep your items organized.

Travel shoe bag vs. case

Travel shoe bags are available in two different forms: bags or cases. There are pros and cons to each type of shoe bag.

Bag: The most basic type of shoe bag is an actual bag with a drawstring. This design is highly affordable, lightweight, and versatile — just drop the shoes in the bag, cinch it up tight, and you’re ready to go. They’re best for backpacks or just carrying loose over your shoulder. On the downside, a bag offers less protection. Fluids may get in through the opening and dirt may get out. The sides aren’t rigid, so care must be taken that your shoes don’t get crushed in transit.

Case: A case is anything with a somewhat rigid form. This could be a duffel bag or a small suitcase. The construction of this type of travel bag provides greater protection for your shoes. Additionally, a model that holds more than one pair can help your organization. On the downside, cases are bulkier, which makes them harder to pack, and they cost more than basic drawstring shoe bags.

Drawstring vs. zipper

The two ways a travel shoe bag closes are with a drawstring or a zipper. Drawstrings are found on lower-priced models and offer quick, convenient access and long-term reliability. However, some may work loose in transit and not provide full protection from liquids. Zippers, on the other hand, are found on high-end travel cases. While they provide a reliable closure, they can get stuck and may break, wear, or become misaligned over time.

To help keep your shoes odor-free, place a dryer sheet inside them before putting them in a travel bag.


Travel shoe bag features to consider


If you have large or chunky shoes, a small travel bag might not be big enough to contain your shoes. Make sure the bag you’re considering is large enough to perform as expected.

Number of shoes you can pack

Many travel shoe bags only hold one pair of shoes. Some models, however, can accommodate a number of pairs. If you want all your shoes in one place, you’ll need to buy a travel bag that holds several pairs of shoes. A viable alternative is to purchase several shoe bags that hold one pair each. The benefit of this approach is you can spread your shoe bags out over two or more pieces of luggage, if desired.

Durable material

Some shoes have sharp edges, heels or cleats that can tear or puncture inferior models. Look for a travel shoe bag made of durable materials.


If you’re traveling with lotions, beverages, or other liquids, you need to transport your shoes in a waterproof shoe bag. This way, if anything breaks open, your shoes won’t be damaged.


While it isn’t as essential for the short-term storage needed for travel, if your shoes will be in a travel bag for extended periods, it must be breathable so air can circulate around your shoes to keep them in their best condition.


At some point, your travel shoe bag is going to get dirty. This is when you’ll appreciate one that’s easy to clean. A machine-washable option is ideal, but that feature might be hard to find in higher-priced travel bags.


If you’d like to be able to quickly identify which shoes are which without opening your travel bag, purchase one with a window.


With a drawstring travel bag, the closure doubles as a handle. For all other models, you need a built-in handle if you want to carry the case separately.

travel shoe bags
If you’ll be traveling through or to humid locales, consider placing silica gel packets in your shoes to keep them moisture-free in transit.

How much do travel shoe bags cost?


For $7 to $15, you can get a basic travel shoe bag. The offerings at this price are simple bags with a drawstring. They get the job done on a budget but don’t provide the most protection.


From $15 to $25, you get a stylized travel shoe bag. These models feature a zipper closure and look more like tiny pieces of luggage. Your shoes have more protection in a mid-range travel bag, but the bag may take up more room.


For the traveler who loves shoes, you can buy a travel bag that holds multiple pairs. These items look like duffel bags or soft coolers, and they take up a great deal of packing space. They also provide the best protection for your shoes. These bags cost $25 and up, with some being as high as $80.

If the zipper on your travel shoe bag gets stuck, rub a little lip balm into the teeth to get it working smoothly again.


Shoe packing tips

  • Before traveling, thoroughly clean and dry any shoes you’ll be packing.
  • To get the most out of your travel shoe bags and to help keep your shoes from getting crushed in transit, fill your shoes with small items such as socks, undergarments or a T-shirt.
  • If you want to save packing space, wear your largest shoes while traveling.
  • Shoes should be packed heel to toe.
  • If you don’t have a travel shoe bag, shoes must be protected when packing. You can put them in a plastic grocery bag, use a shower cap, put them in a sealable plastic container, or wrap them in a T-shirt or scarf. If you have none of these items, consider protecting them with plastic wrap.
  • If you’re packing toiletries, lotions, or other items that can leak, put them in a sealed plastic bag so they won’t ruin your shoes if the lid comes loose during travel.
  • Don’t pack sharp objects in your travel shoe bags.
travel shoe bags
Special care must be taken when packing cleated shoes, as they may tear through your travel bag and damage other items in your luggage.


Q. Can a travel shoe bag be a carry-on?

A. Yes, as long as it meets all the airline’s requirements. However, if you have sports shoes such as track shoes with metal spikes, you won’t be permitted to have these items in your carry-on.

Q. How many pairs of shoes do I need for a trip?

A. While the specifics of your trip such as the location and purpose affect the type of shoes you bring, the rule of thumb is to pack three. The first should be a pair of casual shoes, something you enjoy wearing during your day-to-day activities. The second should be athletic shoes. The third pair should be nice enough to wear at a more formal event like a dinner party. If you won’t be hiking, running, or working out, you can bring two pairs of casual shoes and forego the athletic shoes.

Q. When not traveling, can I store my shoes in a travel shoe bag?

A. Yes, shoes can be permanently stored in a travel shoe bag. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. The travel shoe bag must allow for air circulation to help keep the shoes from deteriorating in storage. Also, where you choose to store your shoes is just as important as what you put them in. Like most items, shoes should be stored in a cool, dry (but not arid) location.

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