Updated October 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for best Victorinox luggage

Reliability and versatility are the cornerstones of any quality luggage. Travelers who want to conveniently and safely pack what they need so they can focus on their trip should look to Victorinox, a lauded and long-running company once known for exclusively making Swiss army knives. The luggage this company creates for its consumer base is high in quality and suits travelers of all needs.

Victorinox has delighted travelers by bringing the ingenuity and durability of its iconic knives to its travel gear. Consumers can select from a range of suitcases large and small as well as luggage sets that serve as investment pieces for frequent, busy travelers and families seeking reliable products for long-term use. While these suitcases come at a relatively high price, Victorinox luggage includes several innovative and sensible features that make them worth the money.

Most individuals only need a couple of pieces of luggage, while families are often served best by a handful of different options. Victorinox seeks to provide comprehensive coverage for all travelers, whether voyaging by car, plane, or train. To make the best decision, it’s important to know what Victorinox offers and how the products are conducive to your travel lifestyle.

luggage sets
Victorinox’s travel gear line includes duffel bags, briefcases, and wallets. The company, which is known for Victorinox Swiss army knives, also sells fragrances, watches, cutlery, and apparel.

How to select the best Victorinox luggage

Comparing hard-sided and soft-sided luggage

Deciding between hard-sided and soft-sided luggage is perhaps the first significant choice to make when choosing a Victorinox luggage piece. Each option offers unique benefits and drawbacks. Hard-sided luggage triumphs when it comes to protecting valuables. Hard-sided luggage can withstand frequent traveling, particularly when it comes to being tossed onto a plane and later onto a baggage conveyor belt. However, hard-sided luggage is not scratch-resistant, which means some maintenance might be required to keep it looking pristine and new.

Soft-sided luggage, meanwhile, tends to look better over the long term because it does not incur dents or scratches. However, it doesn’t have the durability to stand up to rugged handling like hard-sided options do. But soft-sided luggage offers a lot of versatility for short trips. Some Victorinox soft-sided options also expand to create a few extra inches of space. Additionally, some bags in this category are smaller and have shoulder straps that make them highly portable.

Hard-sided Victorinox luggage features a polycarbonate exterior, while the brand’s soft-sided luggage is made of nylon.

Victorinox luggage size and volume

Victorinox offers both carry-on luggage and pieces that must be checked in at airports. Most options fall somewhere between 60L and 105L in capacity. A smaller suitcase is useful for short trips or to use in tandem with larger pieces of luggage. Victorinox carry-on bags fall within most airlines’ size restrictions.

Luggage design: compartments, dividers, and more

Victorinox luggage features compartments, dividers, and straps to maximize space and minimize the hassle of packing. Some luggage options include a laptop sleeve and a waterproof pouch for wet apparel. Compression straps help pat down clothes so that all the available space is used effectively. Most Victorinox luggage comes with dividers to position items efficiently and front pockets for easy access. Internal zippered pockets are useful for storing small accessories that would otherwise be easy to misplace.

Most Victorinox luggage comes with a protected slot for an ID tag. List your name, address, phone number, and email address for quick access so lost luggage can be easily returned.


Special features to consider in Victorinox luggage


In addition to the traditional black exterior, Victorinox offers luggage in several attractive color choices. Of course, color doesn’t affect functionality, but it may be useful when you’re trying to spot your luggage on a moving airport conveyor belt. An eye-catching color makes it easier to spot your own suitcase.

Shades of blue, orange, red, and gray are available. Often, a number of pieces are made with the same color. However, families may want to select several colors so each family member knows whose suitcase is whose.


Some Victorinox luggage features security and anti-theft measures to further protect your belongings. Several options feature a lock on the outside that can be opened by a combination or a key. When the zippers are closed, each zipper end locks into the suitcase so it cannot be pulled open. These are TSA-approved locks, which means they are safe to take through security and on a plane. The locking mechanism offers peace of mind to travelers, as the suitcase won’t be opened by anyone trying to get in or by accident amid jostling and movement.


Slight variations exist on the handles of some Victorinox bags. While all are sturdy and reliable, retracting and expanding with ease, some are designed for increased convenience and versatility. Notably, certain models feature a three-stop adjustment in which the handle locks into place at three different heights to cater to your own height and needs. A simple button releases the lock so you can raise or lower it to a new height.

Some handle systems also allow for a matching carry-on bag to be situated on top of the rolling luggage. The dual-trolley handle that’s available on some Victorinox models allows for easy movement both when pulling as well as pushing. The luggage can be pushed forward or toted behind as desired.


Many Victorinox luggage pieces include four durable and smooth wheels that run effortlessly on the ground when in transit. Some bags have spinner wheels that change direction easily and allow for stability while staying put. Some high-end options feature four double wheels that increase durability, maneuverability, and effectiveness.

Some wheels are recessed, which means that they are positioned closer to the body of the luggage. This design slightly increases the storage capacity as well as the luggage’s ability to fit into tight spaces. However, clearance when moving across surfaces is hence slightly less. This isn’t a problem for flat ground mobility, though the bottom of the luggage is likely to need more frequent cleaning.


Naturally, the company that introduced the world to the versatile Swiss army knife has incorporated a few useful tricks into some of its higher-end luggage. Certain options feature a multi-tool that includes a pen, a built-in ID tag, and a USB port to charge devices. The multitool also includes a tiny pin tool that serves to reset electronic devices like smartphones.

luggage sets
A larger suitcase isn’t always a better suitcase. Most people will pack to the size of the luggage they have, so a larger suitcase may mean you’re inclined to bring more things with you than you need.


TSA-approved travel bottles

It’s vital to adhere to TSA restrictions when traveling in the United States, particularly when it comes to liquid and cream toiletries. Invest in TSA-approved travel bottles that meet size guidelines, and you’ll never have to worry about anything getting tossed out by security.

Passport wallets

Important documents like your passport should be safely stored yet accessible. Passport wallets often also include slots for credit cards, additional IDs, and money.

Victorinox luggage prices


The smallest pieces of luggage from Victorinox are, for the most part, carry-ons, which be purchased for around $300. When perusing these lower-cost Victorinox luggage pieces, you will find both hard-sided and soft-sided options.


Most Victorinox luggage retails for between $300 and $500, a price range that offers various sizes, including check-in luggage, as well as hard-sided suitcases and soft-sided suitcases.


The largest and most feature-packed luggage options from Victorinox cost $500 or greater. Most of these options are hard-sided suitcases that include versatile packing options and security features.

Some of the largest Victorinox luggage pieces weigh approximately 10 pounds, which is a fair amount when it comes to vacationing and business trips. Keep this higher weight in mind when planning for a trip, as many airlines add extra fees when the weight of a suitcase exceeds 50 pounds.


Tips for maximizing your enjoyment of Victorinox luggage

  • Decorate your checked Victorinox baggage to make it more noticeable. A lot of luggage pieces look alike and can fool the eye when you are trying to catch sight of your own suitcase on a moving baggage carousel. Adorn your luggage with ribbons, stickers, or other unique identifiers so you can pick it out from the crowd quickly.
  • Register your luggage with the company by visiting the company website. Victorinox encourages customers to register their purchases online because doing so helps track your luggage if it is ever lost — the process also stores your security combination, should you happen to forget it.
  • Practice space-saving packing techniques. Use all the internal compartments and dividers to your advantage to make the most of available space and increase packing efficiency. Soft apparel should be rolled and placed at the bottom of the suitcase, while more structured garments can be folded on top to conserve space and make them less likely to wrinkle.
luggage sets
Double-check your airline’s baggage policy, including any imposed size restrictions and associated fees. Often, you will find that checked baggage fees are lower when purchased in advance, whereas the costs are higher when incurred at the airport.


Q. How can I keep my Victorinox luggage looking as spectacular as the day I purchased it?

A. Victorinox luggage is fairly easy to clean: the nylon and polycarbonate material can be tended to with warm water and mild soap, using a cloth to wipe down the surfaces. Do not use abrasive cleaners on your Victorinox luggage, as the harsher chemicals could stain or fade the coloring. Perform this cleaning ritual regularly, after every trip you take.

Q. How long can I expect my Victorinox luggage to last?

A. Victorinox luggage is intended to last at least five years, but most pieces can be safely and confidently used for a decade or more. The majority of Victorinox options feature a warranty against manufacturing defects that lasts at least five years, and there are some Victorinox pieces that come with lifetime warranties. Proper maintenance and storage can extend the life of your luggage, though usage may determine just how many years it will actually last.

Q. How many luggage pieces should I own?

A. Determining the right number of luggage pieces you need can be tricky. People who travel frequently on their own are likely to want a carry-on suitcase as well as a larger suitcase to use for longer trips. Couples may each want their own piece of luggage, or they may prefer to opt for a larger suitcase they can use together. Families of four or more may be best served by one or two larger options and a couple of smaller carry-ons.


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