20 best holiday gifts of 2019

Last Updated November 2019

Feeling stressed about your holiday shopping? Don't! You can get all your shopping done from the comfort of your coziest chair with these BestReviews-vetted, top-rated gifts that will likely be useful and cherished for years to come.

Lowest price yet

$169.99 at Amazon

The Apple Watch is a leader in modern wearable tech, and the 3 series makes a great, affordable gift for anyone who loves Apple products. You can do just about everything you can do on your phone or tablet on this sleek watch, and because it’s an older model, you can snag a great deal on one this holiday season. Right now, it's priced lower than we've ever seen.

For the home cook

Air fryers are the latest craze, bumping Instant Pots and sous vides out of kitchen appliance dominance. They appeal to both those who are trying to eat healthier and those who want one powerful appliance that can cook up food fast and doesn’t take much effort to use or clean.

For someone always on the go

$34.95 at Amazon

Plastic water bottles and throw-away coffee cups are out. A standout brand in eco-friendly drinkware is Hydro Flask, which offers a wide range of tumblers, flasks, and mugs in just about every size, shape, and color. They keep your drink of choice the original temperature – hot or cold – for hours. 

For those new to modern tech

$149.99 at Amazon

Book lovers looking to make the switch from print to digital, and cinephiles looking for a way to watch movies on the go need a tablet. At several steps above  the basic e-reader, tablets offer the functionality of a computer in a compact, elegantly designed package. And it can fit inside your purse, or maybe even your back pocket. We love the impressive image quality, huge storage capacity, solid audio, and streaming speed of the Amazon Fire HD 10.

For the notoriously busy

$99.95 at Amazon

Instant Pots remain at the top of everyone’s wish list – especially for those who hate to cook. Why? Because Instant Pots can complete just about any cooking task in a fraction of the time. All of our favorite models, including the Duo™ Nova™, will be available at great deals throughout the holidays.

For your sentimental friend

Who doesn’t love sharing photos of happy memories, or displaying recent vacation photos for others to envy? If your loved one is particularly fond of their snapshots, giving them a digital photo frame will be much appreciated, especially if it’s loaded with your favorite shared experiences.

For smart homeowners

If you have someone on your list who grumbles about losing the remote or who wants to improve their home security system, a smart home starter kit will make their life that much easier. Once it’s set up, they may never have to leave the couch to change the channel, turn on the lights or see who’s knocking at the door ever again.

For those who’d rather pick out their own gift

from $25 at Amazon

Thoughtful? Maybe… if your gift recipient is notoriously picky and unappreciative. Take the guesswork off your to-do list and let them buy what they want. Amazon sells just about everything, and their gift cards come in all sorts of fun designs, including cute gift boxes so it’s not obvious what’s wrapped up inside.

For those who like to tune out the world

$249.95 at Amazon

Whether you are shopping for someone with a long commute on noisy public transit or a teenager who simply refuses to take out their earbuds, gifting them this set of top-notch headphones will help them create their own sanctuary of sound. Maybe they will even take them off the next time you want their attention.

For the ultimate music fan

$399.00 at Amazon

Know someone who loves to blast their favorite songs but doesn’t have the space for a bunch of bulky speakers? This tiny Bluetooth speaker packs some impressive punch and you can take it anywhere. It has Alexa built in so you can use voice commands, and it’s waterproof so it can withstand a little rain or splashes from the pool. 

For old-school audiophiles

Record players are in again. But this modern version includes a Bluetooth enabled turntable that delivers an impressive sound from vintage vinyl. We love just about everything this model has to offer, including its affordably and available colors.

For developing young minds

$29.99 at Amazon

What if you could give a child a gift that is really fun and prepares them to succeed later in life? STEM toys do just that. STEM is short for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. We love the ThinkFun Marble Run Logic Games, which come in three different versions (circuit, gravity, or laser mazes).  

For the environmentalist

from $19.00 at Amazon

By now, we all realized that we need to do our part to cut down on waste like plastics and other chemically-based products. Wax food wraps allow you to stop relying on toxic materials like cling wrap and flimsy plastic bags to store your food. Plus, they come in cute designs, making meal prep all the more fun.

For the harried hair stylist

If you have long, flowing hair few things make you feel more polished and pretty than a good blowout – but who has the time, patience, and money for that? This brush may seem too good to be true, but it really does work. It styles voluminous hairdos from damp to smooth in under 15 minutes – no flat iron or curling iron needed.

For the TV binge-watcher

Here is a Roku model that syncs easily with just about any modern TV, delivering all sorts of streaming content to the viewer. This gift is ideal for anyone who loves all-day movie bingefests. It’s also a nice gift for someone who wants to ditch their cable TV. We see significant price drops through the season, too.

For the gamer who needs a new console

Pre-order for $299.00 at Amazon (releases on Nov. 15)

This is a no-brainer gift if someone on your list has been dropping hints about wanting a new Xbox, and doubly so if they love Star Wars. If you're also a fan, consider this as a gift to both of you as you battle each other on the huge array of games available on this top-rated gaming system.

For the grill master

If someone on your list gets sad when grill season is over (or who freezes their butt off grilling outdoors in the snow), get them this solid indoor grill. It doesn’t smoke and give off heat like a traditional, bulky outdoor grill does. And it will chars meat and cooks up meals for a crowd with ease.

For someone who hates to clean

$292.72 at Amazon

All you need to do to vacuum your floors with this RoboVac is to set it up and turn it on – or program it to clean at the pre-scheduled day/time you want. It might not be a glamorous gift, but it’ll be the most useful thing under the tree. And the prices drop considerably during holiday sales, so now is the time to buy one.

For some peace of mind

$99.99 at Amazon

Security is a big concern for most of us. If someone on your list is especially concerned about neighborhood crime or packages disappearing off their porch, a Ring doorbell is a great gift. It lets them see who’s at the door on their smartphone, no matter where they are. If it detects motion, you'll get an alert and can record images or live video. You can even talk through it!

For the outdoors adventurer

Gift the good sense of being prepared with this top-selling product from the past year: a straw that filters any water to be safe to drink. It’s a small item that fits in any pack, and while it might not be used daily, when it’s needed, it’s really needed.