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We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

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    We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

    We all know that different foods have drastically different nutritional components. But nowhere are the differences more extreme than when we look at carbohydrates. Foods like meat and fish have virtually no carbs, while sweets like chocolate and candy can have more than 90% of their weight concentrated in carbs. In the following study, we expose the differences in what 10 grams of carbs look like in some of our favorite foods.

    5331-Apple-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 0.63 apples
    5337-Almonds-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 71.43 almonds
    5552-Chewing-Gum-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 5.26 pieces
    5561-Sugar-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 4.35 cubes
    5564-Pretzels-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 2.17 twists
    5567-Cheerios-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 0.54 cups
    5576-Jelly-Beans-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 10 pieces
    5579-Skittles-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 10 pieces
    5582-Cherry-Tomatoes-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 21.28 cherry tomatoes
    5594-Raisins-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 30.30 raisins
    5612-Orange-Juice-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 0.40 cups
    5615-Milk-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 0.82 cups
    5618-Peas-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 0.69 cups
    5628-Carrots-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 19.96 medium baby carrots
    5633-Kale-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 4.55 ounces
    5636-Maple-Syrup-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 0.75 tablespoons
    5639-Coca-Cola-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 0.40 cups
    5642-Honey-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 0.87 packets
    5645-Saltines-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 2.22 square crackers
    5655-Bagel-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 0.19 regular sized bagels
    5658-Apricots-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 2.63 pieces
    5664-Bread-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 0.90 slices
    5667-Red-Onions-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 1.64 small red onions
    5673-Honey-Dew-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 0.12 melons
    5677-Chocolate-Cake-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 0.30 pieces
    5698-Turkey-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 12.82 slices
    5701-Butter-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 142.86 sticks
    5705-English-Muffin-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 0.42 muffins
    5708-Cream-Cheese-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 4.42 small packages
    5711-Peanut-Butter-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 4.69 tablespoons
    5714-Marmalade-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 1.09 packets
    5720-Celery-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 16.67 stalks
    5726-White-Rice-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 0.23 cups
    5729-Pasta-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 0.23 cups
    5732-Vanilla-Ice-Cream-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 0.30 cups
    5738-Avocados-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 2.74 avocados
    5747-Sushi-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 1.32 pieces
    5753-Fries-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 26.32 McDonald's fries
    5759-Burrito-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 0.44 small burritos
    5762-Pizza-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 0.41 pieces
    5769-Chicken-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = Infinite
    XXXX-Bacon-v2-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 58.82 slices
    XXXX-Broccoli-v2-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 1.64 stalks
    XXXX-Eggs-v2-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 35.71 small eggs
    XXXX-Hot-Dogs-v2-cropped-full-res copy
    10g of carbs = 3.94 frankfurters

    For context, the United States Department of Agriculture recommends a carbohydrate intake of 130 grams per day (both for males and females), while some of the more extreme versions of the Paleo diet call for less than 65 grams per day for men and less than 50 grams per day for women.