How We Test

At BestReviews, we test everything from cordless drills and robot vacuums to air fryers and smokeless fire pits. Rigorous-yet-practical testing in real-world settings allows us to confidently recommend products and provide you with the information you need to make trusted purchase decisions.

We’re committed to independent testing. Once we identify a product we want to test, we either purchase it ourselves or request a review unit from the manufacturer.

Our Commitment to you

We’re regular people who are passionate about finding the best products. We want to know which vacuum is best for pet hair and whether the latest electric bike will take us where we need to go.

Our team of testers includes home cooks, gardeners, fitness enthusiasts, homeowners, gamers, doctors, parents, engineers, beauty fanatics and more. At BestReviews, we’re curious about how stuff works and finding the best of the best. Not only do we test products in normal situations, but we push the limits, too.

To make sure we select the top products to enter our testing program and to round out our hands-on experience with the products we test, we use consumer research and expert advice.

And once we finish testing a product?

We believe in making a positive impact on individuals and communities. To further our commitment to social responsibility, we donate unused items to charities. By doing so, we give a second life to expert-tested items while enriching the day-to-day experiences of others.

We’re committed to promoting conscious consumerism, minimizing waste, and building a more compassionate and inclusive world.

The BestReviews Testing Lab is committed to reviewing the products you care about in real world environments.

From the BestReviews Testing Lab

Getting our hands dirty is what we do best. At the BestReviews Testing Lab we've evaluated hundred of products from the categories you care about most.


At BestReviews we know how important it is to feel at home in your space, which is why we’ve extensively tested products for the home. From testing air purifiers during wildfire season to tasking robot vacuums to pick up after very fluffy Golden Retrievers, we do our best to test these products in real-world environments.


Whether we’re reviewing earbuds, drones or VR headsets, our hands-on approach to testing means we’re able to sift through the noise to find the tech that actually provides the best experience, ease of use and longevity.


Whether you’re looking for kitchen gadgets or countertop appliances, BestReviews has you covered. We love getting our hands dirty when testing in the kitchen. We know which air fryer makes the crispiest fries, which cold brew coffee maker produces the most consistent brew and which stand mixer is really worth the price tag.


At BestReviews we understand that fitness is not one size fits all. That’s why we test fitness products with instructors, athletes and beginners. No matter your experience level, our hands-on testing reviews can help you find the equipment and gear that meets your needs now, and in the future.


We have extensively tested products in skin, hair, nails, makeup, and more to evaluate the best in beauty and validate which products are worth investing in. If you’re in the market for clean sunscreen or simply doing your research to find out if that popular hair tool is worth the cost, we’ve done the hands-on work so you can shop with confidence.


Nothing is better than relaxing on your patio. At BestReviews we test outdoor speakers at pool parties, pizza ovens at backyard get-togethers and fire pits at s’mores nights. We take extra care to test these products for durability, safety and overall experience.


At BestReviews we love the outdoors. Our testers include skilled cyclists, campers, hikers and skiers. We’ve tested outdoor gear and equipment while hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, camping in Lake Tahoe, and exploring nature in Mexico and Bali.


Our pets are like family, which is why we take extra care when testing pet products. Whether you’re looking for something to improve your pets well-being or something to make cleaning up after them easier, we have you covered. The BestReviews Testing Lab has spent hours testing pet vacuums, dog cameras, self-cleaning litter boxes and so much more.

Meet our Testing Lab

The Testing Lab is made up of a skilled group of editors, testers and writers who are determined to find the best products for every consumer.

Meredith Gallo
Senior Editor for Testing and Research
Meredith Gallo is the senior editor for testing and research at BestReviews, where she oversees the Testing Lab. She’s tested everything from vitamin C serums to paper shredders, and she loves finding hidden gems that are worth a splurge. Gallo also reports on commerce trends at NewsNation, WPIX and KRON among others.
Jordan Hutchinson
Testing Lab Editor
As testing lab editor, Jordan Hutchinson is responsible for making sure all products that enter our Testing Lab are thoroughly reviewed and evaluated by our expert testers. When he’s not organizing the Testing Lab’s logistics, Hutchinson tests tech products and coffee products.
Megan Prevost
Editorial Coordinator
Meg Prevost researches trending and gold-standard products to pick the best products to send through BestReviews’ Testing Lab. She also works with the editorial team to make sure the top-performing products get reported on. Prevost also runs a small stained glass business and loves to test crafting and DIY tools.
Dr. Alina Zufall
Expert Product Tester
Dr. Alina Zufall is a resident physician in dermatology at Metropolitan Hospital in New York City, New York. She attended medical school at the University of Virginia where she published papers on various topics within dermatology and other medical specialties, and she wrote articles for an educational dermatology website for clinicians called LearnSkin. She tests skin care and beauty products.
Beth Allen
Expert Product Tester
Beth Allen tests tools and home improvement products for BestReviews. As the founder of HIP Chicks (Home Improvement Project Chicks), Allen has years of experience empowering homeowners to save money, stress and time with DIY and home improvement projects. Her active YouTube channel has over 3 million views, and she uses it to help make homeownership simple and fun.
Dr. Aimee Ketchum
Expert Product Tester
Dr. Aimee Ketchum is a pediatric occupational therapist with over 24 years of experience. She currently practices in the neonatal intensive care unit at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center hospital, where she founded the NICU retired nurse cuddler program. Ketchum is also an academic fieldwork coordinator and assistant professor of early childhood development in the occupational therapy doctorate department of Cedar Crest College. Ketchum tests products for babies, young children and parents.
Ketia Daniel
Expert Product Tester
Ketia Daniel has been in the cleaning business for over four years and is the founder of BHM Cleaning Co., a cleaning and organization services company based in Birmingham, Alabama. Her mission is to spread her passion for cleaning while helping others keep a tidy home. Daniel tests cleaning and organizational products.
Dr. Michael Huynh
Expert Product Tester
Dr. Michael Huynh is a board-certified internal medicine hospitalist. He has over nine years of clinical experience. His focus is acute adult medicine with interests in cardiovascular and endocrine disorders. He is currently a member of the Hospital Advisory Committee and has published in the Society of Hospitalist Medicine. Huynh enjoys traveling with his wife, hiking and building mechanical keyboards.
Quentyn Kennemer
Content Editor and Product Tester
Quentyn Kennemer is a seasoned consumer electronics reporter and editor with 15-plus years experience testing the latest tech gadgets. He's covered thousands of devices over his career, ranging from smartphones and headphones to gaming computers and TVs.
Kevin Luna
Deals Editor and Product Tester
As a writer and product tester, Kevin Luna helps consumers narrow down their choices to the best products available. Luna has written on a wide variety of topics, such as tech, sports, fitness and digital marketing.
Talia Ergas
Content Editor and Product Tester
Talia Ergas is an editor and writer covering beauty and commerce for over eight years. She has authored and overseen in-depth product reviews, best-of lists, well-vetted shopping guides, gift guides and more. Ergas tests beauty products. You can follow her review process on Instagram.
Jay Gambol
Writer and Product Tester
Jay Gambol hails from the Philippines, where he worked as a marketing writer. After stints in California and Tennessee, Gambol currently lives in Washington. He tests products in the home, tech and kitchen categories.
Jennifer Blair
Writer and Product Tester
(She/her) Jennifer Blair is a BestReviews writing veteran with over 10 years of experience and a degree in writing seminars from Johns Hopkins University. She covers a wide range of topics, and her first-hand knowledge comes from her past role as a retail beauty consultant as well as her time spent tinkering with the latest kitchen gadgets, testing fitness gear to streamline workouts and questing for high-quality pet products for her dogs.
Bre Richey
Writer and Product Tester
Bre Richey is a freelance writer with nearly a decade of writing and editing experience on topics ranging from parenting to beauty to kitchen gadgets. She is obsessed with finding the best deals and has an ongoing curiosity that drives her to learn new things. She has a Bachelor of Arts in communication from Bethel University, where she also played soccer. Born and raised in Hawaii, she loves the ocean and sun, which is where you’ll find her whenever the weather is warm.
Derek Walborn
Writer and Product Tester
Derek Walborn is a visual artist, nationally touring musician and writer. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in fine art from Syracuse University with a focus on sculpture and fabrication. He applies his expertise and real-world experience to a wide range of product reviews, focusing heavily on music equipment, gaming, tools and technology.
Allen Foster
Writer and Product Tester
Allen Foster began his career in journalism 30 years ago. In that time, he has honed his research skills to present the objective, factual, unbiased product information that consumers care about. He believes in being well-rounded and taking a hands-on approach to life so he can base his product reviews on practical experiences. Foster tests a variety of products, including air fryers and other home and kitchen products.