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This TikTok-viral bag is perfect for holiday travel


This travel bag fits under an airplane seat or in overhead storage

If you're looking for a compact bag for weekend getaways or short trips, there's a viral TikTok travel bag that might be the answer. This travel backpack is the ultimate carry-on luggage to use as a "personal item" — that's the smaller carry-on bag you can fit under the seat in front of you. 

TikTok users everywhere are paying tribute to this bag that makes traveling light easier. It easily holds enough for a weekend away, or even longer with the help of compression packing cubes

It might be TikTok's favorite travel bag, but what has it got to offer and is it worth buying? 

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What is this viral TikTok travel bag? 

Search the tag "viral travel bag" on TikTok and you'll find it's had over 100 million views, so what's the deal? Well, a particular type of travel bag has been doing the rounds on TikTok. One such video is from bmekween on TikTok, who sings the praises of the coowoz Large Travel Backpack.

However, there are other companies on Amazon selling the same or very similar backpacks, which may also be part of the viral TikTok travel bag trend. For instance, Jordan Parker Erb at Insider tried out the VGCUB Carry on Backpack based on her research into TikTok's viral travel bag. 

What are the features of this viral TikTok travel bag? 

Now you know a little more about this viral TikTok travel bag, but what makes it special? It has a range of features that make it perfect for travel, including a range of handy compartments, a built-in charging port and straps to adjust the size. 


The coowoz Large Travel Backpack measures around 16.5 inches tall, 12.5 inches wide and 8 inches deep. While all airlines' baggage size rules vary, this meets the size requirements for a personal item with most airlines that fly in the U.S. And, where it doesn't meet these restrictions, it fits carry-on luggage restrictions, so you can put it in overhead storage rather than under the seat in front of you. 

Pockets and compartments

One of the major things that people rave about is this backpack's amazing array of pockets and compartments. The two front pockets are great for holding essentials you need easy access to, such as travel documents and masks. There are also other pockets within the main compartment to make organization easier. And, you can get peace of mind from the anti-theft zipper pocket on the rear of the bag — the part that sits against your back while you're wearing it. 

If you travel with a laptop or tablet, you'll be pleased that there's a padded laptop compartment in this viral TikTok travel bag. It can fit a laptop of up to 14 inches. The shoe compartment keeps footwear separate from clothes to stop dirt from your shoes transferring onto your other items. While it's separate, when it's full, it takes space from the main compartment, which is worth noting. We also appreciate the water bottle holder, although Parker Erb said it didn't fit her large 48-ounce water bottle

Charging port

The integrated charging port is another awesome feature. You have to attach your own power bank, but when you do, it makes it easy to charge your phone. Since it's so common to have plane tickets and accommodation booking confirmations on your phone these days, it's good to be able to easily keep it charged when traveling. 

Adjustable straps

Not only does the coowoz viral TikTok travel bag feature adjustable shoulder straps for comfort, it also has adjustable straps on the sides that can reduce the depth of the bag when pulled tight. If you've over-stuffed your bag to the point where it no longer fits under the seat in front of you, it's possible to tighten these straps and just squeeze it in. 

Viral TikTok travel bags and other packing essentials

coowoz Large Travel Backpack

The original viral TikTok travel bag, it provides incredible organization options for travel and is surprisingly spacious. It comes in 21 hues and is also available in a slightly larger size — although that one won't cut it as a personal item. 

VGCUB Carry-On Backpack

This is another version of the viral backpack that's extremely similar in size and features and it's a great choice for short trips or as a carry-on for longer vacations. It holds about 40 liters and has similar pockets and compartments, including a shoe compartment and laptop sleeve. 

BAGSMART Compression Packing Cubes

Compression packing cubes, like these from BAGSMART, help you fit even more into your carry-on or weekend bag. This set includes five compression bags — two small, two medium and one large — plus a shoe bag. 

Conair Travel-Size Bottles

If you're hoping to travel with just a carry-on, you'll need to make sure your liquids are in travel-size bottles and containers. In this set, you get 12 bottles and containers of varying sizes (but all holding 2 ounces or less), plus a clear quart-size storage bag that complies with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations. 

Anker Portable Charger

While this bag has a charging port, you'll need to attach your own power bank or portable charger to it — and this one fits the bill. It's slim and light, which is great for travel. It fully charges phones between one and one-half and two and one-half times, depending on their battery size. 

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