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Best Mosquito Nets

Updated November 2023
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Zonon Garden Netting
Garden Netting
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Flexible Uses
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This finely-woven netting protects against mosquitoes and other flying bugs and can be cut to fit.


Fine weave keeps out mosquitoes as well as flies, wasps, bugs, and even birds. Large multiple sizes can be cut to custom use. Made of polyester fibers to resist damage. Breathable, odorless, and flexible.


Some feel it too flimsy for outdoor use.

Best Bang for the Buck
Coghlan's Mosquito Head Net
Mosquito Head Net
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Solid Protection
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A handy way to protect the face and neck from mosquitoes when doing chores or in the field.


Made of nylon mesh. Designed to fit over most hats and headwear. Fine mesh to keep mosquitoes and larger insects away. Elasticized neck closure for a close fit.


Will not protect anything past the neck.

EVEN Naturals Premium Mosquito Head Net
EVEN Naturals
Premium Mosquito Head Net
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Portable Convenience
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A great option for those who like to work outdoors but hate the thought of chemical mosquito repellents.


Roomy size, so you can easily wear it with a wide-brimmed hat. Machine washable. Folds up small, so you can fit it in your pocket when not using it. Great price.


The mesh is larger, so you won't be able to keep out no-see-ums or smaller mosquitos.

AMMER Pop-Up Mosquito Net
Pop-Up Mosquito Net
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Easy to Assemble
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An easy-to-assemble pop-up net that's reasonably durable and can be used indoors on beds and outdoors over patio or poolside furniture.


Pops up in seconds for mosquito protection wherever you need it, indoors or outdoors. Fits nicely over a queen-sized bed and can accommodate 2 adults. Comes with a carrying bag.


It's challenging to fold for storage. Tiny insects may be able to pass through the mesh.

Apex Garden Universal Gazebo Replacement Netting
Apex Garden
Universal Gazebo Replacement Netting
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Best for Gazebos
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Decent price for a universal gazebo fit and weather-resistant net. Attractive soft brown color lends a sophisticated air.


Easy to open and close with shower curtain-style track for grommet and rings. Tiebacks are thick and weather resistant. Panels go to the ground to deter bugs from flying in at the bottom. Quick and easy installation.


Inconsistent panel length, and some gaps may let bugs in. Some consumers say it is not truly universal.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best mosquito nets

Let’s face it: mosquitoes are part of our ecosystem, though it sometimes feels like they’re invading our space. We do our best to keep them at bay with repellent and pest control services, but sometimes, we need an additional approach. Mosquito nets put some much-needed space between these winged critters and our living quarters, both indoors and out.

Mosquito nets are designed to let air circulate through mesh holes that prevent mosquitoes from penetrating the barrier. Besides blocking them from your general area, mosquito nets are an eco-friendly way to avoid mosquito bites. A mosquito net can be small enough for one person or large enough to encase an entire gazebo. When used indoors, mosquito nets can take on a romantic or boho appearance, which can add to the charm of your home.

If you’re ready to outfit your indoor or outdoor space with a mosquito net, you’ll be thrilled to know they’re affordable and last for years with proper care.

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If you enjoy meditation or yoga outside, a mosquito net can cordon off an area so you can enjoy a distraction-free practice. If you’re using it for yoga, just be sure the net is tall enough for all your poses.

Key considerations

Environmentally friendly

Are you looking for an environmentally solution to a mosquito problem? Mosquito nets are designed to keep bugs away, and they have minimal impact on the environment. On the other hand, pesticides keep bugs away, but they can do more harm than good. Pesticides may contain contain chemicals harmful to humans, particularly with direct contact or when they’re inhaled. Pets could also be affected by pesticides, especially since they spend a lot of time in areas where you’d spray for bugs. Pesticides could also affect the overall ecosystem of your garden, potentially causing a domino effect that harms the flora and fauna around it.

A mosquito net is a natural, chemical-free alternative to pesticides. For the most part, the net doesn’t permanently affect the area where it’s hung; you can remove it when you don’t need it anymore. Some nets are biodegradable or recyclable.

Types of use

Indoors: Indoor mosquito nets are more often used for decoration than practicality. You might use one to lend a romantic air to a room over a bed or wing chair. If you happen to live in an area where you keep your windows open at night for fresh air, you could also use the net for its functional purpose. A mosquito net will protect your bed and keep bugs from crawling on your sheets during the night. 

Outdoors: If you enjoy the outdoors, a mosquito net will make your time even more pleasurable. They’re essential for campers who want the pest protection of a tent while basking in the sunlight and fresh air of the woods. Those who like naps in hammocks are also fans of mosquito nets; how luxurious it is to nap without being disturbed by buzzing bugs! When it comes to entertaining, mosquito nets keep guests comfortable inside gazebos and canopies, especially during mealtime.


There’s a mosquito net that will fit just about any area you’d like to cover. On the smaller side, you’ll find nets, especially pop-up models, that can fit a child or pet. Mid-sized mosquito nets generally cover the area required for one adult to sit and stand comfortably; often, there is room to spare for a chair. Larger nets accommodate several people at a time, particularly groups of campers or guests in a gazebo.



The most common colors for mosquito nets are white and ivory. Some outdoor nets come in neutral colors, like brown or green, to match patio furniture and the landscape of your garden. Decorative mosquito nets tend to have the largest color assortment, and because they’re used for the purposes of interior design, you can find them in different colors, including pink, purple, and red.


Mosquito nets are usually made of plastic, polyester, or nylon. The fine fibers are tightly woven to create a lightweight, almost slinky mesh. The tiny holes of the mesh allow full air circulation and are small enough to prevent bugs from entering. Some manufacturers provide the hole count of their nets, which is between 250 and 400 on average; the larger the number, the smaller the holes. If you’re concerned about plastic nets heating up in hot weather, rest assured they’re constructed to withstand warm temperatures and will not melt.

Closure styles

To effectively keep bugs out, you need to be able to close the mosquito net in some way. Zipper closures are the most secure, as the completely seal off the net’s entrance. A zippered net might cost a little more, but it’s worth the investment. There are also nets that close by way of overlapping panels; they layer upon one another to form a closure. This is not the most reliable design, but if you keep a weighted item at the bottom to hold the panels together, you are more likely to have success.

Lastly, some nets utilize a series of ribbon ties that span the length of the opening. These do a fairly decent job of closing off the net, but there are still small gaps that could let in bugs.

Hanging styles

Mosquito nets can be hung in more than one way. Some nets, particularly those used in camping, are hung with rope and hardware and strung from trees or other structures. Some rely on a structure like a gazebo or canopy for hanging. They could be attached for a more permanent solution or secured at the corners with rings and loops.

There are also mosquito nets that hang from the ceiling and drape around a large ring to create a wide diameter of coverage. These are common in bedrooms. Pop-up mosquito nets, as you can imagine, don’t require any hanging — they’re ideal for anyone who wants a mosquito net with fast and easy assembly.

Mosquito net prices

Mosquito nets cost between $8 and $100. At the low end, between $8 and $20, are nets that come with their own hardware to hang. For the most part, these products are easy to assemble. Mid-range mosquito nets between $20 and $50 include sturdier hanging nets and a range of pop-up models. The priciest mosquito nets, between $50 and $100, include nets specifically designed for gazebos. A track system or other unique hardware may be included. This upper price bracket also includes extra large pop-up nets and decorative indoor nets.


  • Bring one to the beach. If you want to keep your items sand-free, get a pop-up mosquito net to shield your possessions during gusts of wind.
  • Drape one over a treehouse. Keep bugs out of windows and doorways with an oversized mosquito net.
  • Wear a mosquito net during yard work. When it’s time for pruning shrubs, mowing the lawn, or gardening, a wearable mosquito net will prevent bugs from flying in your face while you work.
  • Cover your growing plants. Reduce the number of pests who are attracted to your plants by covering them within a frame with a mosquito net. They will get plenty of air and sunlight.
  • Use one during a garage sale. If you are using a canopy during your garage sale, cover it with a mosquito net so patrons can shop around pest-free.
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When hanging a mosquito net, don’t have too much tension at the rope site. The net could tear open or burst a seam.


Q. Can I hang a mosquito net by myself?

A. Some mosquito nets are easy for one person to hang, though it could be much easier — and quicker — with the help of another person. If you expect to be on your own often, opt for a pop-up tent that assembles itself.

Q. Do I need to remove the mosquito net from my gazebo during the off-season?

A. Yes. Before the season is over, remove your net and store it in your garage or shed. Even though mosquito nets are considered weather-resistant, limited exposure to the elements could help the net last longer.

Q. I’m going fishing at a lake. Which is the best mosquito net for me?

A. You could actually invest in more than one. First, you could wear a net over your hat to keep bugs from flying around your face while you’re waiting for a big catch. Second, if you’d like to nap outdoors or want to eat within shooing away bugs, consider a pop-up net. Pop-up nets are lightweight and fold for easy carrying, so you don’t need to worry about it taking up too much space.

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