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Experts say forget early cleanup and let your spring garden ‘sleep in’

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Why you should let your garden ‘sleep in’

When the first signs of spring appear — like a 60-degree day after months of cold, snow and cloudy weather — it's tempting to get outside and start cleaning up your lawn and garden. But although nice weather can hit unseasonably early (even now, in February), it's important to know the correct time to start your yard cleanup.

Many pollinators spend the winter in the dead material you'll be clearing away, so if you clean up too soon, you could be inadvertently killing off bees, butterflies and other defenders of the natural ecosystem. That's why it's a good idea to wait until spring to do a yard or garden cleanup instead of doing it in the fall.

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When you should really start your spring cleanup

Experts say you should wait until temperatures are consistently above 50 degrees — not those first few nice days followed by another dip into winter weather.

That means if you're in the Midwest, where temperatures were recently in the 70s but fell back into the 20s and 30s, it's still too soon.

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Everything you need for when it's actually time to get your garden ready for spring

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