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Vegetables to plant in spring

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Which spring vegetables should you plant?

The changing seasons bring with them blooming flowers, baby animals and a new chance to exercise your green thumb. Spring often inspires us to clear out the old and make way for fresh growth. It’s also a great time of year to start a vegetable garden full of tasty treats. 

Deciding what vegetables to plant in spring starts with knowing what will respond best to the temperature as it grows warmer. Spring is one of the best times of the year for vegetable gardening. However, not all vegetables are good for spring gardening, so it’s imperative to know which seeds germinate best at this time of year. 

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What are the best vegetables to grow in the spring?


Peas are commonly green, but there are also yellow and purple variations. They grow inside small casings called pods. Peas are generally planted in the spring and harvested in early summer.

Handy Pantry Organic Sprouting Seed Green Peas

This is a 1-pound resealable bag of green pea seeds. They have a long shelf life, are organic and grow naturally with a high germination rate. 


This veggie is well-known for its nutritional attributes and its ability to make Popeye super-strong. Spinach is full of vitamins including A, C and folate, according to the Mayo Clinic. It also protects against age-related vision diseases and even some kinds of cancer.

Gaea’s Blessing Spinach Seeds

These seeds have simple-to-follow instructions on how to plant the spinach to grow best this spring. They’re non-GMO and the germination rate is as high as 95%. 


This green, leafy vegetable is often used for salads and as a topping on sandwiches of all sorts. It grows in various colors, ranging from red-brown to a very light green. When it’s fresh, lettuce is crisp and leaves are easy to break or chop off from the head.

Gaea’s Blessing Lettuce Seeds

These seeds produce 10-inch heads of lettuce. They’re non-GMO and untreated seeds with a 92% germination rate. 


There are many sizes and colors of radishes, a bulbous root that grows in the ground. They’re often eaten raw and can be grown in any moist ground that has access to the sun.

Easy Peasy Radish Sprouting Seeds

These seeds are all-natural and easy to grow inside or outside. They’re good to eat raw or cooked and are easily stored for later use. 


This green vegetable looks like a tiny tree and is a member of the cabbage family. Broccoli can be eaten raw or cooked and is a great source of vitamin C.

Gaea’s Blessing Broccoli Seeds

These seeds have a 94% germination rate and come with easy-to-follow instructions. They produce 4- to 8-inch stalks with good coloring and big side shoots. 


This vegetable looks a lot like broccoli in structure, but it’s completely white, from the stalks to the bunch. The head is typically the only part consumed and it can be eaten either raw or cooked.

Gaea’s Blessing Cauliflower Seeds

These seeds yield cauliflower heads 7 to 8 inches across. They’re non-GMO and don't require tying to prevent discoloration. 


The beetroot is the spherical portion at the base of the beet plant. The root is a deep red color but the leaves are a vibrant green. Beets can be eaten raw or cooked and are often used as an ingredient in salad.

Gaea’s Blessing Beet Seeds

This brand of seeds generates beets with a mild, sweet flavor. They grow up to 12 inches tall and take about 55 to 60 days to fully mature. 


These commonly used root vegetables are a great source of vitamins A, K and B6. They’re typically an orange color, but variations of purple, red, white, black and yellow exist. The root portion of the plan is most commonly eaten, but the leaves and stems are also edible.

Gaea’s Blessing Carrot Seeds

This batch of seeds yields carrot roots up to 8 to 9 inches. They aren’t genetically modified and grow to be a vibrant orange color. 


This is a root vegetable that is commonly grown in North America. They come in a variety of warm colors including brown, yellow, red and purple. Potatoes are a filling starch used in many dishes all over the world.

Easy to Grow Organic U.S. Grown Potato Medley Seeds

These seeds easily grow red, yellow and purple potatoes. They sprout within two weeks and can fully mature by five weeks. 


There are several different species of onion, a bulb vegetable with many layers. The outer layers of onion are dry and flaky, protecting the inner crisp layers inside. They come in several colors including purple, yellow and white.

Organo Republic Heirloom 8 Onion Seeds Variety Pack

This variety pack includes eight different styles of onion. They’re easy to grow and can survive in many environments indoors and outdoors. 

Brussels sprouts

This green vegetable looks like a tiny head of lettuce. Brussels sprouts are a source of vitamins C and K and also a source of protein. They can be cooked in several ways, many of which begin with cutting the buds from the stalk and discarding any loose leaves.

Gaea’s Blessing Brussels Sprouts Seeds

This brand has high yields and a 93% germination rate. The seeds are non-GMO and the company uses sustainable growing methods to protect biodiversity. 


This is a leafy vegetable that comes in shades of red, green and white. Each head weighs 1 to 2 pounds and they can be harvested annually. 

Gardeners Basics Cabbage Seeds

These are natural non-GMO seeds in five different varieties of cabbage. The package includes markers to differentiate each type of seed and they take 60 to 75 days to mature. 


This is another root vegetable that’s grown in warm and tropical climates. The bulbs are white with a purple hue where the sun touches it. They also have long green stems with full dark green leaves.

Gaea’s Blessing Turnip Seeds

These seeds grow turnips that are mild and sweet in flavor. They grow quickly even in cool climates and have a 92% germination rate. 

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