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What to plant in April: Best vegetables and flowers to grow

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If you’re itching to get your garden started, here’s what to plant in April

In many parts of the country, spring has finally returned and the soil is warming up. It's time at last to get out into the garden to get this year's bounty growing.

While it's still too early for many of your favorite summer crops, some cold-hardy vegetables and flowers can go in the ground right now. Be mindful of your local conditions and you could be enjoying freshly harvested vegetables in just a couple weeks.

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Preparing your garden for spring

While it may be tempting to just stick plants in the ground and get an instant dose of spring color, most plants need a little more preparation in order to thrive. In April, take care of a few key steps to give your garden the best possible growing environment.

  • Prep your tools: Make sure your tools are clean, sharp and free from rust. Dirty tools can pass on fungus or bacteria from the previous year.
  • Weed and clear dead growth: Make sure to clear the planting area of any weeds that could compete with your seedlings for nutrients.
  • Test the soil: If you know what nutrients your soil lacks, you can correct the issue with the right kind of fertilizer. Look for soil test kits that can test nutrients, as well as soil pH.
  • Amend the soil: Last year's soil will have been depleted of nutrients. Refresh existing soil with compost or fertilizer to ensure your new plants have what they need to grow.
  • Mulch or cover: If you live in a colder region, you'll want to mulch your new plantings or use row covers to control moisture and protect the plants from frost.

The best flowers and vegetables to plant in April

Whether you're starting seeds indoors or planting directly in the ground, this time of year is perfect for planting just about everything and anything. Many growing regions are approaching their average last frost date, meaning it's possible to start planting cold-hardy or cold-tolerant crops. First and last frost dates are important data for gardening, but they're not set-in-stone guidelines. Keep an eye on your local weather forecast and be prepared to protect tender seedlings from sudden cold.

If you live in a region that can see frost as late as May, consider starting your seeds indoors or under cover until it's warm enough to transplant them outside. In many cases, flower seeds are more likely to benefit from sowing indoors until seedlings emerge. Check your local conditions or ask your local university extension service for advice.

Best vegetables to plant in April

  • Beets: Sow seeds for these tasty, cold-hardy veggies in two-week intervals to enjoy more frequent harvests.
  • Carrots: You can start a carrot crop even if you're still a couple weeks before your last frost. Plant in the ground or in a container that's at least 12 inches deep.
  • Kale: Easy-growing kale can be planted alongside onions, garlic and herbs to ward away pests and attract beneficial insects. Baby kale can be harvested just a few weeks after planting.
  • Lettuces and spinach: Lettuce bolts easily in high temperatures, so get a head start on your harvest by sowing in spring.
  • Peas: Space snow or snap pea seeds about an inch apart alongside a trellis that lets them climb.

Best flowers to plant in April

When it comes to flowers, plant cold-hardy nursery starts for instant color or sow seeds for blooms in a couple weeks. In many parts of the country, this is also the right time to plant summer- and fall-flowering bulbs, such as dahlias and many kinds of lilies.

Before you plant, be sure to note any local restrictions regarding invasive plants. A flower that may be perfectly fine in one part of the country may threaten your local ecosystem.

  • Bleeding heart: This classic perennial prefers part to full shade. It self-seeds and it can be propagated to enjoy throughout your garden.
  • Dahlias: These flowers can be enjoyed outside or in a vase from late summer until first frost.
  • Pansies: These forgiving annuals can be planted in late spring for low-maintenance color until it gets too hot.
  • Sweet peas: Fragrant and colorful, these abundant flowers are drought-tolerant and easy to grow.

What flowers and vegetables to plant in April

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Burpee Organics Gourmet Blend Lettuce Seeds

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Best garden tools for spring planting

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Planket Frost Protection Plant Cover

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