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Garden signs to get you in the mood for spring (and entertain your neighbors)


Because plants love a sense of humor

Gardening is a tried-and-true hobby for many people, though there’s a broad range of gardening you can get into. You could grow a full suite of fruits and vegetables in a backyard greenhouse, for example, or nurture a couple of beloved houseplants.

Regardless of how you garden, everyone’s heard that talking to plants could help them grow. That also means laughing with them. To help everyone get a good chuckle, including any nosy neighbors trying to score a free bouquet, try hanging up a funny garden sign that fits your gardening habits.

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Is gardening good for you?

Absolutely. In fact, gardening is a common method of therapy. It's even got its own name in the United Kingdom: green care. According to an article sourced from the National Library of Medicine, some of its best effects come from the physical nature of the task and exposure to sunlight. It doesn’t hurt that eating any food you may grow is excellent for healthy dieting.

You don’t have to be an avid gardener to get some benefits though. According to the same article, just looking at plants can cause a reduction in negative emotions, such as fear, anger and sadness, plus it can lower your blood pressure and pulse.

So if you don’t like digging around the dirt, just grab a couple of houseplants. Try naming them, too.

Best funny and entertaining garden signs

Rifosa “My Broom Broke” Funny Metal Tin Garden Sign 

This witchy sign is an excellent choice to hang up after Halloween because it works to transition yourself out of spooky season. You can also leave it up year-round if you like a layer of mystique to hang over your home. It measures 8 by 12 inches.

CrazySign “Because Murder is Wrong” Cute Metal Garden Sign

This is another excellent sign for maintaining a certain atmosphere about your home. It also serves as a good warning to people to leave you alone if you prefer the company of your plants over idle chit-chat. Lastly, it’s a great reminder to be strong and not feed people to your plants, even if they’re asking for it.

CrazySign “And Into The Garden I Go” Cute Metal Garden Sign

This sign paraphrases a famous quote of John Muir’s, who originally said “forest” instead of “garden.” He was a famous advocate for the preservation of the United States' natural world in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Hanging this sign up can show your guests that gardening is less of a hobby and more of a way of life.

Huoniu “Grow Damn it” Tin Garden Sign

If there’s one frustrating thing about gardening, it’s failing to grow something no matter how hard you try. It can easily turn what should be a relaxing time spent with nature into a competition with yourself or those lucky people with green thumbs. Hopefully, this sign can dilute that frustration and remind you that laughing at mistakes is healthy.

Doxidi “Yes I Really Do” Funny Metal Tin Sign

An unfortunate quirk in the human experience is that many people have opinions they think they should share, even when they really shouldn’t. If you’ve been having issues with someone teasing you about how many plants you have, get this sign. Then, next time they make a quip, you can save energy by pointing to it.

Husienzn “I Just Want To Work” Retro Tin Sign

There’s something to be said about living a quiet life with a furry friend and focusing on your passions. Sadly, not many have the opportunity to do so. Let this sign serve as a reminder of what you’re working toward in life, and let it motivate you to someday achieve it.

KoneFeco “It’s Not Hoarding” Vintage Plants Lady Poster

Plants can be addictive. No, not like that. As in once you start collecting them, it’s hard to stop. There’s always a brand new flower to grow for decoration or a new type of food you’ve always wanted to try growing yourself. Put this sign at the front of your home or garden to remind your guests where you stand.

Licpact “Once Upon A Time” Funny Garden Sign

Being clever isn’t always the way to go. Sometimes, you need to keep it simple to get a good laugh. That’s something this sign does exceptionally well, though it’s not without its artistic flair, such as its lovely imagery and the adorable dog on the flower girl’s lap.

Tarika “Gardening Is Cheaper” Vintage-Look Iron Decoration Plaque

As stated before, gardening as a hobby is excellent for maintaining the health of both body and soul. And, as this sign keenly points out, it’s both more affordable than actual therapy and you get something else out of it, like delicious tomatoes.

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