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Better Homes & Gardens’ Walmart line just dropped gorgeous new planters for spring

Better Homes & Gardens

Get ready for spring with these gorgeous planters

If warmer weather being right around the corner has you wanting to flex your green thumb, now is the time to head to Walmart (either in stores or online). Better Homes & Gardens’ Walmart line has a ton of trendy new planters for spring that will give your indoor and outdoor plants stylish places to call home — all while adding to your home's unique style.

From terra cotta to ceramic bubble planters, this line covers so many of the styles we see all over social media lately. But shop quickly if you want to get your hands on them, because at these great prices, they're not likely to last long.

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Better Home & Gardens has all your spring planting needs covered

Better Homes & Gardens Terracotta Recycled Resin Planter

This 12-inch resin planter is sturdy yet lightweight, so it's easy to move around and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It has a coating that's ultraviolet-, fade-, frost- and weather-resistant, along with an easy-open drainage hole to protect plant roots.

Better Homes & Gardens Pottery Chinooke Bubble Ceramic Planter

This trendy bubble planter has a three-ring silhouette. Its 6-inch size makes it perfect for smaller houseplants, from ferns to succulents, and its matte white finish helps it fit in with any home aesthetic.

Better Homes & Gardens Emery Planter

This low bowl has a shiny glazed finish over jade green paint. Handcrafted by artisans, it brings an elegant, elevated look to whatever plant lives in it.

Better Homes & Gardens Charlotte Planter

This handcrafted two-toned planter embraces natural tones but is finished with a shiny gloss for contrast. 

Better Homes & Gardens Emmett Basket Planter

Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, this woven seagrass basket brings texture and natural materials to your space. It comes with a clear plastic insert to protect the basket when you water your plant, and the nearly 20-inch diameter means it can fit large houseplants like potted palms, birds of paradise, olive trees and more.

Better Homes & Gardens Athena Round Bulrush Basket Planter

This bulrush basket uses monochromatic woven rope for a fun textured design. It has a clear plastic insert so you can water plants without worrying about damaging the basket. At a foot high, it can accommodate medium to large plants.

Better Homes & Gardens Wood and Glass Curved Propagation Station

Want to turn your existing plants into more plants? This wood and glass propagation station can help cuttings grow roots so you can grow new plants, for your own collection or to give away.

Better Homes & Gardens Celeste Plant Stand

This plant stand elevates your plants — literally — with a woven basket planter on a painted black metal stand that adds character and height.

Better Homes & Gardens Black Ceramic Brett Planter

This black ceramic planter's criss-cross design and 5-inch size help it give a pop of visual interest to any space. It's perfect for succulents or small houseplants.

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