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Updated April 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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DynaTrap Insect Trap, XL
Insect Trap, XL
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This trap gets our top spot for its wide range of pesticide protection from mosquitos and powerful vacuum fan.


Covers up to 1 acre. Attracts insects and effectively traps and kills them. Fluorescent UV bulb attracts insects to the lamp, and the vacuum fan sucks flying insects in without the use of a disruptive zapping mechanism. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and durable against the weather.


This trap catches honeybees as well as mosquitos, which may not be ideal for some users.

Best Bang for the Buck
DynaTrap DT3009-1003P Fly Trap
DT3009-1003P Fly Trap
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Most Stylish
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This effective trap is as much a decoration as it is, well, a trap.


It uses warm UV lighting to draw flying insects such as flies and moths in, and then it traps those bugs on a glue card for easy, mess-free disposal. It comes with 3 cards and can protect up to 600 square feet.


The light is bright enough to distract you, especially in rooms darkened to better watch TV.

DynaTrap XL 1 Acre Insect Trap
XL 1 Acre Insect Trap
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Longest Range
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With its large catch cage and bug-attracting power that covers up to an acre, this is the top model in the Dynatrap line of products.


Dynatrap's largest model offers ample bug-catching space and the ability to attract pests up to 1 acre. The spacious catch cage doesn't require dumping as frequently as smaller traps.


Its large build is heavy and a bit bulky and may be too much for small yards. It's also the most expensive the brand has to offer.

DynaTrap DT2000XLP-AZSR Extra-Large Insect Trap
DT2000XLP-AZSR Extra-Large Insect Trap
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Powerful Performance
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This large trap covers an area of up to 1 acre and operates quietly for discrete use in any environment.


The extra-large size provides a range of up to 1 acre and its fan and UV light help trap insects quietly. Usable in any weather conditions. Cage easily twists off for disposing of insects.


Allow at least 3 weeks for the trap to catch enough mosquitos to make a difference.

DynaTrap DT1260SR Mosquito And Flying Insect Trap
DT1260SR Mosquito And Flying Insect Trap
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Durable & Rugged
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This outdoor trap can protect up to a 1/2 acre.


It's built to resist all types of weather so there’s no need to unplug it and store it if foul weather is approaching. It uses a fan that’s extra-quiet to suck insects into a basket that you can then empty easily.


It’s expensive. Changing the bulb can be difficult.


We recommend these products based on an intensive research process that's designed to cut through the noise and find the top products in this space. Guided by experts, we spend hours looking into the factors that matter, to bring you these selections.

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Buying guide for Best DynaTrap insect traps

Are you tired of having your outdoor fun ruined by bugs? Buzzing, biting insects can stop a family cookout short and make guests head inside for cover. An insect trap is an energy-efficient way to keep nearby insect populations at bay. Leave it running when mosquito season is in full swing, and you can prevent those flying biters from repopulating your yard. Insect traps can even be used indoors to trap other bug pests like fruit flies and gnats.

DynaTrap brand insect traps utilize a three-way system to coax and trap insects so you and yours can keep on enjoying summer days and nights.

The BestReviews team pored over the variety of DynaTrap products available in order to create this detailed guide. We cover everything there is to know about the company’s insect traps and detail the advantages of this pest control tool. When you’re ready to buy, check out our recommended products in the chart above, and start enjoying more bug-free barbecues.

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Avoid putting your DynaTrap product too close to where you’re sitting outside. The trap might attract bugs that may then feed on you. Check the instruction manual to ensure you’re positioning your device correctly.

Types of insect traps

There are various types of mechanisms used by insect trap manufacturers to lure and eventually kill pests like mosquitos. DynaTrap brand traps utilize all three of the most common lures.

  • Light: UV light is often the first thing that attracts insects to traps.

  • Carbon dioxide: This is a commonly used lure for mosquitoes. Many products require the use of a propane tank to emit CO2.

  • Vacuum fan: Fans use suction to trap nearby bugs, leaving them no means of escape.

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We spent 68 hours researching 10 Dynatrap insect traps while consulting with over 100 consumers to choose our top five favorites.

Why use DynaTrap insect traps?

DynaTrap insect traps are versatile and effective.

  • UV lighting to attract insects

  • CO2 emitted by unique finish to attract mosquitoes

  • Vacuum fan mechanism to trap nearby insects

  • No chemicals or toxins

  • Quiet

  • Very easy to set up and use

  • Indoor or outdoor use

  • Cover areas large and small

DynaTrap insect trap features to consider

Keep the following in mind while browsing through the DynaTrap product lineup for your new insect trap.

Outdoor or indoor

 Most units can be used outdoors or indoors, though outdoor use is much more common.

  • Outdoor traps feature all-weather construction and a wide range of coverage choices, up to an acre (43,560 square feet).
  • Indoor traps are not weatherproof. These provide protection for smaller areas (usually a few hundred square feet). Indoor models are recommended for use in the garage, covered veranda, and screened rooms and feature the same three-way design as most outdoor units. DynaTrap makes two types of indoor models.
    • Flylight is designed mainly to trap flies or other flying insects and features UV light and replaceable StickyTech flypaper.
    • DynaTrap makes compact versions of their outdoor traps for indoor use to cover between 300 and 1,300 square feet.


DynaTrap insect traps can offer protection for a few hundred square feet up to an acre. Keep in mind that a trap with too big a range can actually have the opposite effect and attract insects to your yard or patio, so choose the appropriate coverage for your needs.

Hanging or standing

DynaTrap’s lineup includes hanging models and models on poles. Many hanging models can also be wall mounted. Standing units are perfect for outdoor areas without any walls for mounting or areas for hanging. Make sure to follow DynaTrap’s positioning recommendations to ensure maximum efficiency.


DynaTrap units come in multiple finishes, from rustic antique copper to sleek stainless steel. The finish of most DynaTrap units produces CO2, which attracts mosquitoes. Without the need for a propane tank, the traps are lighter and cheaper to maintain than other types of insect traps. The different colors and styles make it easy for homeowners to find a trap that fits the look of their outdoor or indoor space.

"Don’t forget to clean out your insect trap. Emptying and cleaning it regularly will extend the life of the product. "


Many insect traps use light to attract insects. DynaTrap models feature different bulb options that function in the same way but have different lifespans. Most of the bulbs are replaceable.

  • UV (3,000 hours); Some wall-mounted indoor units have two UV bulbs.
  • Non-replaceable UV bulb (20,000 hours)
  • UV-LED bulb (40,000 hours)

Extra protection

DynaTrap’s three-way protection is great at attracting and killing the insects in your yard, but the company also offers traps with additional lures for increased effectiveness.

  • ATRAKTA Pods are nontoxic pods that release scents that attract insects. Some DynaTrap models come packaged with these pods.
  • Other traps also include a special water tray that attracts bugs like mosquitoes.

Power source

All DynaTrap traps have power cords from four to ten feet long and require an outlet for power. (Indoor models generally have shorter cords.) Most DynaTrap units are low wattage and energy efficient and cost very little to run.


These devices trap insects that eventually die inside the sealed chamber. You will need to periodically empty out the dead insects. Most DynaTrap models twist open while keeping the insects trapped, so those that are still alive can’t escape while you clean the device. All DynaTrap models come with a cleaning brush to make the process easier.

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Did you know?
You can save money on propane refills since DynaTrap insect traps don’t require the use of a tank to emit carbon dioxide.

DynaTrap insect trap prices

You can expect to pay between $24 and $214 for a DynaTrap insect trap, depending on the model and features.

Budget friendly

DynaTrap models that cost from $24 to $100 include the Flylight series and compact indoor models. Models at this price point tend to have a cheaper construction and less coverage capacity.


You’ll find models with coverage for up to 3/4 of an acre between $100 and $180. Traps at this price point include larger outdoor units and indoor wall-mounted models.


For $180 and up, DynaTrap’s premium range includes options that offer one-acre outdoor protection. The traps at this price point also include larger cages to trap more insects at a time for less frequent cleaning.

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A trap is an effective way to control bug populations, but you can also help reduce the number of insects by eliminating potential breeding grounds, like standing water, which mosquitoes love.


Q. What’s the advantage of an insect trap over a bug zapper?

A. Insect traps like those made by DynaTrap are more effective at trapping and killing mosquitoes than zappers since they use carbon dioxide in addition to light to lure insects. Bug zappers often kill beneficial insects, like bees, while traps are less likely to do so. Insect traps are also safer, more energy efficient, and quieter than zappers.

Q. Are insect traps safe to use?

A. Yes. Insect traps like those made by DynaTrap do not release any harmful toxins and don’t use any electric current to kill insects. It’s okay to use them indoors or outdoors.

Q. Can I leave my insect trap powered on or should I shut it off when I’m not outdoors?

A. DynaTrap insect traps are designed to be on 24/7. When bug season comes around, just plug in and turn on your unit to protect against mosquitoes, wasps, and other insects. DynaTrap products are meant to run all season long – they use relatively little energy and don’t cost very much to run.

Q. Where should I place my DynaTrap insect trap for the most effective results?

A. Dynatrap recommends hanging, mounting, or placing your trap between 3 to 6 feet off the ground and 20 to 40 feet away from where you will be cooking or sitting outside. It can be placed anywhere, but positioning it too close to your living area may attract bugs to you rather than the trap.

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