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Updated October 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
Bottom line
Best of the Best
Toro 50 in. 24.5 HP TimeCutter
50 in. 24.5 HP TimeCutter
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Best Toro lawn mover overall
Bottom Line

Provides the high level of quality and features of a commercial-grade unit and can be used on a regular basis.


This lawn mower is an excellent choice as every component is well-engineered and built to last. The MyRide suspension absorbs every bump in the grass, and it has three different speed settings.


The mower height can't be adjusted as high as some users would like.

Best Bang for the Buck
Toro Recycler Briggs and Stratton Push Mower, 21 Inches
Recycler Briggs and Stratton Push Mower, 21 Inches
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Best Toro lawn mower for tight budgets
Bottom Line

This mower is a great choice for anyone whose top priority is affordability.


A basic push mower that is reasonably lightweight, it is easy to handle and doesn't require oil changes like similar models by other brands.


A few components are made of plastic and feel flimsy.

Toro TimeMaster Briggs and Stratton Personal Pace Mower, 30 Inches
TimeMaster Briggs and Stratton Personal Pace Mower, 30 Inches
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Best walking Toro lawn mover
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A walk-behind lawn mower with features that rival those of riding mowers.


This lawn mower delivers a 30-inch cut path and is powered by a 223 cc OHV engine, so it's suitable for mowing large yards. The self-propelled system also adjusts to your pace.


Some owners gripe about the small gas tank requiring frequent refills.

Toro 50 in. 23 HP TimeCutter with Kawasaki Engine
50 in. 23 HP TimeCutter with Kawasaki Engine
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Best Toro lawn mover for different terra
Bottom Line

A Kawasaki engine allows this unit to remain reliable with every use.


It’s relatively easy to maintain and the Kawasaki engine provides a consistent speed regardless of the terrain.


The back tires will sometimes slip on inclines.

Toro Recycler 21 in. Walk Behind Mower
Recycler 21 in. Walk Behind Mower
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Best electric Toro lawn mower
Bottom Line

A solid walk-behind design that is great for users who don’t cut often.


The electric starter makes it easy to get going, and the SmartStow storage allows the unit to be compact when not in use.


The walking speed can be a bit too fast for some users.


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Buying guide for best Toro lawn mower

Keeping your lawn neat and trim all starts with having the right tools and equipment — and finding the right lawn mower is usually the first step to creating the manicured yard of your dreams. When it comes to trusted mower brands, it’s hard to top Toro, a company with an excellent reputation in the field for over a hundred years.

Whether you’re looking for a push-behind mower or a riding mower, Toro offers a wide range, so choosing the best option for your landscape can be challenging. In addition to settling on the best type of mower for your yard, you must consider details such as fuel type, engine horsepower, drive type, cutting width and other features. 

At BestReviews, we’re committed to making shopping as easy as possible. We researched Toro’s impressive range of mowers and found the Toro 50-inch TimeCutter Zero-Turn Riding Mower to be the very best. Engineered to last, it features a powerful 24.5-horsepower engine, and its suspension system keeps you comfortable during long mowing sessions. 

Which Toro lawn mower is best?

Toro TimeCutter Zero-Turn Riding Mower

Best Toro lawn mower overall

Product specifications

Type: Riding mower | Cutting Width: 50” | Fuel Tank Capacity: 3 gal | Number of Blades: 3 | Engine Make: Toro 

This zero-turn mower is an excellent choice for yards between two and four acres in size. The 24.5-horsepower Toro engine is powerful enough to make short work of cutting or trimming, even over rough terrain. And that’s also where the MyRide suspension system goes into play, as it ensures that you don’t injure your back from bumpy driving.

The 18-inch seat is on top of a Toro IronForged deck, which is built to last with durable materials. The deck has built-in washout ports, and all you have to do to keep your mower clean is to attach a water hose.

On your right side is the SmartSpeed lever for controlling your speed, ensuring that every cut or trim is made precisely. It has a top speed of 7 miles per hour for cutting and 4 miles per hour for trimming, and you can tow yard equipment around at a maximum speed of 5.5 miles per hour. 

Toro Recycler Briggs and Stratton Push Mower

Best Toro lawn mower for tight budgets

Product specifications

Type: Walk-behind | Cutting Width: 21” | Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.25 gal | Number of Blades: 1 | Engine Make: Briggs and Stratton 

If you’re looking for a walk-behind lawn mower that won’t break the bank, this machine is an excellent choice. It has a 140cc gas-powered Briggs and Stratton engine and uses a pull-cord starter.

It’s best suited for yards of about a quarter to half an acre and has six cutting-height positions. This allows you to select the perfect height for your lawn type, and a weight of just under 60 pounds makes it easy to push. 

When cutting, you can collect the debris in the attached bag or switch to the mulch option to make natural fertilizer and conserve soil moisture. The rust-resistant deck is made from 14-gauge steel, so you know it’s built to last a lifetime. 

Toro TimeMaster Briggs and Stratton Personal Pace Mower

Best walking Toro lawn mover

Product specifications

Type: Walk-behind | Cutting Width: 30” | Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.3 gal | Number of Blades: 2 | Engine Make: Briggs and Stratton 

With a cutting width of 30 inches, this wide-area walk-behind mower is the best option for yards up to an acre. It has two cutting options, which include mulching or side-discharging through a rubber chute.

The blade lets you get extremely close to the topsoil, as it has a minimum cutting height of just over an inch. This ensures a uniform height on sloped or uneven terrain without causing damage to the soil.

The engine is started with a pull cord, and the mower weighs 140 pounds. But you don’t need to push the mower with all your might, as it’s a rear-wheel drive machine with a self-propelling system. What that means is that it will move forward on its own, and you simply guide it along the way.  

Toro TimeCutter Zero-Turn Riding Mower with Kawasaki Engine

Best Toro lawn mower for different terrains

Product specifications

Type: Zero-turn riding mower | Cutting Width: 50” | Fuel Tank Capacity: 3 gal | Number of Blades: 3 | Engine Make: Kawasaki 

With a generous deck of 50 inches and a cutting width of the same, this riding mower makes it easy to keep your yard in the best shape precisely. The rear-wheel drive, 23-horsepower engine has a maximum speed of 7 miles per hour, and the mower is the perfect choice for yards between 2 and 4 acres.

It uses an electric starter and a hydrostatic transmission with three deck wheels. Before starting yard work, you can choose for the clippings to go into the attached bag, be mulched into fertilizer or simply discharge on the side through a rubber chute.

This mower is best suited for flat terrain with some obstacles. However, the engine is powerful enough, and the steering is sufficiently responsive for almost all terrain types. It has a thick foam seating area with an 18-inch backing.

Toro Recycler 21-Inch Walk-Behind Mower

Best electric Toro lawn mower

Product specifications

Type: Walk-behind | Cutting Width: 21” | Fuel Tank Capacity: Not applicable | Number of Blades: 1 | Engine Make: 60V Battery L270 

Look no further than this walk-behind lawn mower if you want a quieter option for keeping your yard neat and trim. This is one of the best electric Toro mowers you’ll find, as it runs on a 60-volt battery that gives you about 45 minutes of cutting time.

It’s perfect for yards up to half an acre and comes with a standard clippings bag, a mulching attachment and a rear discharge. It’s possible to attach a discharge chute, but that must be requested (free of charge) when registering your mower on the Toro website.

The deck is made from 15-gauge steel, with a 2-point cutting-height adjustment and a push-button starter.

Types of Toro lawn mowers

Push mowers

A Toro push mower is the most traditional option for trimming a lawn. It’s powered by an engine or motor that uses either gas or electricity, but the user pushes the mower forward from behind. Toro push mowers usually have a fairly generous cutting width, can cut through thick and long grass with ease, and are often able to turn clippings into mulch, such as the Toro TimeMaster Briggs and Stratton Personal Pace Mower. Gas models can be fairly noisy, though, and electric models typically can’t run very long. For example, the electric Toro Recycler 21-Inch Walk Behind Mower only cuts for about 40 minutes before the battery needs a recharge. 

Self-propelled mowers

A Toro self-propelled mower is similar to a push mower in design, but the engine or motor powers the wheels as well. That means you don’t have to push; you simply guide the mower over the grass. Self-propelled mowers usually have a wide cutting path (often more than 30 inches), can take care of long, thick grass and can mulch clippings.

Zero-turn mowers

A Toro zero-turn mower is a riding-style mower that uses a pair of levers for steering rather than a wheel. It can move fairly quickly and can easily maneuver around obstacles. A mower such as the Toro 50-inch 24.5 HP TimeCutter can reach 7 miles per hour when mowing and 5.5 miles per hour when trimming. Zero-turn mowers have an extremely generous cutting width (usually around 50 inches) and can mulch clippings if desired.

How big is your lawn?

The size of your lawn is usually the most important factor to consider when you’re trying to decide what type of Toro lawn mower will be your best choice.

  • Small lawn: If you have a small yard that’s half an acre or less, a Toro push mower is usually an effective option.
  • Medium lawn: If you have a medium-sized yard, half an acre to an acre in size, a Toro self-propelled mower is often the best bet.
  • Large lawn: If you have a large yard that’s 1 to 10 acres in size, a Toro zero-turn mower can help you trim it quickly and easily.

Toro lawn mower feature considerations

Gas vs. electric

If you are considering a Toro push or self-propelled mower, your first decision is whether you want a gas or electric model. Gas mowers are the most common option, though electric models are gaining in popularity as the price of gas steadily climbs.

Toro gas mowers:

  • Offer a more powerful motor
  • Single tank usually powers the mower for an entire mowing job
  • Usually start with a pull starter, though some models have an electric starter
  • Require more maintenance than electric mowers
  • Must use the right fuel, according to the manufacturer's guidelines 

Toro electric mowers:

  • Available in both cordless and corded models
  • Offer cleaner, quieter operation than gas mowers, which can reach as loud as 95 decibels (about the same as a fast-moving motorcycle)
  • Easy to start, but cordless models must be fully charged for operation
  • Cordless models don’t always have enough power to finish an entire mowing job in one shot
  • Corded models require no charging, but the cord can limit mobility

Voltage, amps and battery system

When you’re looking at electric Toro mowers, it’s important to consider the voltage for cordless models and the amperage (amps) for corded models. The higher the measurements for each, the more power the mower will have. For example, a 60-volt battery is strong enough for an electric lawn mower to perform all the functions for about an hour.

It’s also a good idea to choose a cordless model with a dual-battery system because it can increase the cutting time before the mower requires recharging.

Drive type

If you opt for a Toro self-propelled mower, you should consider the various drive types to determine which works best for your particular landscape:

  • All-wheel drive: Self-propelled mowers with all-wheel drive supply power to all of the wheels, so it works well for both even and uneven terrain.
  • Front-wheel drive: Self-propelled mowers with front-wheel drive supply power to the front wheels only. They work well for lawns that are level or even because you can tip the mower up for easy turns.
  • Rear-wheel drive: Self-propelled mowers with rear-wheel drive supply power to the back wheels only. This provides greater traction, so they work well for uneven lawns.

Engine horsepower

If you’re considering a Toro zero-turn mower, the engine’s horsepower (hp) is an important detail to consider. Horsepower measures the engine’s power output, which is shared among the various components, such as the blades and the transmission. For the best performance, look for a mower with at least a 20-hp engine, such as the Toro 50-Inch TimeCutter with Kawasaki Engine.


With a Toro zero-turn mower, you’ll get the smoothest ride if you choose a model that offers a floating suspension. This allows the wheels to move up and down independently, so the mower can easily glide over uneven terrain. This type of suspension doesn’t just offer a smoother ride, though — it also helps provide a more even cut for the grass, no matter how hilly the turf may be.

Toro has its own floating suspension system called MyRide, which absorbs the bumps as you drive. MyRide is available on most riding mowers. 


A Toro zero-turn mower’s speed helps determine how quickly you can cut your lawn. Some Toro models can go as fast as 8 miles an hour, though many mowers feature smart speed settings, which determine the ideal speed based on whether you want to trim, tow or mow. These smart settings take a lot of the guesswork out of using a zero-turn mower, so you can adjust more easily.

Cut width

No matter what type of Toro lawn mower you’re considering, the cut width is an important feature to consider. The wider the cut swath, the larger an area the mower can cover in one pass.

  • Toro push and self-propelled models offer cut widths ranging from 22 to 30 inches.
  • Toro zero-turn mowers cut in swaths ranging from 32 to 60 inches.

Height adjustment

In order to cut both short and tall grasses, it’s important to be able to adjust the height on your Toro mower easily. Look for a push or self-propelled model that features a dual or single lever to control the height adjustment so you don’t have to adjust the height for individual wheels. Toro zero-turn mowers usually feature a user-friendly panel that allows you to adjust the cut height easily.

Deck wash port

When it comes to cleaning Toro lawn mowers, you’ll have an easier time if you choose a model with a deck wash port, such as the Toro 54-inch TimeCutter MyRide Zero Turn Mower. This feature allows you to connect a hose to the mower, so you can quickly remove dirt and clippings from the bottom of the cutting deck.


If a Toro zero-turn mower is going to be comfortable to ride, it should have a thickly padded seat for maximum support. It’s also a good idea to choose a model with a seat back that’s at least 18 inches tall to make sure your back is properly supported for longer mowing sessions. The Toro 54-inch TimeCutter MyRide Zero Turn Mower is an excellent example, as it has a comfortable seat with a thick foam backing of 18 inches tall.

Maintenance and troubleshooting

Toro Guaranteed-to-Start Promise

Many of the push-behind mowers that use a pull cord to start the engine will fall under Toro’s Guaranteed-to-Start Promise. That means if you’ve kept up with the regular maintenance of your mower in the first five years, and it doesn’t start on the first or second pull, it promises to repair any defective mower free of charge.

An example of this is the Toro TimeMaster Briggs and Stratton Personal Pace Mower, which uses the ReadyStart engine. It has an auto-choke, and there is no need to prime the engine.

Cleaning and storage

The best way to keep your mower working its best is to clean it thoroughly as soon as you are done so that the damp clippings don’t dry and stick to the blades. Ride-on mowers especially have a tendency for dirt and debris to gather quickly on the deck, the blades and underneath the mower. Some have washout ports that you can attach a hose to, making it easy to rinse, but other mowers require a bit of manual labor to keep them in top shape. Never use a pressure washer to clean your Toro lawn mower, as this can push water into places that need to stay dry. 

Once it’s clean, store your mower in a shed or garage to protect it from the elements, and toss on a tarp or cover to keep dust and dirt at bay. If you must store it outside, cover it tightly and keep it away from areas that could become muddy. If you plan to store your mower for a long period, such as over the winter, it’s best to remove the battery and keep it in a dry, secure place. 

Serviceable parts

Whether it’s a walk-behind or a riding mower, almost all Toro mowers have serviceable parts. When cutting through thick brush or heavy grass, the blades tend to dull over time and can break when you pass over a hidden rock. When looking for a mower, it’s a great advantage to investigate which serviceable parts are available. Even the smallest of parts, such as a spare tire, switch or plastic covering, is usually available from the manufacturer.  

Toro lawn mower prices

Toro lawn mowers range in price based on the mower type and the size of the cutting width. In most cases, the mowers cost between $279 and $9,400.

  • Budget-friendly: Toro push lawn mowers are the most inexpensive models, ranging in price from $279 to $320.
  • Mid-range: Toro self-propelled lawn mowers usually range in price from $300 to $470.
  • Expensive: Toro zero-turn mowers are the most expensive models, ranging in price from $2,200 to $9,400.

How we analyzed

We considered and researched around 20 Toro lawn mowers for top contenders, using several criteria to rank them. We looked at the engine and fuel capacity, how easy it is to use and if assembly is required. Naturally, we investigated the cutting options, mowing speeds, precision and any additional features that would affect comfort.


Q. What type of Toro lawn mower is best for a small uneven, or hilly yard? 

A. If your yard is hilly and measures half an acre to a full acre in size, a Toro self-propelled model usually works best. Choose a mower with rear-wheel drive, though, so it has proper traction to deal with the uneven turf.

Q. What type of Toro lawn mower is easiest to use if my lawn has many trees and other obstacles? 

A. Toro zero-turn mowers are extremely effective in navigating obstacles, and they work well if your yard is an acre or larger in size. For smaller yards with many trees or other obstacles, a gas-powered Toro push mower with higher back wheels, a Toro self-propelled mower with rear-wheel drive and large back tires, or a Toro self-propelled mower with all-wheel drive is your best bet.

Q.  How long does a Toro lawn mower usually last? 

A. The lifespan of a Toro lawn mower depends on how often you use it and how well you maintain it. In general, though, a well-maintained Toro push or self-propelled lawn mower should last seven to 10 years. A Toro zero-turn mower can last more than 20 years if you care for it properly.

Q. Is Toro a good brand for zero-turn mowers?

A. Toro is an excellent brand for lawn mowers, whether it's zero-turn, ride-on or walk-behind. The company started in 1914 and has operations in 124 countries worldwide. It is also the lawn mower of choice for plenty of the world’s best golf courses.

Q. How does Toro compare to John Deere?

A. For the most part, choosing Toro over John Deere is a preference. Both use the powerful Briggs and Stratton engine in many of their mowers. But where Toro stands out is the price. Its capabilities might be on par with John Deere, but it is often more affordable.


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