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Updated November 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Best of the Best
Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat with 2 Bonus Tool Pouches
Garden Kneeler and Seat with 2 Bonus Tool Pouches
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A sturdy model with mostly handy features. A few minor flaws can be problematic, but the pros outweigh the cons.


Straightforward design, snap to open/close, plus 2 tool pouches; convenient features for gardeners on the go who like to keep their gear organized. Generous weight capacity of 330 pounds.


Wobbly on some surfaces. Seat position seems on the high side. Some users find the tool pockets too narrow.

Best Bang for the Buck
COSYLAND Garden Kneeler and Seat
Garden Kneeler and Seat
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Simple yet Solid
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An inexpensive, multi-function kneeler and seat with some extra features for the price.


Features a durable frame and comfortable EVA foam pad. Equips 5 tool compartments in total. Users can detach storage pouches and wear them with included tool belt. Comes with a separate kneeling pad.


The blue kneeling pad is fairly thin. Kneeler itself is somewhat heavy

Abco Tech Garden Kneeler And Seat
Abco Tech
Garden Kneeler And Seat
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Most Durable
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Despite some quirks, this model earns high marks for being durable and useful for most garden needs.


Surpasses the competition for having all the features gardeners love: sturdy frame in a versatile, easy-to-fold design. The garden tool pouch is a brilliant freebie. Comes with a pair of digging gloves.


Seat cushioning is on the firm side at first, but softens with use. Some may also find the seat positioning too high.

TomCare Garden Kneeler Seat
Garden Kneeler Seat
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Most Comfortable
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Thick seat padding and extra-large tool pockets are big pluses for this sturdy bench.


Excellent locking capability keeps this kneeler bench sturdy and reliable. Weather-resistant tool bags have wide pockets. Bench padding is thick. Easy to fold and carry.


The plastic support between the seat and kneeling pads is weaker than expected.

Fox Valley Traders Supportive Folding Garden Seat and Kneeler
Fox Valley Traders
Supportive Folding Garden Seat and Kneeler
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Most Versatile
Bottom Line

This handy garden bench doubles as both a kneeler and seat.


Extra-deep seat equipped with comfy foam around both sides. Easily folds to store. Seat can support up to 275 pounds and is constructed with a durable steel frame. Comes with detachable plastic feet for added stability and to prevent sinking into the ground. Resists staining and is easy to clean.


This kneeler could use a little extra padding for maximum comfort.


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Buying guide for best garden kneeler benches

Not everyone with a green thumb is able to kneel and bend over while gardening without experiencing pain. For even the fittest gardeners, constant bending can eventually put a strain on the body. A garden kneeler bench is the perfect aid for any gardener who’s tired of lower-back pain and undue pressure on their knees.

Many kneelers are versatile and can be flipped one way or the other to be used as a seat or kneeling pad. For pruning tomatoes in an in-ground garden patch, choose the kneeling side to get closer to your plants. Want to reach weeds in raised beds without bending over? Flip your kneeler and use it as a seat.

BestReviews is on a mission to make sure you can garden comfortably. Our team has created this shopping guide to provide you with the information you need to choose the best garden kneeler bench for you. Happy gardening!

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Green is the dominant color in most outdoor gardening spaces. To add a bit of color to your outdoor area, choose a colorful garden kneeler instead of a green one.

Why use a garden kneeler bench?

Gardening can sometimes feel like a workout, and even more so on a hot day. Caring for plants involves a lot of repetitive movement that can eventually stress the body. A garden kneeler bench is a useful tool that can help any gardener avoid injury. Here are some of the main reasons to consider using this product.

Sit or kneel: A kneeler bench gives you the option of sitting or kneeling to perform your gardening duties. You can switch your position depending on the task, your mood, and comfort.

No bending over: Bye-bye back pain! Whether you sit or kneel on a garden kneeler, this type of seat brings you closer to the ground and your plants. You won’t struggle to reach roots or shoots or be forced to bend over to perform repetitive tasks.

Relieve pressure on knees: You don’t have to kneel when using a garden kneeler. You can choose to sit down to garden instead. Stay off your knees in a sitting position and avoid putting pressure on such a sensitive part of your body.

Stay clean when gardening: Whether you sit or get down on your knees with your kneeler bench, you’ll have a barrier between you and the ground. No more dirty pants and muddy knees!

Enjoy being outside: Forget your worries while gardening comfortably on a kneeler bench. If you no longer have to worry about pain, you can spend more time enjoying your garden.

Types of kneeler benches

There are three main types of garden kneeler benches: flip, foldable, and storage.

Flip bench: This type of kneeler bench flips over so you can choose to sit or kneel on the surface. These are lightweight, so it’s easy to swap sides depending on the task.

Foldable bench: These kneelers are perfect for gardeners with limited storage space. Gardening on a balcony? Sit comfortably on your padded bench until it’s time to fold it up and head inside. These benches are also useful for gardeners whose garden is away from home. Spend most of your time at the community garden? A foldable bench is easy to bring along.

Storage bench: These benches include hidden storage. You can use the extra space to keep your gardening tools out of the sun and rain. You can’t always flip this type of bench, however. And some storage benches aren’t padded.

Garden kneeler bench features to consider

Size: Unlike kneeling pads, most  kneeler benches have handles, so getting the right width is essential so you can sit comfortably between the handles. You want to avoid a narrow seat that presses into your body. If you need extra room, look for models labeled “extra wide.”

Weight capacity: Make sure to check the maximum weight capacity of a bench before you buy. Most models can accommodate weights up to 200 pounds.

Durability: Garden kneeler bench frames are typically made of plastic or metal. If you choose a metal bench, look for one that’s powder-coated because these are more durable than uncoated versions.

Portability: Choose a bench that you can easily transport around the garden. If it’s too big or heavy to carry, you won’t get much use out of it. If you’re worried about not having enough space to store your garden bench, look for a model that folds up. Most foldable benches fold flat, so they can easily be tucked away in a corner.

Padding: Many kneeler benches have some sort of padded seat for comfort. The thicker the seat cushion, the more comfortable you’ll be while gardening. No one wants to spend hours at a time sitting on a hard surface. Look for a plush pad that offers support without compressing too much. Avoid models with seats made of exposed foam because the cushioning won’t last long.

Versatility: Some garden kneeler benches flip over so you can either sit or kneel while you weed, prune, and dig in the dirt. The legs of the kneeler should lock into place. Most flip-style benches have tall handles for the kneeling side to help you get up from the ground.

And your garden kneeler bench isn’t just for sitting outside among your plants. You can use it as a camping chair or a portable seat for outdoor events like ball games and family picnics. You can sit or kneel on your bench to perform outdoor and indoor home repairs. Sit on it while giving your kids or pets a bath. In a pinch, your bench can serve as extra seating for backyard parties. And in the winter, use your garden kneeler as a shoe bench in the entryway or mudroom.

Storage: A few garden kneeler benches come with pouches or a seat cavity for storing gardening tools, gardening gloves, seed packets, or garden shears.

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For your safety
Safety first! Make sure to correctly position and lock the legs of a foldable kneeler so it won’t collapse.

Garden kneeler bench prices

You can expect to pay from about $25 to over $45 for a garden kneeler bench. You can find flippable and foldable kneeler benches with storage space or pouches at every price point, but the pricier options have better padding and a higher maximum weight limit and are usually more durable.


  • Avoid back strain. A kneeler bench will keep you from bending over too much. If you still find yourself bending down to reach weeds and plants, consider gardening in raised beds or elevated containers. If gardening in beds, build them so you can comfortably reach the middle from either side.

  • Use an expandable hose. These are lighter and easier to maneuver than traditional hoses.

  • Wear proper footwear when gardening. It’s easy to trip wearing flip-flops. And you don’t want to drop a sharp gardening implement on a bare foot.

  • Protect your hands. Wear gardening gloves to protect your hands and skin from dirt, scratches, and irritation.

  • Wear sun protection. Sunscreen and a hat will help prevent sunburn.
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It’s easy to forget to put away gardening equipment. Choose a rust-resistant kneeler bench so it won’t be damaged in the rain.


Q. My back still hurts when using my garden kneeler bench. What am I doing wrong?

A. You might still be bending from a sitting position if your garden beds are too low for you to reach comfortably. If the pain persists, check with your doctor. You could have an injury. A healthcare professional can also help you address and treat chronic pain.

Q. I still need to bend over quite a bit to pull weeds. Is there another option?

A. Use a long-handled weeding tool to banish invasive plants from your garden so you don’t have to bend at all.

Q. Can I leave my garden kneeler bench outside?

A. If you don’t have a spot to store your bench, leaving it outside is okay during the summer months. Keep it out of direct sunlight and leave it in a partially covered area if you can. Avoid leaving uncoated metal outside because it will rust. In winter, make sure to store your gardening tools, including your bench, inside to keep them looking like new.

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