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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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TotalMount Wall Mount For Nintendo Switch
Wall Mount For Nintendo Switch
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Stylish and Sturdy
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A simple, but effectively designed wall mount that can be installed on almost any surface.


The mount is lightweight, but sturdy. Included materials and instructions made instillation simple. There is even a built in level on this mount to ensure you hang it evenly. Easily dock and un-dock the console with no obstruction from the mount. Dark plastic material has a smooth finish that looks stunning on the wall.


The included screws are quite short. For piece of mind, you may want to use longer ones.

Best Bang for the Buck
Monzlteck Wall Mount For Nintendo Switch
Wall Mount For Nintendo Switch
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Well Designed
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A well designed wall mount that combines aesthetic design and practicality at a competitive price.


The Monzltek mount sits roughly 2" away from the wall to allow proper ventilation. We love the additional smaller mount, which is designed to hold the controller. A layer of thin padding on the sides of the mount are in place to protect the dock from potential scratching.


Access to USB ports is slightly awkward while the console is mounted.

HIDEit Nintendo Switch Mount
Nintendo Switch Mount
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Minimalist Look
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You can count on this high quality steel mount to safely keep your Nintendo Switch on the wall.


The HIDEit wall mount is made from a sturdy steel material. The included screws and anchors ensure this reliable wall mount will keep your console safe and secure. HIDEit is designed to fit the Switch perfectly, not too loose or too tight. The minimalist design allows for easy, slide out access to the Switch at any time.


Mounts flat against the wall, which doesn't allow for much ventilation.

VIVO Adjustable Wall Mount For Nintendo Switch
Adjustable Wall Mount For Nintendo Switch
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Sturdy & Safe
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Made from reliable materials, this simple wall mount will keep your console safe and securely mounted on any surface.


Made from high quality steel, this mount is both sturdy and lightweight. The console fits perfectly into place so you never have to worry about it slipping and falling. For even more added protection, this mount is lined with anti-scratch padding. There is plenty of open space to allow for proper heat ventilation. This mount can be installed on the wall or on the back of your TV.


Unlike many other models, the VIVO mount doesn't include extra storage for games or controllers.

J&Top Wall Mount Bracket For Nintendo Switch
Wall Mount Bracket For Nintendo Switch
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Simple Installation
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A well organized, strong wall mount that allows for easy access to the console.


This mount is made from a stable iron material that you can rely on. The console rests on the mount without being locked into place, allowing easy access to your switch, should you want to remove it from the wall. Additional holes and hooks are designed to hold the controller and Joy-Cons in place.


The mount extends outward farther than most.


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Buying guide for best nintendo switch wall mounts

Looking for a new setup for your Nintendo Switch? It’s old news to place your system on a table or entertainment center. At almost 40 square inches, the Nintendo Switch takes up a considerable amount of space, especially in a small room. Modernize and optimize your space by installing a Nintendo Switch wall mount. 

A wall mount is an ideal solution for docking the system and its accessories, and since they will no longer be cluttering up your television area, you’ll have plenty of free space for other necessities. Besides saving room, a Nintendo Switch wall mount also eliminates the threat of damage from spills or accidents. Since your system is secured to the wall, it’s completely out of the way of everyday foot traffic and activity. Mounting your system also means it’s out of the reach of pets, whose wagging tails can knock it over. 

Take your system to the next level with a Nintendo Switch wall mount. Here’s our buying guide to help you choose the right one so you can enjoy your gaming space in a brand-new way. 

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If you’re a renter, ask the landlord if you’re allowed to install the Nintendo Switch mount, because you’ll need to drill holes into the wall.

Key considerations

Wall mount styles

System mount: The most popular style is the system mount, which only docks the Nintendo Switch, which either perches on top of a fitted shelf or slides into a frame. These mounts are sleek and have a small footprint, so they’re ideal for small rooms. Setup is pretty straightforward, and most kits come with their own hardware.

On the downside, since these mounts only hold the Nintendo Switch, you might be hard-pressed to find an appropriate place to store your Joy-Con controllers

Integrated mount: These mounts are growing in popularity since they offer multiple storage solutions in a single product. In addition to the Nintendo Switch, they also hold games, controllers, or all three. These mounts are the ultimate purchase for rooms of all sizes. They’re ideal for small rooms because they’re compact. As for large spaces, the mount is motivation to return all Switch items to one spot instead of scattering them around the room.

On the downside, some integrated mounts have a very industrial look that lacks curb appeal, so it’s definitely not a style that works in every room. 

Shelving mount: These mounts are generally universal for all video game systems and are ideal for the Nintendo Switch. Most have a long platform with space for games and accessories. Shelving mounts are easy to install and generally come with the necessary hardware. They can also hold the most weight.

On the downside, most shelving mounts have an industrial vibe and so aren’t the most attractive options. They also take up more horizontal space, which doesn’t exactly make it a space saver in some respects.


Most Nintendo Switch wall mounts require mounting brackets, screws, and other metal hardware. Some mounts can be affixed with special mounting adhesive, though most consumers opt to attach them with screws because it’s more secure. 

As far as installing the mount, it’s easy enough for the average person to handle, though there’s no shame in passing it off to a pro. To install successfully, the mount requires some measuring and leveling, as well as correct placement on the wall. If you go by trial and error, your wall could end up with a number of unnecessary holes. 



Most Nintendo Switch wall mounts are made of metal, though some are acrylic or tempered glass. While these materials are wildly different, they all have one thing in common: durability. Their construction is consistently solid, and, on average, wall mounts hold between 10 and 17 pounds. Considering that the Nintendo Switch weighs less than a pound, your system is definitely in good and stable hands once it’s mounted.

Cable spaces

Nintendo Switch wall mounts often have holes or grooves at the bottom or around the back plate to accommodate the power cord and other cables. Without these strategically located spaces, the cables wouldn’t have enough room and could get crushed behind the system. Despite how strong a cable seems, if it’s bent too much, it corrupts the connection.

"If you have young children, it’s worth investing in a Nintendo Switch wall mount. You’ll be able to keep the system away from little hands who may not be as careful with it as you are. "

Nintendo Switch wall mount prices

Nintendo Switch wall mounts typically cost between $10 and $50, depending how the complexity of the mounting.

Inexpensive: Wallet-friendly mounts cost $20 and less. Most of these mounts only hold the system, so you’ll need to come up with another solution for controllers and games.

Mid-range: These mounts, which cost between $20 and $30, are often designed to accommodate controllers and games. Since they support more weight, they tend to be sturdier.

Expensive: Adjustable mounts, including shelf styles, are at the top of the range, priced closer to $40. These have plenty of space to hold games and accessories. 


  • Tidy up your gaming station. Since you’re tidying up and mounting your Switch, it’s a good opportunity to declutter your entire gaming area as well.

  • Install a screen protector. Even though your Switch is secure when it’s docked on the wall, you still want to protect it against accidental damage like scratches or drops. Install a tempered glass screen protector on your Switch for the ultimate protection.

  • Decorate with wall mounts. In addition to mounting you Switch, consider decorating your gaming area with mounted consoles, games, and controllers. It will definitely make your space a true gaming den. 

  • Account for wires. Cord length limits how far away your mount can be installed from an outlet and the television. Before installation, make sure wires and cords can reach all devices and outlets without being overstretched in a way that could compromise the connection.

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Determine your permanent furniture arrangement before installing the mount. If you decide to change it, you’ll probably need to move the mount as well.


Q. Do I have to drill holes in the wall to mount my Switch, or are there any other options?
A. Unfortunately, there aren’t many Switch wall mounts on the market, and the ones that exist require hardware and some drilling. If you’re concerned about damaging your wall, ask an expert to do it for you. They know how to install the mount with minimal damage to your wall. An expert can also get it level the first time and so avoid drilling multiple unnecessary holes.

Q. Where do I keep my controllers and games if the mount doesn’t have a place to hold them?
A. If you want to store everything in one spot on the wall, your best bet is to get an integrated mount style, but even then, if you have multiple controllers and many games, you’ll need to keep them elsewhere. You could pick up floating shelving or individual Joy-Con mounts, but be prepared to spend more on each of these; they’re normally the same price or more than the Switch mount. 

Q. Will my Nintendo Switch wall mount look out of place on my wall?
A. It depends on the décor and setup of your room. Since most mounts are black, they blend in with other electronics like televisions, cable boxes, and Blu-ray players. If you’re concerned about curb appeal, you can install the mount on the wall behind your television. 

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