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Best Home Tool Sets

Updated December 2021
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Home Tool Kit
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Most Comprehensive
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This set includes a 20V MAX Drill along with a number of other essential home tools.


Hammer, ratcheting screwdriver, needle nose pliers, slip joint pliers, power drill and more, this kit includes everything you need to accomplish most common home repairs. The drill alone is worth the price of this value-packed kit.


The soft carrying case does not add to the value of this otherwise impressive home tool set.

Best Bang for the Buck
Craftsman Home Tool Kit 
Home Tool Kit 
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Trusted Brand
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Designated a mechanic's tool kit, this assortment of sockets and hand tools allows you to tackle a wide variety of tasks.


There are 57 pieces included in this affordable 1/4-inch kit. Each item is corrosion-resistant and designed to be comfortable in your hand.


The tools do not stay secure in the case and often spill out when the case is opened.

WORKPRO Pink Lady Tool Set with Pouch, 103-Piece
Pink Lady Tool Set with Pouch, 103-Piece
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Most Stylish
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Not a heavy-duty tool kit, but provides most of the common tools you need around the home.


A solid collection of 103 tools at a reasonable price. Makes a great inexpensive gift, especially for first-time homeowners. The pink grips help these tools to stand out, making them easy to locate at a worksite.


Not really made for tough repair work. Tools may pop out of place as you move tool box.

DD dedeo Household Tool Set
DD dedeo
Household Tool Set
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Most Versatile
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A rare set of household-repair implements that includes a power drill and a battery.


A home tool kit that includes a power drill and rechargeable battery is uncommon, but desirable to an individual looking for a set of basic tools. The 60 pieces in this well-rounded kit will get you through most typical repairs.


Tools tend to fall out of their compartments while in the case.

REXBETI General Household Hand Tool Set
General Household Hand Tool Set
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Best for Cars
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For individuals looking for a wide range of tools, this kit even includes a few for basic auto repair.


A wide assortment of standard tools for home repair, including a claw hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, fasteners, clamps, a ratchet set for auto work and more. All have bright orange markings so they are easy to locate.


Not all of the tools are of the same level of quality, but most will get the job done.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best home tool sets

One of the smartest purchases you can make for your house or apartment is a home tool set. Eventually, you will run into a situation where you’ll need a basic collection of tools on hand. Whether you’re assembling do-it-yourself furniture or fixing a loose drawer, a home tool set is essential. But with so many home tool sets available, how do you find the right kit for your home? What combination of tools is best, and how much should you pay? Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place.

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A home tool set is a great way to pick up essential tools for a reasonable price.

What tools should come in a home tool set?

Although everyone has different needs for tools, some key pieces should come in any good home tool set.

Once you have the basics covered, think about the tools you use most often. If you use a lot of wrenches, for example, look for a home tool set with multiple wrench options. Beyond the basics, some home tool sets include uncommon tools that are valuable in the right situations. Such tools include a magnetic level, a measuring tape, safety eyewear, work gloves, a power tester, and scissors.

Every home tool set should contain the following essential tools.


All home tool sets need a hammer. A hammer that comes in a set will usually be smaller, around eight to 12 ounces, but a small hammer can handle most jobs well.

"Some home tool sets include tools for specific jobs, such as extra wrenches for working on engines."


You should have a standard set of slip joint pliers in your home tool set. Some sets also contain specialty pliers like long nose pliers.


Some home tool sets include multiple screwdrivers with different lengths and screwheads. Others include a screwdriver handle that accepts multiple bits, which saves space. A few home tool sets even include an electric screwdriver.

"For more versatility in your home tool set, look for one that includes a screwdriver handle that accepts multiple types of bits."

Utility knife

A utility knife with a retractable blade is a handy option in a home tool set.


Most home tool sets include an adjustable wrench. Some sets include Allen wrenches or multiple sizes of standard crescent wrenches, too. Some sets even include socket wrenches. However, most of these wrench-heavy kits are aimed at specific types of work like engine work.

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Did you know?
A home tool set can be as small as 15 to 20 pieces, or it can have 200 pieces or more.

Home tool set cases

Home tool sets come in handy carrying cases. Some cases are lightweight and have a comfortable handle, making it easy to take them on the go. Other cases are almost indestructible, which works well for active building sites and harsh weather.

Soft-sided cases

Some smaller home tool kits come in soft-sided carrying cases. These cases hold tools in place using pockets and Velcro latches.

However, soft-sided cases cannot hold as many tools as plastic or metal cases, and large home tool sets are not sold in soft-sided cases.

"Some people prefer a soft-sided case because it’s easier to store. A home tool set in a soft-sided case can be squeezed into a tight space."

Plastic cases

Most home tool sets come in cases made of heavy plastic. This plastic is tough enough to protect the tools inside even if you bang the case around.

Plastic cases have molded interiors that hold the tools tightly in place. Additionally, molded plastic gives you a designated place to store each tool, so you’ll know immediately if one is missing.

However, plastic cases sometimes crack along the hinges or latches after you’ve had them for a while.

"A molded plastic case has positions for every tool, making it easy to find one piece in particular. Look for a molded plastic case that will hold your home tool set tightly. Some cases are too loose, allowing the tools to fall out of place."

Metal cases

Home tool sets were once primarily sold in rectangular metal cases. Metal cases are durable and hold a lot of different tools.

However, metal cases are not often sold today because they don’t keep tools well-organized. It can be difficult to find just the tool you want in the pile of tools at the bottom of a metal case.

Metal cases can be padlocked, though.

How much do home tool sets cost?

The prices of home tool sets vary. Basic home tool sets start at $25, while specialized home tool sets with a large number of high-quality tools can cost $100 or more.


You can find good home tool sets for under $25. However, most of these sets will be basic kits with less than 40 pieces. Don’t expect to find specialized tools in these inexpensive sets either. But for everyday jobs around the house, these home tool sets work well.

"Some home tool sets have smaller tools to allow for a smaller case. A small home tool set is easier to store in a small apartment or in a vehicle."


Home tool sets in the $25 to $75 range come with many different tools, usually 100 pieces but sometimes up to 200. Some of these pieces will be tiny, though, such as screwdriver bits. You can find some specialized tools in this price range like multiple wrenches.


The most expensive home tool sets retail for $75 and up. The tools in these sets are high-quality and give you a tremendous level of performance. You’ll get a variety of tools at this price point, and you should receive 100 pieces or more per kit. If you already own a basic home tool set, look in this price range for an upgrade set.

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If you need a certain tool to be a high-quality piece, you may want to buy it separately from a home tool set.


Q. Why do the tools in home tool sets come in such bright colors?

A. Tools in a home tool set are usually all the same color, and those colors aren’t the blacks and grays of individual tools. The tools in home tool sets are often orange, pink, red, or another bright color. This is so you can easily identify the tools that belong in the set, so you don’t mix up your tools when storing them.

Q. Do home tool sets include power tools?

A. As a general rule, home tool sets do not include power tools. Home tool sets include tools that a large number of people use the majority of the time, which means hand tools. Not everyone needs a power saw, but most people will make use of a hammer at some point. Additionally, home tool sets fit in carrying cases, and most power tools are too large.

Q. Are home tool sets aimed more at home repair novices?

A. Although it’s true that most home tool sets have only basic tools, users can still benefit from these kits. A home tool set with useful tools all in one place can help you finish a project faster, rather than hunting down tools from multiple locations in your workshop.

Q. Can I assemble my own home tool set instead of buying a pre-made one?

A. Sure, but most people find a pre-assembled home tool set easier to use. In a pre-assembled home tool set with a molded plastic case, for example, each tool has a specific storage space. This makes it easier to find a particular tool. (And you can also tell when you’re missing a tool that your neighbor borrowed and didn’t bring back.)