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Updated April 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for best 50-inch tvs

Some TVs are compact enough to fit in small spaces, and some have extremely large screens that are perfect for a home theater. But if you’re looking for a TV for your living space that isn’t too small or too large, a 50-inch TV could be exactly what you need.

TVs come in a range of sizes to suit almost any room or customer preference, and 50-inch models are some of the most popular for good reason. These TVs are practical in size, come with a variety of features from basic to high tech, and aren’t as pricey as larger models.

If a TV this size sounds like a good option for you, there is one out there that will deliver everything you love most about watching television.

Do you love gaming? A 50-inch TV provides ample screen space to bring the action to life.

Benefits of a 50-inch TV

If you’re old enough to remember what old TVs looked like, you know how bulky they were compared to the flat-panel models of today. Even TVs with smaller screens were big and heavy to maneuver, and most households didn’t have a TV with a huge screen.

Technology has streamlined TV design, so viewers can enjoy larger screens that add depth and action to movies, sports, and more. You can still find TVs that are 20 inches or smaller as well as giant models that measure more than 90 inches, but the 50-inch screen that was uncommon decades ago offers many benefits.

Versatile size

Not everyone wants a mammoth TV screen, and some smaller rooms can’t accommodate one. Many TV enthusiasts agree that a 50-inch model is versatile because it fits so nicely in rooms of various sizes. The screen can enhance a smaller space by becoming the focal point. It’s a good TV size for a rec room or even a bedroom. Even if you have a huge living room, a 50-inch TV is ideal for a designated entertainment area with furniture arranged to complement the space.

Sharp images

Whether you’re used to watching a large or small TV, a 50-inch model is large enough to bring the images to life. From watching the big game to gaming, it’s a good size for all  your viewing pleasure.

Optional features

Just because 50-inch TVs aren’t the largest models available doesn’t mean you can’t find the features you love. If you want all the bells and whistles, including smart capabilities and Ultra HD images, you can find a 50-inch TV that offers all this and more. On the other hand, if high technology isn’t your style, there are TVs of this size with basic features that still offer nice picture quality.

Attractive prices

While you could pay thousands of dollars for a gigantic TV, most 50-inch options aren’t that pricey. In fact, you can likely find a model with all the state-of-the-art features you want for under $700, or a more basic model for hundreds less.

Did you know?
Even if you have a tight budget, you’re likely to find an affordable 50-inch TV. Basic models by reliable brands can be found for under $300.

50-inch TV features to consider

You might already know that a 50-inch TV would suit your home and viewing needs, but there are also features you can find in this type of TV that could make your at-home entertainment even better. Here are a few to consider as you browse the available 50-inch TVs.


Whether you want clear images or razor-sharp color and action that jumps off the screen, you can find a 50-inch model that works for you. That’s because models are available with HD  technology or the latest 4K Ultra HD that provides superior color, contrast, action, and detail.

Smart technology

If you love streaming video and checking out your favorite apps, you can do these things with a 50-inch TV that has built-in smart technology. With WiFi and access to streaming services and numerous apps, you’ll have the world at your remote control.

Remote control

Basic 50-inch TVs have traditional remotes, but many 50-inch TVs with smart capabilities also have smart remotes. Some also provide access to apps that allow you to turn your smartphone into a TV controller.

HDMI ports

These ports, also called inputs, are used to connect other equipment, such as gaming devices, to your TV. Some TVs have more HDMI ports than others, and the number you need depends on your individual viewing needs.

Refresh rate

This is the number of times per second that the image refreshes, and it’s measured in hertz (Hz). It determines how fast and lifelike the action will be. TVs with a refresh rate of 60Hz are still available, but models that offer 120Hz or 240Hz are best for consumers who plan to use their TVs for gaming.

Expert Tip
If you’re into the latest technology, you can easily find a well-made 50-inch TV with your favorite features, including smart capabilities, smart remotes, and 4K Ultra HD video.

50-inch TV prices

Possibly one of the most appealing features of a 50-inch TV is that you can enjoy a generously sized screen and lots of exciting features without spending a lot of money. You can expect to pay from $200 to $800 for a 50-inch TV.

Inexpensive: For $200 to $300, you can find a basic model with nice sound and picture quality. Although you might not find a smart model in this price range, you may not mind if affordability is high on your list of priorities.

Mid-range: Between $300 and $450, you’ll find smart and 4K Ultra HD technology by some fairly well-known brands.

Expensive: If you don’t mind spending $450 to $800, you can get a 50-inch TV with the latest technology, including smart capabilities and 4K video quality by top brands in the industry.


  • Measure first. Don’t forget to measure your wall, TV cabinet, entertainment center, or other piece of furniture where you plan to install your new TV to make sure a 50-inch model would fit.

  • Take note of the remote. As you shop, check out the remote control that comes with each model. Some models have smart remotes and others have the traditional kind. Although it’s a matter a preference, getting one that you definitely don’t want can be frustrating.

  • Don’t neglect sound. When it comes to finding a new TV, sound quality is almost as important as picture quality. Many models offer the rich, balanced sound of Dolby. However, if you prefer louder volume or deeper acoustics, consider adding a speaker or soundbar to further enhance your TV-watching or gaming experience.
On average, most viewers sit about nine feet from their televisions. This viewing distance is ideal for a a 50-inch TV.


Q. What’s the difference between 4K Ultra HD and HD?

A. Both terms refer to screen resolution, but there’s a difference. High definition (HD) TVs typically have 1080p, or a vertical resolution of 1,080 horizontal lines. 4K Ultra HD is the latest technology in screen resolution; it boasts around 4,000 pixels and 2160p for crystal-clear, lifelike images. There is a difference in price, as 4K UHD TVs are somewhat pricier than their HD cousins.

Q. I want a 50-inch TV, but I don’t want to spend a lot of money. Is the picture quality of a basic model with a lower-resolution screen a lot less vivid than a 4K model?

A. There is definitely a difference in image sharpness between 4K and HD TVs, but it sounds like your budget is your top concern. An HD 50-inch TV will still give you bright colors and a nice picture, and the amply sized screen will enhance your viewing experience. Additionally, the savings can be as much as several hundred dollars, so one of the more affordable models is certainly worth a look if you want a 50-inch TV at a budget-friendly price.

Q. Can a 50-inch TV be mounted on a wall?

A. A 50-inch TV is perfect for mounting, and in fact, it looks great as a focal point on a wall. All you need to secure it is a TV mount that’s designed to accommodate a 50-inch model. An extra pair of hands to help you will also make it much easier to put your new TV in place.

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