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The best Samsung TV

Which Samsung TVs are best?

As one of the leaders in televisions, Samsung offers a range of innovative TVs with brilliant displays intended to match your lifestyle and viewing habits. The smart platform Tizen offers access to popular streaming services and apps while also catering to various content, including live sports and video games.

For those seeking the newest models and latest technology, check out the Samsung Neo LED QN90A Series 75-Inch. Size, display quality and price are among the many essential factors to consider when investing in a home entertainment hub.

What to know before you buy a Samsung TV


All Samsung TVs use long-standing LED technology, in which pixels on the screen are lit from the back. However, Samsung employs a variety of innovations to enhance color and contrast. That’s because the main drawback of LED screens is that they struggle to achieve deep blacks when the screen is dark, which can result in a shadow or blurring effect.

Their basic screens are crystal LEDs, which offer solid color and contrast for casual viewing. Quantum-dot LED, or QLED, uses a color filter to enhance the range and brightness of the color spectrum while also boosting contrast when the screen is dark. 

An updated version of their popular QLED screens is called Neo QLED, which uses mini LEDs to control contrast and brightness to strive for the deepest blacks possible. The Samsung TV buying guide at BestReviews offers a detailed explanation of screen technology and terminology.

Samsung TV sizes

When investing in a TV, size is an important consideration: Samsung offers models as small as 43-inches, ideal for dorms and bedrooms, all the way up to 85-inches that will serve as a massive entertainment center for large living rooms. Size is measured diagonally from one corner to the opposite.

4k vs. 8k

Most Samsung TVs offer 4K resolution. They have stopped making new models that feature Full HD resolution as most movies, series and video games use Ultra HD, 4K resolution. This offered a detailed display that boasts over 8 million pixels.

Samsung also makes 8K TVs. However, there is virtually no native 8K content made currently, which means these prohibitively priced TVs will only upscale the content you watch.

What to look for in a quality Samsung TV

Sound quality

Some Samsung TVs have emphasized high-quality sound, with units that feature multi-directional speakers to create a surround sound effect at home. This includes object tracking sound, which isolates the focus on the action and moves the sound around the room as it moves on screen.

Most Samsung TVs have Dolby Vision, a top audio format, best enjoyed with a compatible soundbar. Their latest audio technology, Q Symphony, plays audio from both the TV and soundbar simultaneously.

Gaming on a Samsung TV

Some Samsung TVs cater to avid gamers with a high refresh rate, fast processing and a wide-angle view. While some screens adjust automatically when a game is detected to optimize gameplay, advanced models allow keen gamers to toggle desired settings manually.

Samsung smart TV controls

Newer Samsung TVs offer various means of control, including voice operation through Alexa or Google Assistant. The TV remote will come with a couple presets for one-push access to popular services; some may also offer customizable buttons.

How much you can expect to spend on Samsung TV

While you have have crystal UHD TVs for under $1,000, most QLED and Neo QLED will run from $1,000 up to $3,000 depending on the year, series and size.

Samsung TV FAQ

How important is the year and series of the TV series?

A. The year and series a TV was made will influence the price and what technology is used. It’s advised not to buy a TV that’s more than two years old as technology advances so quickly that you’re likely not going to get a worthy investment. New series come online throughout the year, with higher numbers in the name denoting newer models. 

What are Samsung’s lifestyle TVs?

A. Samsung offers a handful of so-called lifestyle 4K QLED TVs that offer aesthetics and convenience in addition to functionality. The most popular is The Frame, which sits flush against the wall and displays artwork when turned off. The Serif is similar; it’s a freestanding option with an elegant stand resembling an easel. 

The Terrace is a TV designed for outdoor use that reduces glare and withstands the weather. At the same time, the Sero is a smaller option targeted at social media fans as it can change from a landscape orientation to a portrait arrangement.

What’s the best Samsung TV to buy?

Top Samsung TV

Samsung Neo QLED QN90A Series 75-Inch

What you need to know: Among the largest and newest smart TV models, this steep investment offers the most faithful and stunning picture available.

What you’ll love: Featuring 4K resolution and a dynamic quantum filter, this TV faithfully recreates the artist’s vision with detailed color and impressive contrast. It includes object tracking sound, a customizable game mode and a lightning-fast processor.

What you should consider: All these features lead to a high cost, which may not offer the best value at the moment.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Samsung

Top Samsung TV for the money

Samsung QLED Q60T Series 55-Inch

What you need to know: As a slightly older model, this QLED TV offers terrific value for those seeking a stunning picture with quality display technology.

What you’ll love: This 2020 QLED TV has dropped in price due to Samsung’s latest Neo QLED innovations but still offers a bright, colorful and detailed display ideal for all content. A fast processor backs the popular smart platform.

What you should consider: Sound is lacking. The motion rate is mediocre.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Samsung

Worth checking out

Samsung The Frame Series QLED 65-inch

What you need to know: This innovative and stylish TV provides a beautiful 4K QLED display when on and showcases art and photos when off.

What you’ll love: The Frame sits flush against the wall and allows for a customizable, removable border to accentuate the unit. Art Mode includes motion sensors and grants access to a vast catalog of pieces. You can control it by remote or a variety of virtual assistants, including Alexa.

What you should consider: The Frame is pricier than comparable QLED TVs and requires careful cord management to maintain its sleek look.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Samsung

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