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Best Amazon Echo devices 2024

Updated March 2024
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Best of the Best
Amazon Echo Studio Smart Speaker
Echo Studio Smart Speaker
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Most Powerful
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We found Amazon's biggest speaker offers exceptional sound quality.


Our top pick has five separate speakers and doubles as a Dolby Atmos home theater system when paired with Fire TV. Works with Amazon Alexa voice assistant. Integrates with countless streaming platforms.


Expensive and large. Timbre sounded unnatural in our testing.

Best Bang for the Buck
Amazon Echo Pop with Emergency Assist
Echo Pop with Emergency Assist
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Compact & Capable
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A small form factor combined with emergency services provides a unique smart device that will give you peace of mind.


Allows you to control smart devices, listen to music, and search the web through Alexa. Comes with the ability to activate an emergency assist subscription, which allows you to contact emergency services 24/7. Helps first responders know vital information through pre-saved medical history.


The emergency assist subscription costs $5.99 a month and isn't included in the price of the device itself.

Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen)
Echo Dot (5th Gen)
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We love how the Dot allows you to utilize Alexa and listen to music at an affordable price point.


The rounded design allows music and podcasts to project well even in larger rooms. We found the compact design to be really impressive thanks to its ability to look great in any room in the house. Comes in three separate colors.


Sound quality may get slightly distorted when played at higher volumes.

Amazon Echo Show 8
Echo Show 8
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This is a multifunctional Echo device with various capabilities due to its screen.


Amazon Echo device with Alexa voice assistant and an 8-inch HD touchscreen. Has volume and mute controls and a 13MP camera. Acts as a hub for smart home devices and plays music and photo slideshows.


You cannot turn off the recipes and other suggestions shown on the screen.

Amazon 2023 Echo Buds
2023 Echo Buds
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Best for Casual Listening
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These comfortable wireless earbuds are excellent for listening to your favorite tunes on the go.


These earbuds offer long-lasting comfort, so you can listen to your favorite music, audiobooks, and podcasts for extended periods without experiencing discomfort. Personalized audio lets you fine-tune your listening experience, and you can disable the mic through the Alexa app.


It doesn’t have a noise-cancelling function.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.About BestReviews 

After going through an intensive research process to narrow down our short list of top products in this space, we tested most of our top five to be sure that these products are worth your time. Guided by experts, we spend hours looking into the factors that matter and test to verify manufacturer claims.

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Buying guide for best Echo devices

Smart devices are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s no surprise why. They can be managed from your smartphone wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection. Amazon’s Echo devices are known for their high-quality build, intuitive design and responsiveness.

Integrating a smart device into your network allows you to create an ecosystem of Amazon Echo devices and control everything from one place, providing a streamlined and organized user experience.

The best Echo device is the Echo Studio, an excellent smart speaker for listening to music at home and getting live sports scores and weather updates. The BestReviews Testing Lab tested several other high-quality Echo devices, including earbuds, smart displays and car accessories. Our testing method involves unboxing, setting up and using the primary features of each device to test design, performance and quality, and our findings are detailed below.

Our top picks

Echo Studio

Best of the best

Product SpecificationsDimensions: 6.9” W x 6.9” D x 8.1” H | Display: NA | Speakers: 30 mm tweeter, 3 x 2” mid-range speakers, 5.3” woofer| Camera: NA

The Echo Studio is one of the best smart speakers and was a hit when we tested it thanks to its high-quality sound and responsiveness. Setting up this speaker was a breeze and took just a few minutes. All we had to do was connect it to a power outlet, download the Alexa app onto our smartphone and follow the on-screen instructions to sync it to our network.

During testing, we were pleased with its impressive audio quality at standard and high volume levels. It picked up and recognized voices from several feet away, and we did not have to repeat commands. The mute button is a neat feature that allows you to turn off the microphone, with a red light indicating when it’s off. Plus, through the app, users can view and delete recordings.

It’s an excellent smart speaker for home use. The only drawback is that, while it isn’t too bulky, it isn’t a portable speaker you can use wirelessly. However, the audio quality and privacy features make this an excellent smart speaker for most.

Echo Dot (5th Gen)

Best bang for the buck

Product SpecificationsDimensions: 3.9” W x 3.3” D x 3.6” H | Display: NA | Speakers: 1.73” front-firing speaker | Camera: NA

We were also pleased with the Echo Dot (5th Gen), which delivered impressive sound quality for its size when we tested it. One of the most popular smart speakers, it’s easy to set up, sounds great at standard volume levels and can recognize familiar voices from several feet away.

The Alexa app makes it easy to sync and manage the Echo Dot, and you can pair it with other smart speakers on your network. Hands-free calls are a convenient feature of all Amazon Echo devices, and this one boasts excellent call quality and crystal-clear voice pickup. The small footprint is one of its best attributes since it makes it easy to set up almost anywhere without taking up too much room.

At its price point, you can’t go wrong with this speaker. Although it doesn’t boast nearly the same punchy bass or high-end sound quality as other speakers, it’s a fine smart speaker for casual music listening and getting live news updates.

Echo Pop

Best for small rooms

Product SpecificationsDimensions: 3.9” W x 3.3” D x 3.6” H | Display: NA | Speakers: 1.95” front-firing speaker | Camera: NA

The Echo Pop boasts an interesting design that allows it to blend into any room’s decor and deliver impressive sound. During testing, we noticed that there wasn’t any downtime between voice commands and task execution, which is a massive plus for those who want a fast, responsive smart speaker.

The sound quality was adequate at normal volume levels, making it a solid speaker for casual listening in small areas. Like most Amazon Echo devices, it works best when connected to a Wi-Fi network, but switching to Bluetooth listening is easy and boasts excellent connectivity range. Its accuracy is fantastic in executing commands for other smart devices, such as thermostats and cameras on the same network.

It’s one of the cheaper Amazon Echo smart speakers, but it’s an excellent option for those who want something inconspicuous for a small space, such as a bedroom or bathroom. It’s easy to set up, and its responsiveness and extended Bluetooth connectivity range make it a solid choice.

Echo Show 8

Best for video calls

Product SpecificationsDimensions: 7.9” W x 5.5” H x 4.2” D | Display: 8” with 1280 x 800 resolution  | Speakers: 2 x 2.0” neodymium stereo speakers with passive bass radiator | Camera: 13 MP with auto-framing

The Echo Show 8 is one of our favorite smart displays for several reasons. This display offers improved audio quality thanks to spatial audio, room acoustic sensing and noise reduction technology. Its edge-to-edge glass design and centered camera give it a sleek look, and the HD screen makes it suitable for streaming your favorite TV shows and movies.

The integrated smart home hub makes it easy to manage other compatible smart devices on your network, and the upgraded processor ensures fast performance. It works with Zigbee, Thread and Matter without needing an external smart home hub, and users can access video calling hands-free.

This smart display is excellent for streaming HD content, making video calls and managing other smart devices. It’s fast and responsive, and it offers many excellent premium features, such as Amazon Photos, which lets you turn it into a digital portrait.

2023 Echo Buds

Best product for casual listening

Product SpecificationsDimensions: 1.3” L x 0.75” D x 0.7” W | Display: NA | Speakers: 12 mm driver | Camera: NA

Although the 2023 Echo Buds are among the cheapest wireless earbuds, we must mention them since they have plenty to offer and can be considered an excellent bargain pick. These earbuds have a semi-in-ear design for a comfortable fit that stays in place even as you move, and privacy features like a mute button you can access through the Alexa app to turn off microphones.

Personalized audio means you can tailor each listener’s experience based on a range of frequencies, and users can customize the tap controls through the Alexa app. Multipoint pairing lets you sync to two devices simultaneously and seamlessly switch back and forth between them. Plus, you can get up to 20 hours of listening time with the charging case.

These earbuds deliver balanced audio and bass and have a full overall sound profile. Their lightweight design makes them suitable for casual listening at work or when traveling, and for the low price point, we can’t think of a better pair of wireless earbuds.

Echo Buds (2nd Gen)

Best noise-canceling earbuds

Product SpecificationsDimensions: 0.79” L x 0.75” W x 0.75” H | Display: NA | Speakers: 5.7 mm dynamic driver | Camera: NA

The 2023 Echo Buds are excellent budget-friendly wireless earbuds. However, if you want to drown out the world and focus on the music, we highly recommend the Echo Buds (2nd Gen). We love these earbuds because they’re easy to pair with any smartphone and offer all-day comfort, perfect for periods of extended listening.

These wireless earbuds boast noise-canceling technology for filtering unwanted external noise, and the tap controls are intuitive. If you already own other Alexa devices, syncing these earbuds with them is easy, and you can use the on-ear controls to manage other smart devices.

The audio quality of these comfortable earbuds is satisfactory, and the intuitive controls make them one of our favorite mid-tier wireless earbuds. The charging case is compact, and it offers 15 hours of combined listening time. These earbuds are excellent for casual listening, and noise-canceling is a must-have feature for listening in loud environments.

Echo Show 15

Best for the kitchen

Product SpecificationsDimensions: 15.8” W x 9.9” H x 1.4” D | Display: Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution | Speakers: Dual 1.6” full-range drivers | Camera: 5 MP

If you’ve been hesitant to get a TV for your kitchen, we can understand why. Not many people want to or have the space to set one up. However, the Echo Show 15 is a worthy consideration.

The Echo Show 15 has easy-to-follow on-screen instructions for setting it up quickly and boasts a highly responsive touchscreen for navigating the user interface. During testing, we were impressed by the picture quality and found setting up the home screen with widgets and apps accessible. You can access this TV remotely through the Alexa smartphone app, and Frame mode lets you show off your favorite photos.

Those with prior experience with smart displays will love the Echo Show 15. Although there’s a bit of a learning curve for getting the most out of its features and functions, it’s highly intuitive, and even new users will get the hang of it in no time. It’s perfect for making calls, watching movies and managing other smart devices.

Echo Auto

Best for the car

Product SpecificationsDimensions: Mic: 2.05” H x 0.91” W x 0.6” D; Speaker: 1.38” W x 0.55” D x 2.24” H | Display: NA | Speakers: 5-microphone array; supports auxiliary audio output | Camera: NA

The Echo Auto is an excellent device for accessing Alexa on the road. As with other Alexa devices, you can play music, make calls, set reminders and more. It has a slim design that’s easy to fit in your car and a five-microphone setup that can pick up your voice over music, AC or road noise.

We found it responsive even in noisy road conditions, and managing other smart devices was easy, as with other Alexa devices. It integrates well with a vehicle’s speaker system, with minimal noticeable Bluetooth connection delay. Plus, there are multiple layers of privacy protection, including a mic-off button and status light indicator.

The Echo Auto is best for vehicles that lack a built-in smart assistant. The setup isn’t overly complicated, and it’s great for anyone who doesn’t already have the means to access their phone or smart devices while driving.

Echo Show 10

Best for video calls

Product SpecificationsDimensions: Screen: 9.9” W x 9” H; power port: 6.7” W x 6.7” D | Display: Full HD 1280 x 800 resolution | Speakers: 2 x 1.0” tweeters and 3.0” woofer| Camera: 13 MP with auto-framing

With a 10.1-inch screen and a 13-megapixel camera, this smart display is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to stream HD content and make high-quality video calls. You can view multiple live camera feeds simultaneously, and through Alexa you can voice control other compatible smart devices.

The most noteworthy feature of this smart display is that it moves with you. The camera’s sensor tracks you, and the display shifts according to your movements, so you always stay in the frame. It’s a neat feature for taking calls when you’re in the kitchen or cleaning, and you can access thousands of recipes and have them right at your fingertips while cooking.

This large display is worth it for busy people who want to keep their to-do lists or recipes close by as they work and for video and conference calls. The crisp display makes it excellent for watching your favorite HD shows and movies.

Components of Echo devices

You’ll need to have the Alexa app installed on a smartphone, tablet or computer to control some aspects of any Echo model. The Alexa app offers compatibility with common mobile devices running Android OS, iOS, Windows or Fire OS.

Display screen

The display screen is a newer feature in some Echo devices. You can watch videos, read messages, display recipes or make video phone calls through the display. Echo devices without screens naturally can’t be used for streaming, computing tasks or video calls. However, the Echo Show devices do have displays, typically with full HD or standard HD resolution. You don’t need a smart display if you only want a device for listening to music and managing smart devices with your voice. However, it’s a worthy consideration for those who want more navigation options.


You can play streaming music through the speaker on the Echo devices, and you’ll hear Alexa’s answers to your questions through the speaker. Larger speakers in an Echo provide better audio quality, and some Echo devices include a speaker system rather than a single speaker.

Wi-Fi hardware

For Echo to work properly, it needs to be able to connect to the internet. The Alexa software retrieves answers to your questions from the internet. Additionally, most Echo devices use built-in Wi-Fi connection hardware to communicate with smart home devices.


The Echo device contains multiple microphones, ensuring it can pick up your voice commands successfully. Quality microphones are also important when you use your Echo to make voice or video phone calls. The number of microphones varies by Echo device, but the more microphones there are, the easier it will be for it to pick up your voice from several feet away or in noisy conditions.

Echo device functions

  • Ask questions: Looking for a bit of entertainment from Echo? Feel free to ask Alexa any silly question you can think of and you might receive some funny answers.

  • Obtain information: You can ask Alexa for a weather report, information on your personal calendar, sports scores and more.

  • Control smart home devices: As long as your other smart devices are compatible with Echo, you can control them through voice commands. 

  • Set reminders: You can set a timer or have Echo remind you of appointments just by using voice commands.

  • Order products: If you want to create a shopping list you can port to your smartphone, just tell Echo what you need. Better yet, if you have a credit card on file, you can skip the trip to the store and have products automatically ordered through the Echo and sent to you from Amazon.

  • Phone calls: Echo enables hands-free telephone calls, and Echo devices with display screens allow for video calling, too.

  • Play music: You can use streaming music and audio services with Echo and Alexa. Echo can play a specific song you request, dial up one of your playlists or play music from a specific genre you want.

  • Play video: With an Echo Show or Alexa-enabled streaming video stick, you can request a specific TV show or movie.

Essential accessories

Alexa is great on its own, but using an Echo gets even more fun when you’ve got the right accessories and peripherals. Here are a few of our favorites.

Smart plug: This allows you to control the devices plugged into it with an app or with voice commands through Alexa. Smart plugs help you streamline the functionality of your home and let you turn off appliances remotely.

Smart thermostat: Save energy and control the temperature of your home by connecting your Echo device to a smart thermostat.

Echo device price points

We appreciate the fact that the devices in the Echo family appear in many distinct price points. This makes it easy to match your budget with the features you seek.

Under $50

For this low price, you can make use of the Echo Dot. It performs most of the Echo functions you’d expect, but it has a very small speaker, meaning the audio quality ranks below average. You can also get Echo earbuds for under $50, but they won’t offer many premium features like those on some high-end earphones.

$50 to $120

You’ll find the popular Amazon Echo in this price range. It offers the best all-around features and will work well for most people looking for access to the Alexa personal assistant software. It also has a speaker of a good size to produce decent audio quality. You can control some smart home devices as well. 

$120 to $300 

If you want larger display screen options with your Echo device, you’ll be looking in this price range. With a display screen, you can play Amazon Video using voice commands. You also have the option of making video phone calls with these devices. Essentially, these top-end Echo devices can do everything the lower-priced Echos do, along with displaying video.

How we analyzed

Our testing team was able to unbox, analyze and test the performance, design and quality of six Echo devices. The Testing Lab thoroughly inspects each device before setting it up to determine if there are any manufacturing flaws. Once everything checks out, our testers set up each device and test its primary functions, which for Echo devices include audio quality, voice pickup range, Bluetooth connectivity, image quality, battery life and responsiveness. We tested the following products before writing this buying guide: Echo Studio, Echo Dot (5th Gen), Echo Pop, Echo Buds (2nd Gen), Echo Show 15 and Echo Auto.


Q. How can I pick the right Echo device?

A. Consider both your budget and your priorities for Echo functionality. Because Echo devices are available in such a wide range of prices, it’s easy to determine which device meets most of your needs while still falling within your spending allowance.

Q. What are some practical things I can do with Echo?

A. If you think the Amazon Echo device only works for fun and entertainment, think again. The Echo has plenty of extremely useful features that can help you accomplish more. For example, you can control compatible smart home devices with the Echo. You can access weather reports or the latest news by asking Alexa questions. You can also order products for home delivery.

Q. Does the Echo record my conversations at all times?

A. The Echo only pays attention to your voice when you say the wake word “Alexa.” It records the next few seconds, then sends the recording of the command to the cloud so the device can fulfill the request. Internet rumors have claimed that the Echo records your conversations constantly, but that isn’t true. Unless the mute button is pressed, the device does listen constantly for a very small number of keywords (“Alexa,” in particular) but doesn’t record until it hears that keyword.

Q. What is Alexa and how does it relate to Echo?

A. Echo is actually a family of devices, including the Dot, Spot, and Echo Plus. Alexa is the name of the software used by the Echo to fulfill your requests.

Q. Do I need an Amazon Prime account to use Echo?

A. You need an Amazon account, but you don't need to pay for Prime in order to use an Echo device. However, if you do sign up for Amazon Prime, you'll have access to additional features. You can sign up for a 30-day trial to decide if  these features are valuable to you.

Q. Do Amazon Echo devices require monthly fees?

A. No. However, to get the most out of an Amazon Echo device, you might be inclined to subscribe to audio and video streaming services.