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The best Sony TV

Which Sony TVs are best?

Sony is among the industry leaders in TVs, regularly releasing new models that incorporate the latest technology to offer a remarkable home viewing experience. While they offer some budget-friendly options, most of their TVs cater to those serious about enjoying content in the comfort of their home, whether it’s blockbuster films, quiet dramas or fast-paced video games.

Sony’s A90J features the best of screen displays, although it comes at a high price. As these TVs are no small investment, it’s essential to understand the innovations incorporated and how these platforms support various interests and connected devices.

What to know before you buy a Sony TV

Smart platform

Unlike competing brands LG and Samsung, Sony does not integrate their smart platform into their TVs. Instead, they use Google’s platform, which caters to Android devices and enjoys the Google Play app store. Recent Sony TVs feature Android TV, but their latest models boast Google TV, an updated and upgraded version of Android TV that features an improved interface, a more welcoming home page and better communication between devices. 

Sony TV size

You can determine the size of a TV by measuring from one corner to its diagonal opposite. A 55-inch or 65-inch TV well serves most mid-size living rooms, but those seeking a more impressive viewing field may opt for a 75-inch or 85-inch model. Smaller options are also available down to 43-inches.

4k vs. 8k

4K, or Ultra High Definition, is now the standard resolution the leading television brands offer as most content, including new films, TV shows and video games, is made in 4K. It offers immense detail through over 8 million pixels and is often paired with a high dynamic range to provide impressive brightness.

Sony also makes a handful of 8K TVs. These come with a hefty price tag; while they upscale 4K content, native 8K content is rare, so these investments may not pay off for some time. The Sony Smart TV guide from BestReviews details the various resolutions and why 4K is the best option at the moment.

What to look for in a quality Sony TV


Sony produces two different types of screen technology for their TVs, including LED and OLED. LED is a typical display type in which pixels on the screen lit from behind. This allows a high level of color and brightness, but contrast among blacks is harder to obtain.

OLED screens, meanwhile, feature pixels lit individually. This allows deep, true blacks to be achieved by simply turning off the pixels. However, it means that the peak brightness of LED screens is more difficult to match. With both screen types, Sony employs various technologies to fix the drawbacks. For example, Triluminos Pro color technology boosts color fidelity and brightness in OLED displays to achieve a stunning picture quality.

TV motion rate

Refresh rate denotes how many times a second the screen refreshes. A higher refresh rate is ideal for live sports and video games where a blurring or lagging can occur. A basic refresh rate of 60Hz is adequate for most content, but 120Hz is preferred for avid content consumers. Sony offers 120Hz on most TVs using XR Motion Clarity technology.

TV viewing angle

Some Sony TVs boast a wide viewing angle, so more people can enjoy the screen regardless of where they sit in the room. The wide viewing angle maintains fidelity without distorting the image. Some options also feature anti-glare technology so that any ambient light in the room doesn’t disrupt the viewing. 

How much you can expect to spend on a Sony TV

Smaller LED options can be had for under $1,000, while OLED TVs typically cost from $1,500 and increase significantly in price along with size.


How does Google TV compare to other smart platforms?

A. Fans of LG and Samsung TVs embrace their respective WebOS and Tizen platforms for fast processing and ease of use. While Android TV had some complaints about the complexity of its interface, the newest version, now known as Google TV, has streamlined usage and optimized performance. Google TV is best suited for those users who have android devices; smartphones and tablets can easily connect to the TV and share information, controls and preferences.

Which is better: full array LED or OLED?

A. OLED is a technology championed by LG and now Sony that produces the most faithful recreation of deep blacks by simply shutting off individual pixels. LED screens, despite advancements, can come close but can’t fully achieve the same level of contrast. However, enhanced LED screens, like QLED options by Samsung, offer stunning color and brightness.

Though it’s close, OLED screens that embrace brightness-boosting technology generally offer a better viewing experience than comparable LED screens that use innovations to achieve better contrast.

What’s the best Sony TV to buy?

Top Sony TV

Sony A90J 83-Inch OLED 4K TV 

What you need to know: Among the largest and latest smart TVs Sony offers, this 83-inch model features impressive screen technology for a stunning, authentic viewing experience.

What you’ll love: The OLED screen achieves stark contrast while Triluminos technology boosts the color spectrum and brightness. XR Motion Clarity prevents lag or blur during live sports and video games. A fast, cognitive processor optimizes the screen based on content.

What you should consider: OLED technology sharply increases in price along with size, making this 83-inch prohibitively expensive.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


Top Sony TV for the money

Sony X90J Full Array 55-Inch LED TV

What you need to know: Though recently released, this LED model offers plenty of value for its size, quality and notable Sony innovations.

What you’ll love: The XR Contrast Booster seeks to offset the common issues with LED screens. High refresh rate and cognitive processor make this TV ideal for all types of content. The system is compatible with Apple AirPlay, Alexa and Google Assistant.

What you should consider: 55-inches may be a bit small for some entertainment hubs. As the audio is mediocre, a soundbar may be a worthy investment.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


Worth checking out

Sony Z9J 85-Inch 8K TV

What you need to know: For those with money to spend who want the latest and best technology available, this massive 8K TV will provide an unforgettable viewing experience.

What you’ll love: Among the few 8K TVs available, this Sony model upscales content for incredible detail and brightness. Allows for a wide viewing angle while also reducing glare. A contrast booster backs display to avoid blurring when the screen is dark.

What you should consider: The unprecedented detail comes at an exceptionally high cost and there is little native 8K content available to enjoy for now.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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