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The 11 best Apple watch screen protectors

What are the best Apple Watch screen protectors?

Like mobile phones, wristwatches get banged up and scratched. Considering their worth, it’s surprising that they don’t come in a titanium box. Yet most of us wear them without considering what would happen if the screen cracked.

There may be an emotional blow with analog watches, but when it happens to a smartwatch, the wrist-worn digital conduit to all our information is erased in a split second. So if you can’t bear the thought of being without your Apple Watch while the display is getting fixed, it might be an excellent time to start looking for a screen protector.

Screen protectors come in different sizes

Just as the Apple Watch comes in different sizes, so do the screen protectors. You must get the exact right size protector — if it's too small, it will look awkward, and if it's too big it will hang over the sides. The protectors aren’t made for a quick nip and tuck to make them fit, so don’t consider that as an alternative. 

Consider a clip-on over a protective film

Depending on the look you;re going for, you might want to weigh your options between a clip-on cover and the traditional film protector.

  • Film: A film protector is a less obvious-looking way of keeping your watch scratch-free. A thin layer of tempered glass is applied to the screen with delicate movements and a steady hand. It provides edge-to-edge protection from scratches, bumps or cracks. They are also made from thermoplastic polyurethane or polyethylene terephthalate.
  • Clip-on: A watch case is a solid plastic piece with a built-in screen protector. It clips over the entire display and has a notch on the side to perfectly slip past the crown. There are different styles, so it’s also a quick way to change your watch’s color.

Best Apple Watch tempered-glass screen protectors

Dome Glass for Apple Watch Series 6

This tempered-glass protector uses liquid dispersion technology to cover the watch’s display evenly. It can also fill in small scratches and scuffs to make them invisible, and as it hardens, it creates a robust edge-to-edge layer. The protector comes with a handy installation kit and an ultraviolet curing light.

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Alinsea Screen Protector for Apple Watch

This case easily slips over the watch’s glass for all-around protection. It has a built-in tempered glass screen protector that minimizes the impact of drops and scratches. The glass is compatible with touchscreen functions, and no fog or moisture will be trapped in between.

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Misxi 2 Pack Hard PC Case with Tempered-Glass Screen Protector

With a built-in tempered-glass screen protector, this case ensures that your watch remains scratch-free. The case clips over the watch face, exposing the crown and side button for easy operation without you having to take the strap off.

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Fotbor Apple Watch Tempered-Glass Screen Protector 38mm

Fitting the smaller 38-millimeter watch, this three-pack of screen protectors is made from tempered glass and is scratch-proof. The protectors are treated with a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, so you can operate your watch even if your fingers are wet.

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Goton Apple Watch Screen Protector Case

This display protector comprises three parts: a polycarbonate shockproof outer bumper, a hard PC frame and tempered glass that fits into the frame. The case is flexible and washable, while the glass prevents scratches and fingerprints. The crown and side button are exposed, so the case isn’t waterproof.

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OtterBox Alpha Flex Antimicrobial Screen Protector

This antimicrobial tempered-glass protector has a black trim on the outer edge and fits perfectly over the entire display. It has a crystal coating, giving it added strength and visual clarity. The antimicrobial coating helps protect you from many common bacteria. It comes with an easy-to-use installation kit.

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Goton Apple Watch Screen Protector Bling Case

There is always this blinged-out option when a plain black or see-through protection case won’t do. The outer edge of this watch case is adorned with a crystal rhinestone inlay, while the built-in screen protector is made from tempered glass. The buttons are exposed, and the rhinestones shouldn’t come off easily.

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Best Apple Watch film-screen protectors

MP Mall Screen Protector Compatible with Apple Watch 40mm Series 6

This six-pack of screen protectors is made from TPU and covers the entire surface of the 40-millimeter Series 6. The adhesive side is treated with an oleophobic coating so that no oil residue remains when you remove it. The protectors come with installation instructions and a link for a step-by-step guide.

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ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Screen Protector

Laser-cut for a precision fit, this TPU protector matches the contours of your watch and covers the rounded corners, too. The thin film is scratch-proof and won’t go yellow from UV exposure over time. ArmorSuit says that the protector is self-healing, eliminating small scratches.

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Yogre Apple Watch Series 6 Waterproof Case With Built-in Screen Protector

This rugged protective case and strap kit are compatible with wireless charging and other Apple Watch health functions. It completely encompasses the gadget and has additional layers to protect the crown and side button from moisture and dust. It is waterproof to a depth of 6.6 feet for an hour. The built-in screen protector is made from scratch-resistant TPU. 

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LK Screen Protector for Apple Watch

These six screen protectors are made from TPU and are extremely thin, preserving the Apple Watch’s original touchscreen sensitivity. The protective film is self-healing, so any minor scratches or bubbles disappear in 24 hours.

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