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Microsoft, Samsung unveil advanced mobile security solution


Microsoft and Samsung are working together for enhanced device protection 

Combine the advanced technology of Samsung devices with the protection of cloud-based Microsoft endpoint management and you have a collaboration that’s built to bring peace of mind to businesses and individuals alike when it comes to protecting vital smart devices. 

Cyberattacks are real, and they are becoming more prevalent and tricky. Samsung and Microsoft have joined forces to protect against security breaches with their new mobile hardware-backed attestation. The two industry leaders are making it possible for companies to focus more on productivity and less on potential hackers. 

Benefits of the new Microsoft and Samsung collaborative

Imagine you are a manager and have just gotten word that several employees' smartphones have become victims of cyberattacks. In addition to possible damage to pricey devices, the biggest fear is that data that's vital to the company has been compromised. The best solution is to prevent such attacks before they happen. Microsoft's and Samsung's partnership makes this possible.

Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets are some of the most popular devices available and are used by many businesses. In turn, Microsoft is a leader in hardware-based security systems. The two companies have corporate security interests at the forefront with the new mobile device attestation. Whether Samsung devices are provided by a business or are owned privately by employees, they can be protected by this on-device solution. 

Compatible Samsung devices

The new security system is supported by Samsung smartphones and tablets that are powered by Android OS 10 or later. Devices that ran on Android OS 9 at the time of the attestation launch are also compatible. 

Best Microsoft and Samsung devices

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

If you are looking for a premium smartphone that folds, the Fold5 is the one to buy. It's a full-length folding model, which maximizes screen space. You can choose from 256 gigabytes, 512 gigabytes or 1 terabyte of storage. It comes in five colors.

Sold by Samsung

Microsoft Surface Pro 9

A trim design, a vivid display with a responsive touch screen and 5G connectivity make the Surface Pro 9 a good choice for work or play. It was updated in 2022 with a speedy processor and generous storage capacity. The battery gets as much as 15 hours of runtime with each complete charge. 

Sold by Amazon 

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

With a slim build and a choice of eight colors, this stylish smartphone looks great but is also an impressive performer. It's fast and available with 256GB, 512GB or 1TB of storage. It offers a crisp display and 5G connectivity and is compatible with the S Pen, which is included. This makes this phone ideal for drawing, note-taking and more. 

Sold by Samsung

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Although the Surface Pro 3 is an older version of the popular device, it is still worth considering. It offers features users love, such as a crisp display, compact design and long battery life. These features are available for a price that's lower than newer models. The 10.5-inch screen is ideal for those who prefer toting around a smaller but capable device. 

Sold by Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

This fan-favorite foldable phone is updated to feature a more user-friendly design with a large front screen that can preview photos before you take them. Compact and easy to carry, it comes with 256GB or 512GB and in a choice of eight colors. 

Sold by Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S23

Whether you are a business manager or owner or individual, the S23 is a good pick for those who want a flagship phone for a reasonable price. It's available in 128GB or 256GB, so there's enough storage for most users. Although not as feature-packed at the Ultra, it still sports a trim design and notable display. It comes in six colors. 

Sold by Samsung


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