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Best colorful phone case

Which colorful phone case is best?

Phones today come in more colors than ever but not always the one you want. They’re also more delicate. A solution to both problems is a colorful phone case. They show off a little more of your personality and can prevent you from needing to visit a repair shop.

The best colorful phone case is the Hepix Tie-dye Case For iPhone 13 Pro Max. The tie-dye spiral is eye-catching and goes well with most iPhone colors. Plus, it offers solid protection without bulking up your phone.

What to know before you buy a colorful phone case

What phone do you have?

The first thing you need to do before shopping for a colorful phone case is to double-check what make and model phone you have. For example, you might have an iPhone 11 Pro or a Google Pixel 6. You can find this information in your phone’s settings.

Your case must match your make and model as even a minor iterative change from one model to the next can affect how your case fits. Cases’ product descriptions should explicitly list the phones they’re compatible with.

Colorful phone case types

Phone cases come in several forms with the most common including the following:

  • Shell cases are a good starting point. They cover the sides and back without adding much weight or bulk but still offer reasonable protection from average accidents.
  • Bumper cases have no back and only wrap around the edges of the phone. These are best for those who want as little bulk as possible in exchange for low protection.
  • Rugged cases are the opposite of bumpers. They swallow the phone in multiple layers to make it essentially damage-proof. Some even have built-in screen protectors. However, they can turn your phone into a brick.
  • Wallet cases have bulky backsides to hold cards. They’re protective and remove the need for a standard wallet or purse, but if it gets lost or stolen, everything is lost or stolen.
  • Flip cases are similar to shells but have a soft front cover to protect your screen. It’s a good middle ground for those who want screen protection but dislike screen protectors.

What to look for in a quality colorful phone case

Wireless charging compatibility

With wireless charging becoming more commonplace, many colorful phone cases are designed not to inhibit the functionality. That said, cases need to be thin so as not to prevent it. Thin cases can still be protective, but if you need rugged protection you may need to choose between the two. You can also take off your case to use a wireless charging pad, but that does leave it unprotected.


The best level of phone case bulk comes down to preference. Some people prefer as little bulk as possible to maintain the phone’s natural design. Others find modern smartphones to be too thin and want to add some heft. You’ll find the right colorful case with enough searching.

How much you can expect to spend on a colorful phone case

They can cost as little as $5 or as much as $60. Most basic cases cost $20 or less while more protective or feature-rich ones typically cost $30-$60. Extremely limited-run cases from luxury brands can cost thousands of dollars.

Colorful phone case FAQ

Will a case block my phone’s ports and camera?

A. As long as you have the appropriate case for your phone, you shouldn’t need to worry. That said, some cases that are designed to fit as many versions of a phone as possible may cut into ports and cameras. These are likely to be the cheapest or come from unknown brands and manufacturers.

What materials are colorful phone cases made from?

A. Colorful phone cases use many materials, but the most common are plastic and silicone.

  • Plastic is protective, light and comes in the widest range of colors. However, it’s easy to crack.
  • Silicone is soft, giving it excellent shock absorption and making it easy to hold onto. However, it can be a magnet for grime.

What’s the best colorful phone case to buy?

Top colorful phone case

Hepix Tie-dye Case For iPhone 13 Pro Max

What you need to know: This adds just enough protection without bulking up your phone.

What you’ll love: It has raised edges along the front and around the camera to protect the glass and lenses from direct drops. The case is shockproof to handle drops from average height. It comes in 15 other designs if tie-dye isn’t your thing.

What you should consider: It’s difficult to get on and take off. The plastic shell is a little slick; some consumers had issues holding on to their phones.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top colorful phone case for the money

Lexnec Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy A12

What you need to know: This case has several layers of thick protection yet comes at a low cost.

What you’ll love: It uses a hard plastic inner bumper and a soft plastic outer layer for maximum shock protection, plus it includes two tempered glass screen protectors. Nonslip ridges surround the edge to help keep your phone in hand. It comes in four colorful designs.

What you should consider: The case adds a little bulk to your phone. Applying the screen protector without bubbles or any trapped dust is difficult.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Daupin Ring Holder Series Case in Purple and Blue for iPhone 13

What you need to know: This is an excellent option if you want to add some color without hiding your phone’s design.

What you’ll love: It uses a clear back to maintain your phone’s natural beauty but with lovely two-tone flair along the sides. A ring in the center of the back helps you keep a hold of your phone, works as a stand and can connect to magnetic car mounts.

What you should consider: The ring can be difficult to pop out of its holder and it makes wireless charging impossible. A few purchasers had issues with the rings breaking off.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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