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Best Phone Charms

Updated June 2022
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Funboat Demon Slayer Tanjiro Anime Keychain
Demon Slayer Tanjiro Anime Keychain
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Most Durable
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A stylish keychain with an artistic pattern based off of Demon Slayer images and characters.


Rectangular metal charm with a yellow, gray, and orange geometric pattern. Connected via an “O” ring to a thick braided lanyard with metal on either end. Features a fabric loop for attaching to a phone.


May be heavier than some other options.

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Bememo Cellphone Charm Cords
Cellphone Charm Cords
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Most Versatile
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An assortment of colorful rings that can carry keys, IDs, and other accessories with your phone.


One pack of 20 includes 5 keyrings each of red, blue, yellow, and black. Strap is long enough to attach to a wide variety of phones. Keyrings can hold lanyards, flash drives, keys, or other accessories that owners can customize to their preference.


May break under heavier items.

iMagitek Playful Pea Bean Charm
Playful Pea Bean Charm
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Best for Kids
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For those who need something to keep their hands busy, this cute phone charm is an excellent option.


After attaching to a cellphone, users can squeeze and fidget with the cute pea pod. Made from eco-friendly and durable materials so it will last. Convenient option for children who enjoy playing or fidgeting with their surroundings. Can also help with stress relief.


Faces may fade after some time.

FRIEND Sanrio Bell Hello Kitty Keychain
Sanrio Bell Hello Kitty Keychain
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Popular Character
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A sturdy keychain with a small bell and a simple but elegant design.


Features an ABS resin Hello Kitty charm and small gold-colored steel bell on an “O” ring. Hangs from a braided red nylon lanyard with a loop at the top. Measures about 4.3 inches long.


Colors may chip off or fade over time.

Taouzi 6-Pack Beaded Phone Lanyard
6-Pack Beaded Phone Lanyard
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An affordable set of colorful phone charms that function as straps and are made with strong materials.


Comes with 6 multicolored phone charm lanyards. Made with plastic, acrylic, and polymer clay beads of different sizes and styles. Beads are strung on nylon thread and form a loop. Has a small loop at the top.


May be too large for some users.

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Buying guide for best phone charms

You may remember buying phone charms for your flip phone back in the ‘90s or 2000s. This fun trend has returned and brings back nostalgic excitement when deciding which phone charm to purchase.

Phone charms let you express your personality, interests, and favorite colors. These string lanyards come adorned with beads made with different types of stones, designs, and shapes. Some beads are made with natural gems and stones that are advertised as helping to reduce stress and anxiety.

Apart from style, phone charms have functionality. Many phone charms are shaped as loops that are strong enough to wear as a wristlet and offer another way to carry a cell phone. Loop phone charms can also be hung on a hook to keep the phone visible and cleaner. Attaching a key ring to the phone charm means your car keys and device are easier to carry, and other key chains can be added. Phone charms paired with your favorite case personalize your smartphone.

phone charms
Phone charms are also called phone danglers, phone chains, and phone lanyards.

How to buy the best phone charms

How to put phone charms on a phone

It’s important to consider that the easiest way to use a phone charm is to purchase a phone case that has holes designated for lanyards. This ensures that the string doesn’t interfere with other parts of the phone.

Look for a case with two small holes in a vertical line on the side of the case. Squeeze the small attachment loop closed and thread it into one hole and out of the other. Next, keep the lanyard in place and grasp the end of the beaded part. Pull the beaded end through the small fabric loop to attach the phone charm.

Phone charms can also be hung from loops on the back of a phone case. Metal or more flexible phone hooks and loops can either be purchased separately and stuck onto the back of the phone or are built into the case.

Many people opt to hang phone charms from the opening for the mute button. Depending on the weight of the lanyard or if it’s a loop phone charm, attaching one by the mute button may pull or damage the case and make it less effective.

For phones with headphone jacks, a plug can be purchased that inserts into the jack and has a key ring for attaching phone charms. Some phone charms are made with headphone jack jumpers and fit right into the port.

What are phone charms used for?

The main appeal of phone charms is to give a phone some fun flair and personalization. Some lanyards include beads with bells, and others are made with stones that may make you feel more relaxed. Many people want to make it easier to carry their phone, so they purchase wristlet, neck lanyard, or cross-body style phone charms.

Models to consider

If you’re looking to purchase a phone charm that expresses your personality, look for those with your favorite colors, or beads that show off your favorite activities, foods, or symbols. Some phone charms are minimal and have a few beads or a braided string. Other lanyards are covered in charms.

Loop phone charms are more functional but tend to be bulkier due to a longer length and more charms. Some are purely functional and consist only of the string or rope and a key ring. These are a good option for individuals who want less weight and bulk or want to add separate charms. Some phone charms come on larger loops that can be worn crossbody-style or around the neck.

Adhesive phone charm hooks make attachment easy and add style to your phone case.


What features do phone charms have?


The foundation of a phone charm is the thin material the beads are strung on. Most are made with fabric string that doesn’t stretch.

Others are made of elastic, which is more prone to snapping than fabric. Some phone charms are connected with metal clasps to a thicker rope or rubber wristlet.


The focal point of phone charms is the beads and charms hanging from the string. Some beads and charms are very small, while others are the size of charm bracelet charms. Larger charms are often made of metal and are hung from “O” rings rather than string.

Many phone charms consist of plastic beads in a variety of shapes and colors. Some plastic beads are faux gems such as pearls. Similar beads are made of acrylic or polymer clay.

Other beads are gems, crystals, or natural stones. These natural beads are thought to have healing properties for mental and physical health. Some people opt for phone charms featuring their birthstone or that of their loved ones.

Interactive charms

Certain phone charms can keep you busy and serve as fidget toys. For example, one popular fidget phone charm has squishy plastic peas in a pod that pop out when pressed and then return into the pod. Interactive charms help to calm nerves or pass the time. Bear in mind that fidget phone charms may be bulkier than beaded lanyards.

phone charms
Phone charms are popular around the world, and the trend started in Japan.

How do you accessorize a phone charm?

Extra charms

You can add as many charms as you want to a phone charm string, especially those with lobster clasps. These can be moved around and are interchangeable. It’s worth noting that every accessory added to a phone charm will increase its weight, so it may be best to only add a few.

Key rings

Connecting a key ring to a phone charm allows for more space to attach accessories such as keys, key chains, and extra charms.

How much do phone charms cost?


The least expensive phone charms cost up to $20. Many of these are bulk packs of lanyards without beads or with lightweight plastic beads. Other phone charms in this category are single lanyards made with stones or personalized beads.


Mid-range phone charms cost between $20 and $40. These include lanyards covered in genuine natural stones. Mid-range phone charms also have detailed charm patterns with a greater variety of beads on one lanyard.


Expensive phone charms cost over $40, with some ranging into the hundreds. Many of these are made by jewelry designers and famous brands. Some feature beads made of solid gold or silver.

String Ting was one of the companies that helped to bring phone charms back into style.



  • Press the string loop as flat as possible when attaching. Hanging phone charms from a phone can be tricky and tedious. Pinch the loop as tightly as you can for a better chance of stringing it through the hole.
  • Nylon strings are the most durable. If you’re worried about the phone charm breaking or holding too much weight, look for a cord made of nylon and avoid stretchy plastic.
  • Wipe dirty phone charms clean. There are different cleaning methods depending on the materials used to make the string and phone charms. If your phone charms get dirty, wipe them clean and dry them well immediately after wiping. The cord will air dry, but try to dry it as well as possible. Solid gold or silver phone charms can be polished occasionally.
  • Take care when using heavier phone charms. Protect a smartphone with a screen protector, especially when attaching phone charms with larger beads. If the phone is moved quickly, the phone charm may swing around and damage the screen. Larger phone charms can also be difficult to fit into smaller clothing pockets along with the cell phone.
phone charms
In some countries, phone charms are considered to be symbols of good luck.


Q. Do phone charms get in the way during calls?

A. Phone charms may irritate you during phone calls, depending on which side of the case they’re located. If this is a concern, smaller beads and a shorter phone charm may be a better option.

Q. Are phone charms licensed?

A. Some phone charms feature characters from television shows and movies and are licensed by those brands. Licensed products may have characters that appear the most similar to those on television.

Q. Do phone charm loops irritate the skin?

A. As with beaded bracelets, if you wear a beaded phone charm around your wrist, it may pinch the skin or pull at hairs.

Q. Do phone charms tarnish or get scratched?

A. Phone charms made with plated metals may tarnish over time, especially if they’re exposed to water. Make sure to dry wet phone charms immediately. Beads made from plastic materials won’t tarnish, but they can shatter, crack, or scratch.


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