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Best monitor stand

Which monitor stand is best?

A computer monitor comes with a stand, but you sometimes want to lift it higher to be at eye level. You might also have a few gadgets you wish to have available instead of storing them in a drawer. 

That’s where a monitor stand comes in handy. It not only lifts your PC display to a comfortable height but also creates additional storage compartments. This keeps your desk tidy, especially if you have a freestanding desk that doesn’t have drawers. The Homerays Bamboo Monitor Stand Riser is an excellent choice, as it has a pull-out drawer for small items and lifts the monitor just enough to prevent neck strain.

What to know before you buy a monitor stand

Stand vs. monitor arm

While both are efficient at lifting your computer monitor from your desk, they achieve this through different mechanics:

  • A monitor arm is a flexible contraption that attaches to the edge of your desk through a clamp. You screw your monitor onto the arm through a special mounting bracket, allowing you the freedom to angle and position it correctly.
  • A freestanding monitor stand is placed on your desk, and the monitor is positioned on top. These are also called monitor risers, as they literally raise your monitor by a few inches. While an arm has greater flexibility, it doesn’t have additional storage.  

A large enough surface 

A vital aspect of a monitor stand is the width of the top surface. While it won’t necessarily affect its structural integrity, it can look awkward when the monitor’s base overlaps the stand's surface. Unless it is made from metal, a larger base than the flat surface can change the stand’s center of gravity, increasing the chance of a tumble. 

Sturdy construction

Monitors are relatively heavy, so the stand must be able to handle the weight. This is where solid construction materials are vital. Most stands are made from metal, but some use wood elements. If that is your preferred aesthetic, you must ensure that the fasteners and adhesives won’t fall apart.

What to look for in a quality monitor stand

Wireless charging

It is excellent if the monitor stand has a slot for your mobile phone or tablet. But it’s even better if a Qi-compatible wireless charging pad is built in. You still need a power source, but it’s super convenient to place your phone down and let it charge while you work.

Ample drawers and storage holes

A good-quality monitor stand has several storage compartments, drawers or cubbyholes where you can easily keep items. Finding a stand that accommodates all your gadgets can be tricky, but it’s become more common for stands to have at least one slot for your cellphone.

The compartments also vary by the stand’s design, but generally, there is a slot for your laptop, wireless mouse and Bluetooth keyboard. It's great if the stand also has space for pens, pencils or smaller objects.     

Adjustable height

It's normal for a monitor stand to have only one height, but several good-quality stands allow for customization. Either through fold-out parts or pieces that tuck into the design, a height-adjustable stand lets you find the perfect level to see the monitor clearly and reduce neck strain.

How much you can expect to spend on a monitor stand

The price depends on its size and construction material. A metal stand with a few extra drawers costs $20-$30. Wood and bamboo stands are a bit more expensive, at $50-$80.

Monitor stand FAQ

How much weight can a monitor stand handle?

A. That depends on its material, but even flimsy plywood stands can handle a good amount if it's structurally sound. On average, though, a metal stand can support about 33 pounds, a plastic stand around 55 pounds, and a sturdy bamboo stand about 100 pounds.

Can you stack monitor stands?

A. While it is possible to double-stack some monitor stands, it’s not advisable. The stands are designed for use on a flat, stable surface. By stacking them, you can compromise their weight carrying capacity and stability.

What’s the best monitor stand to buy?

Top monitor stand

Homerays Bamboo Monitor Stand Riser

What you need to know: This sturdy bamboo monitor stand looks elegant and functional on any desk.

What you’ll love: The stand is made up of a rectangle with storage compartments on either side. There is a 6.5-inch pull-out drawer in the center for office supplies. It stands about 4.5 inches tall, and the 24.4-inch by 8-inch top surface is large enough to support a laptop, printer, projector or monitor. 

What you should consider: Some users said the two shelves on the sides are a bit too small for external hard drives. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top monitor stand for the money

Olmaster Foldable Computer Monitor Stand

What you need to know: This adjustable monitor stand has enough space and storage holes for a small office.

What you’ll love: Made of hardened plastic, the monitor stand has hinged sides, letting you adjust the height from a maximum of 3.1 inches down to 1.3 inches. The top surface is 7.9 inches by 20.5 inches, so there's enough room for a larger monitor. The space below is 18.9 inches at its highest, but it’s reduced to 10 inches when the sides are folded. For storage, there's a hinged cellphone holder, a slide-out tray for smaller items, and a pencil slot.

What you should consider: While it comes in white and black plastic, the aesthetic might not fit with your decor. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

StarTech Monitor Riser Stand with Wireless Charging Pad

What you need to know: With a space-age look and built-in electronics, this monitor stand is perfect for any tech lover.

What you’ll love: This stand is made from robust metal, with a top surface measuring a generous 23.6 inches by 9.8 inches. It has two height-adjustable legs, lifting the surface 3.3 inches or 4.6 inches. Included is a wall adapter for the built-in Qi wireless charger. There is a notch at the back for cable management.

What you should consider: It doesn’t have any additional storage or drawers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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