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Best phone grip

Which phone grip is best?

There are several ways to protect your phone from water damage or cracking the screen from a fall. Most of the time, it could probably be prevented if you had a better grip on your gadget. But not everybody has lightning-fast reflexes and so could use a bit of help.

That's where a phone grip comes in. Through a strong adhesive, it sticks to the back of your device and gives you a handle of sorts. It dramatically reduces the chances of your phone slipping out of your grasp. An excellent choice is the matte black PopSockets PopGrip with Swappable Top.  

What to know before you buy a phone grip

Different design types

A phone grip has one primary function — to prevent the gadget from slipping out of your hands. However, several companies have come up with their own designs. PopSocket’s PopGrip is the most popular (and most common), as it is a retractable knob that folds flat. Others opt for a loop to slide your fingers through or a metal ring to hold. It's up to you to decide which design works best, factoring that some are more elaborately decorated than others.  

It’s best when used with a phone cover

A phone grip sticks to the gadget, but it’s much better if you use it in combination with a protective cover. While the sticky adhesive usually doesn’t leave any residue, it’s not a chance you should take. It is much easier to replace the cover than your phone. And in case the adhesive fails, you can somewhat rely on the cover to protect your phone from damage.

It can interfere with wireless charging

If you prefer to put your phone on a wireless charging pad, you might have problems if you have a phone grip. Unless it is specifically made to be compatible with wireless chargers, the phone grip’s bulkiness and the material will stop the electromagnetic powers from reaching your mobile. That’s also why it’s best to stick the grip on a cover, as you can easily pop it out and charge it.

What to look for in a quality phone grip

Strong adhesive

There will be no point in using a phone grip if it doesn’t stay attached to your mobile. A good-quality grip has a strong adhesive on the back so that it doesn’t detach easily. Where possible, test the adhesive qualities of a phone grip before using it, keeping in mind that you can’t replace the stickiness when it’s insufficient. 

Additional features

A phone grip is made to create a secure handhold, but some good-quality designs go one step further. The original PopGrip was meant to be a storage place for your wireless earbuds, and some still incorporate the idea. Other phone grips have tops that can open to store lip balm or smaller accessories, and others double up as kickstands. 

Solid materials

Protecting your phone from everyday mishaps is the job of the cover, but that doesn’t mean the phone grip should be made from inferior materials. A good-quality grip is made from hardened plastic that can take a beating, a soft silicone base that is easily removable, or robust metals that won’t snap as you hold on to your phone.

How much you can expect to spend on a phone grip

The average price of a phone grip depends on the manufacturer and any additional features, although most are relatively inexpensive. A fabric loop costs $8-$12, while the popular PopGrip costs $9-$11. It is often better to buy a bulk pack, as it’s a better value.

Phone grip FAQ

Does a phone grip work with tablets?

A. In theory, a phone grip should work with a tablet. But you must remember that a tablet weighs much more than a phone. In most cases, there are slightly bigger, more robust grips specifically for tablets.

Can you change the phone grip to a different design?

A. That depends on the grip, but some designs let you swap out the grip for a different color. With that said, not many manufacturers let you do that. 

What’s the best phone grip to buy?

Top phone grip

PopSockets PopGrip with Swappable Top

What you need to know: The PopGrip is perhaps the best-known grip for mobile phones, and you can’t go wrong with a classic design.

What you’ll love: The matte black grip has a textured finish on top, but it can also be swapped out for other designs. The PopGrip is compatible with all PopSocket phone accessories. And you can make it flat – you can simply twist the top 90 degrees and push it down.

What you should consider: The PopGrip sticks best to hard plastic cases and is not suited for silicone or waterproof cases. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top phone grip for the money

Syncwire Cell Phone Ring Holder Stand

What you need to know: This elegant ring is the perfect accessory for keeping your phone where it should be.

What you’ll love: Made from high-quality zinc alloy and metal, this elegant ring gives you a better grip on your phone for one-handed operation. The ring's color won’t fade, as Syncwire uses vacuum ion plating technology to prevent discoloration. The ring can rotate 360 degrees and tilt 180 degrees and the adhesive is strong enough to carry 11 pounds. 

What you should consider: As it’s made from metal, it isn’t compatible with wireless chargers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

LoveHandle Phone Grip for Most Phones

What you need to know: This grip lets you securely hold your phone through a strap. 

What you’ll love: The LoveHandle works similarly to other grips, but instead of a ring or knob, it is a fabric loop that attaches to your phone. It is wide enough to hold with several fingers, and the adhesive (with an adapter) is compatible with waterproof phone cases.

What you should consider: If the grip is in the middle of the phone, it can interfere with wireless charging.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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