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Best cell phone lanyard

Which cell phone lanyards are best?

Despite living in a world of advanced technology, simple solutions are still sometimes best. When it comes to methods of preventing your cell phone from being dropped, lost or stolen, the humble cell phone lanyard provides a reliable and physical means of keeping your phone exactly where it should be. With a Gear Beast Universal Cell Phone Lanyard at your disposal, you can rest assured that your cell phone won’t be wandering off by itself anytime soon.

What to know before you buy a cell phone lanyard

Lanyard types and materials

Before you decide to buy a cell phone lanyard made out of cheap materials you could probably find around your home, it’s worth pointing out that there are several factors that make for a quality cell phone lanyard. For example, a lanyard could be defined as a basic retractable length of cord, wraparound silicone mesh, a weather and dirt resistant pouch or more of a tethered leash with additional means of securing your cell phone. All of these are great options, so choosing one that best suits your lanyard needs is key.

It is also important to consider the means that your cell phone lanyard uses to secure your phone and keep it firmly in place. Depending on where and how you plan on using your cell phone lanyard, you might prefer to press a button, fasten your phone with metal clips or trust your phone’s safety to some simple string, depending on your needs.

Camera friendliness

While some people may use cell phone lanyards to easily access their means of communication while simultaneously preventing the theft of said device, others may prefer to take their phones into the wilderness or always have a digital camera nearby. Depending on the environment where you plan to take your cell phone lanyard, it is worth investing in a lanyard that works well with your existing phone case. Double check to make sure it doesn’t block access to any buttons or camera lenses. 


Furthermore, you should also consider whether your cell phone will need protection from dirt, wind or other elements. Depending on your lifestyle and the places you frequent on a regular basis, it is highly recommended to purchase a cell phone lanyard that best meets your everyday needs. Check out the buying guide on to learn more about how to select the lanyard that’s best for you.

What to look for in a quality cell phone lanyard

Case compatibility

As anyone who has struggled with finding a cell phone case or screen protector that fits and performs can attest, finding a lanyard that works well with your specific model of cell phone can be incredibly frustrating. Fortunately, these cell phone lanyards have been selected for their ability to protect and contain a wide variety of cell phones from manufacturers including Samsung, iPhone, Android, Sony, Huawei, Moto and more. 

IPX protection

If you plan on taking your phone with you to record your travels and adventures, it is highly advisable to purchase a cell phone lanyard that offers appropriate levels of protection for your intended destination, such as IPX protection. IP stands for Ingress protection or the ability to repel dirt, wind and water while the X refers to the level of protection offered. 

A cell phone lanyard with an IPX level of 8 means that the device in question can be continually submerged in water up to a depth of 20 meters. Other things to look for are the incorporation of materials such as lightweight polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, which provides excellent protection from dust, dirt, water and even snow.

Additional features

In addition to being able to secure your cell phone around your neck, a good cell phone lanyard should also offer you protection and convenience beyond its original remit. Desirable features include a dedicated ID slot and card holder for your lanyard or means of physically securing your cell phone to your wrist, neck or belt to prevent your device from being damaged or stolen.

How much you can expect to spend on a cell phone lanyard

Depending on your desired features and the materials used in its construction, a quality cell phone lanyard can cost between $10-$15 with higher-end models sometimes costing more.

Cell phone lanyard FAQ

What kind of cell phone can I use with my cell phone lanyard?

A. Whether you have the latest model of iPhone or prefer an old-fashioned flip phone, you can find a cell phone lanyard that can loop, connect or otherwise contain your phone and keep it safe.

What is the best means of tying my cell phone lanyard loop?

A. In order to achieve the most secure connection, you should tie your loop in a lanyard or diamond pattern to create a decorative and fixed knot.

What’s the best cell phone lanyard to buy?

Top cell phone lanyard

Gear Beast Universal Cell Phone Lanyard

What you need to know: This excellent cell phone lanyard is great for all ages and lifestyles.

What you’ll love: This unit features a 17-inch silicone neck strap and lightweight silicone phone holder secured with a large swivel clip. It has panels for ID badges and credit cards, and it’s suitable for many kinds of activities.

What you should consider: Users reported this case can sometimes block the camera lens or charging ports and may break unexpectedly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top cell phone lanyard for the money

MoKo Waterproof Phone Pouch Holder

What you need to know: This is an affordable cell phone lanyard featuring incredible protection from the elements.

What you’ll love: This unit features full IPX-8 level protection and PVC materials in its construction, making this cell phone lanyard ideal for those who love underwater photography and outdoor excursions.

What you should consider: Users have reported poor fits with some models cell phones and difficulty using the touchscreen underwater.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

foneleash Phone Lanyard 3-in-1 Neck Wrist and Hand Strap Tether

What you need to know: This is a cell phone lanyard for professionals and the security conscious.

What you’ll love: This unit is made from quality leather and works best with phones that have cases. It helps minimize theft and accidents by firmly securing your phone to your wrist, neck, belt, and other objects.

What you should consider: The lanyard’s wrist strap tends towards smaller sizes and some users reported issues with the lanyard fitting their phone properly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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