Our Team

Our Team

At BestReviews, we take our mission of simplifying purchasing decisions seriously. Whether we’re testing products, writing reviews, or coming up with new ways to make our site more user friendly, making your life easier is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Staff

Our staff is dedicated to helping you find the products you need as well as the ones you simply want.

Adrian Dimitrov
Lead Developer
Alvina Wang
Amos Terry
Director of Photography
Branson Stowell
Chris Remuzzi
Cyrelle DeCou
Design Lead
Dana Baardsen
Emilie DeFazio
Georgi Gerasimov
Senior Engineer
Jacob Palmer
Director, Digital Content
James Ho
Jan Milev
Senior Engineer
Maria Guido
Matt Harty
Meredith Gallo
Sr. Editor, Testing and Research
Nacho Inhargue
Rebecca Du
Product Manager
Simeon Simeonov
QA Engineer
William Reynolds
VP, Product Management