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Updated May 2023
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
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Best of the Best
American Tourister Stratum XLT Expandable Hardside Luggage
American Tourister
Stratum XLT Expandable Hardside Luggage
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High-grade Travel Assistant
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This expandable luggage from American Tourister with spinner wheels makes traveling hassle-free.


Equipped with an ABS shell and polyester lining. Ergonomic features such as a book opening case, zipped pockets, and cross straps to secure luggage make it one of the best in class. Single spinner wheels facilitate easy movement and the rugged exterior handles contact easily.


The luggage can come across as fragile and isn't carry-on size.

Best Bang for the Buck
American Tourister Pop 3-Piece Softside Luggage Set
American Tourister
Pop 3-Piece Softside Luggage Set
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Bargain Pick
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Durable and easy-to-maneuver luggage with solid organizational space and comfortable handling.


Made from durable materials that protect the fabric from tearing. Padded handles provide comfort while carrying luggage. Multi-directional wheels make it easy to maneuver. Multiple interior pockets help with organization.


Zippers are not very durable.

American Tourister Moonlight Spinner
American Tourister
Moonlight Spinner
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Affordable Yet Dependable
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With a lightweight design and plenty of packing room, our tester found this suitcase to be incredibly reliable for the price.


Comes with four separate spinner wheels that are able to roll over cracks with ease. Expands up to 1.5" to help accommodate those longer trips. Despite being hard-sided for protection, the design is lightweight enough to wheel around for extended periods of time. Comes in a good amount of colorways.


Our tester noted that the handle can feel a little flimsy compared to other options.

American Tourister Belle Voyage Softside Luggage
American Tourister
Belle Voyage Softside Luggage
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Easy to Carry
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A great pick for travelers looking for durable luggage that is comfortable to lug around any of your favorite destinations.


With an overall size of 21 inches, the luggage accommodates all your items. Equipped with zipper pulls and a push-button locking handle, the bag also has multidirectional spinner wheels for easy movement. An additional 1.5-inch packing capacity makes it best for long journeys.


The bag is slightly too large to fall under the carry-on size category.

American Tourister 4 Kix Expandable Softside Luggage
American Tourister
4 Kix Expandable Softside Luggage
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Compact Design
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Solid luggage that fits easily under airplane seats while providing enough space to carry everything for a trip.


Compact design ensures that the luggage will fit under seats or in overhead storage without limiting storage space. Zippers are reliable and easy to pull. Comes in a colorful design to spot easily if checked in. Backstrap allows it to be stacked for easy movement.


Carry strap can tear when bag is completely packed.


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Buying guide for best american tourister luggage

Whether you’re flying to a business meeting or taking a road trip with the kids, having reliable luggage to hold your belongings is essential for stress-free travel. With over 75 years in the business, American Tourister is one of the most trusted brands in the game, so you can expect the company’s bags to get you where you need to go.

American Tourister makes a variety of luggage items that work for different types of travel. From smaller carry-ons to large checked bags, the luggage is available in a range of sizes, so you can always pack exactly what you need. It’s also designed with style in mind, which allows you to feel polished and put together whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure. When you invest in American Tourister luggage, you want to choose pieces that best fit your needs. That means deciding between individual bags or a set, different sizes, hard or soft, as well as other features that will make your trip easier.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the options, our shopping guide can help. We’ve also included some specific product recommendations for even easier shopping.

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American Tourister offers replacement parts for some of its luggage. If you lose your ID tag, detachable shoulder strap, key, or padlock, you can contact customer service for a new one.

Key considerations

Pieces vs. set

American Tourister sells both individual pieces of luggage and sets that contain two to five bags. Most people find purchasing a set more convenient because you get bags in a variety of sizes, which means you’ll have the appropriate luggage no matter how long your trip.

While American Tourister sets usually cost more than individual pieces, they can be a better value because you’ll be paying less per bag. However, if you only need one suitcase in a specific size to supplement a set you already have, you can save money by buying pieces individually because you won’t be purchasing bags you don’t need.

Softside vs. hardside

American Tourister offers both softside and hardside luggage.

Softside: This soft luggage is made of a water-repellent polyester-nylon blend. Softside luggage is typically easier to maneuver because the bags themselves aren’t that heavy. That can come in handy when you’re checking bags and trying to meet airline weight limits. They also have more flexibility, so it’s easier to stuff extra items into a piece of soft luggage if necessary. Some bags also have an extra zipper that enables them to be expanded, which can give you an extra inch or two of interior space. However, softside luggage can rip or tear, making it less durable than hardside bags.

Hardside: American Tourister hardside luggage is made from 100% polycarbonate, which is one of the lighter materials used in this type of luggage. It resists dents, scratches, rips, and tears. It’s much more durable than softside luggage because it can’t be ripped, torn, or even cut with a blade. Hardside luggage weighs more than softside, and so it can be more difficult to maneuver and present more of a challenge if you’re trying to meet airline weight limits for checked bags. Also, the rigid structure prevents you from adding extra items when the bag is full.


American Tourister luggage is available in three primary sizes: carry-on, medium checked bags, and large checked bags. 

Carry-on: These bags are small enough to fit in the overhead bin on a plane. They work best for overnight or weekend trips, though it’s important to check your particular carrier to determine what the size requirements are for carry-on bags. In general, most must be under 22 inches tall. American Tourister offers a variety of bags that range from 14 to 22 inches tall that work well as carry-on luggage.

Medium: These checked bags are usually under 27 inches tall and can hold enough clothing for three to seven days, depending on the exact size of the bag. American Tourister offers medium checked bags that range from 23 to 26 inches tall.

Large: This checked luggage is usually under 32 inches tall, typically large enough to hold enough clothes for a trip that’s a week or longer. A bag this size can be difficult to maneuver, though. American Tourister offers large checked bags that range from 27 to 32 inches tall.

American Tourister luggage features


Many American Tourister bags have wheels to make maneuvering through the airport or from your car to your hotel as easy as possible. You can choose wheeled or spinner options, so it’s important to understand the difference.

Wheeled: This luggage has two skate wheels that allow the bags to go forward or backward. They work well on uneven surfaces, such as brick pavers or cobblestone, and tend to be more durable because the wheels are recessed so they don’t snap off easily. However, wheeled luggage can put a strain on your shoulder, wrist, and back because the bags only move in one direction. The recessed design of the wheels can also take up space inside the bag and reduce room for clothing.

Spinner: Spinner luggage has four wheels that rotate 360°, which allows you to push or pull the bag alongside you as you walk. That makes it much easier to maneuver through tight or cramped spaces and reduces the stress on your shoulder and wrist. However, the wheels are mounted externally, so they can snap off more easily. Also, spinner luggage can roll away, so you have to set it on its side to stabilize it on an incline.


All wheeled American Tourister luggage has a retractable top handle, so you can push it down into the bag when you’re not using it. However, if you choose a larger bag, opt for a model with additional handles, one on the top and one on the side, which make it easier to pull the bag off the carousel at the airport or lift it into your trunk.


Interior: Many American Tourister bags have a series of interior compartments or dividers to make it easier to organize your belongings when you pack. Some have mesh inner pockets that are ideal for storing socks and undergarments, while others also have a large divider panel in the center that allows you to separate your shoes from your clothing. Choose a bag with enough compartments so you can pack your clothing the way you like.

Exterior: In addition to interior compartments, some softside American Tourister bags also have exterior pockets. These pockets can be extremely convenient because they allow easy access to items you need to grab quickly, such as your identification or boarding pass. Some bags have external pockets large enough to hold a laptop.

American Tourister luggage prices

American Tourister luggage varies in price based on whether you opt for individual pieces or a set and whether you choose softside or hardside luggage. Most options range from $30 to $265.

Inexpensive: The most affordable American Tourister luggage options are individual carry-ons. The softside models range from $30 to $130, while the hardside bags cost between $45 and $150.

Mid-range: Luggage in this price range tends to be single checked bags. The softside models range from $72 to $160, while the hardside models cost between $80 and $175.

Expensive: The most expensive American Tourister options are luggage sets, though they may be a better value in terms of price per bag. Softside luggage sets range from $95 to $205, while hardside sets cost between $130 and $265.


  • Clean your luggage. To clean American Tourister hardside luggage, use gentle dish soap, warm water, and a soft cloth. Rinse the surface well and dry it thoroughly.
  • Wax hardside luggage. Give hardside luggage an attractive sheen by waxing it with a silicone auto or furniture polish. Avoid combination cleaner-polish products.
  • Store your luggage away from temperature extremes or humidity. If you have to keep your bags in an attic or basement, periodically air them out to prevent mildewing.

Other products we considered

American Tourister makes a variety of luggage options that can work for a wide range of travel situations. The Belle Voyage 25” Spinner is an ideal choice if you want a medium-size checked bag that can work for a trip of three to seven days. Its spinner wheels turn in all directions so you never strain your arm, and the lid features shoe pockets that keep your shoes separate and your clothing clean. We also love the Technum 20” Spinner if you’re looking for a carry-on bag because the lightweight polycarbonate construction is extremely durable. It also comes in three different colors so you can choose the option that fits your style.

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American Tourister hardside luggage doesn’t have exterior pockets. If you need a bag that allows easy access to certain items, choose a softside bag.


Q. What type of American Tourister luggage is best for car trips?
When you’re traveling by car, you have to do a lot of lifting and carrying of your bags. You also don’t have to worry as much about the bags getting damaged since you’ll likely be responsible for handling them rather than airport personnel. That all means softside wheeled luggage is probably the best option.

Q. What type of American Tourister luggage should I choose if I travel with fragile items?
If you’re concerned about any of your belongings breaking, opt for hardside American Tourister luggage. The hard outer shell offers significant protection for any delicate items inside, so if your bag is bumped, jostled, or dropped, your belongings will likely survive.

Q. Is American Tourister luggage protected by a warranty?
All American Tourister luggage features a three-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects. It won’t protect your luggage if damage occurs as a result of misuse, accident, or wear and tear.

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