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Best OtterBox Phone Cases

Updated March 2023
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OtterBox Defender Series for iPhone 7
Defender Series for iPhone 7
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An ultra protective case that gets top marks for durability and functionality.


Users give this case high praise for its ability to protect the phone very well, even from ground impact. Gets top marks for fitting the phone well and protecting phones over time. Rugged design is versatile – a top choice for any age.


The design is a bit bulkier than the Commuter, and some users report minor issues such as muffled call sound and dust getting under the screen cover.

Best Bang for the Buck
OtterBox Commuter Series for Samsung Galaxy S8
Commuter Series for Samsung Galaxy S8
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A top choice in phone cases for the Galaxy S8 that fits and protects well.


Consumers with this case give it top marks for its fit, lightweight design, and reliability. Holds up well with extended use and is less bulky than some other phone case designs.


The lack of screen protector is an issue for some, and occasionally users report cracked screens after ground impact.

OtterBox Commuter Series for iPhone 7
Commuter Series for iPhone 7
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A top choice in protective iPhone 7 cases that is sleek yet durable.


Sleek yet very sturdy construction, earning top marks for its protective functionality and attractive streamlined design. Users across the board love this case, and it stands out for being one of the best iPhone 7 cases available.


A few had issues with the rubber portion of the case staining or becoming discolored. The lack of opening for the headphone jack was an issue for others.

OtterBox Commuter Series for iPhone 6
Commuter Series for iPhone 6
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An affordably priced phone case that offers excellent protection for an iPhone 6.


A good value for the money, users praise this case for standing up well to drops and falls, giving outstanding protection in a lightweight design. Sleek looking.


A few feel the case design is too slippery, making it easier to drop the phone. Some minor problems with the fit and screen cover.

Otterbox Star Wars Symmetry Series for iPhone Xs and iPhone X
Star Wars Symmetry Series for iPhone Xs and iPhone X
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A sleek and stylish phone case with a fun cultural reference.


It’s lighter and smaller than other series, but it’s also less expensive and easier to wield. This latest case for iPhone X or XS features designs from Star Wars or Disney animated classics.


Does not come with screen protection. Case may get scratched easily.

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Buying guide for best otterbox phone cases

A cracked screen or busted smartphone can lead to plenty of problems, financial and otherwise. Your phone could be your lifeline for work or your means to stay connected with friends and family. For most of us, it’s a necessary tool to make it through the day. A reliable phone case can protect your smartphone from drops and bumps. 

OtterBox offers several lines of sturdy, comfortable, and protective phone cases. They are among the most trusted and well-regarded cases available because of their rigorous testing process. This includes exams not only for external pressures such as heat, humidity, UV rays, and cold temperatures, but also testing for reactions to sweat, rubbing alcohol, lotions, and makeup.

Though OtterBox phone cases are fairly expensive, they come in plenty of designs and colors, and there are many accessories you can add to your case. Our guide will help you sort through all that OtterBox phone cases offer to help you find the right case for your phone.

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While most people worry about screens, ports are also highly sensitive and are vulnerable to dust and water. If you’re outdoors a lot, opt for the case with port covers.

Key considerations


OtterBox box has a few main series of cases that, while similar, have distinct qualities that look to enhance your experience and protect against certain hazards. All OtterBox cases have their patented drop protection.


These are the toughest options offered by OtterBox, featuring three layers of protection. With rubber on the outside, the Defender series has the greatest resistance to regular impact and should keep your smartphone from getting scratched or marred over a longer period of time. Ports are protected from dirt and dust, while the screen is guarded against scratches. This is ideal if you use your phone outside regularly or if you have a tendency to drop your phone. Because of the rubber exterior, however, it may be hard to retrieve your phone from your pocket frequently or slide it back in when you’re on the move. However, while the rubber is easier to clean, it’s also easier to get dirty.


With rubber on the inside and plastic on the outside, the commuter series offers two layers of protection, making it easier to wield, though the cae itself is still susceptible to some scratches. Like the Defender series, ports are protected from dirt and debris. The phone will always be safe on the inside, but in general the Commuter series has a shorter lifespan than the Defender. However, this series also features more options when it comes to designs and colors. As the name suggests, this is useful for someone frequently on the go who wants to balance convenience and protection.


This series is designed to be the thinnest and toughest available. These are meant for those who enjoy the outdoors or simply find themselves using the phone in inclement weather but don’t want something bulky. Ports are protected from snow, mud, dust, and debris while maintaining screen access and clear sound.


This is for the more stylish among us. A slim, sleek design makes it easier to users to wield while still protecting the device with one layer of two materials. Texture options include matte, gloss, or a combination of both. However, there is no port protection against dust or debris.


This older series of cases features a leather exterior and has options to hold cards. It’s a simple, one-piece case for those who want minimal protection while still looking sophisticated.


This line caters specifically to iPhones. These are slim and sleek-looking and are offered in a variety of colors. They also come with PopSockets for easily holding. This line is best suited for social and engaged users who want to share what’s going on in the world while looking good doing it. 

One-handed use

When housing your phone in an OtterBox, you’re increasing its size, which means it may be harder to hold or store. If you’re someone who can use your current phone with one hand, an OtterBox case may make this challenging.

Screen protector

While your phone itself is protected with an OtterBox, the screen isn’t necessarily fully safe. The Defender series comes with a screen protector, but the others do not. 

It’s important to consider whether you need a screen protector and the investment that will come with that additional purchase. Also, make sure you are buying a screen protector that is compatible with your new case.

"Make sure your case fits perfectly on your phone. Otterbox cases are specifically designed to allow for all the buttons and cameras to work seamlessly. "



This hand accessory adheres to a phone to allow you to hold it more easily in your hand. OtterBox has partnered with PopSockets to include this handy tool as a built-in feature in some of their cases. If you have a larger phone or just want a convenient way to use your phone one-handed, this feature can be useful and stylish.


Some OtterBox phone cases come with a holster that works can be used to clip your phone to a belt or pocket or as a kickstand. This is useful when paired with a larger phone that may be particularly bulky in an OtterBox case and can no longer be kept in your pocket.

Brand partnerships

OtterBox has partnered with Disney to bring you licenced content on your protective cases from your favorite films and shows. Phone cases may feature characters and logos from Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney animated classics, and Disney Pixar. For sports fans, OtterBox also has some cases featuring teams and logos from the NFL. 

Designs, styles, and color

Like your phone, an OtterBox phone case should match your personality. In addition to branded cases, there are also a variety of styles, colors, and designs to cater to just about everyone. You can opt for a rugged look or a slim one, as well as any number of colors or patterns.

OtterBox phone case prices

OtterBox pricing will depend on the brand, model, and the popularity of the phone that needs protecting. 

Inexpensive: For under $30, you can find a Commuter or Symmetry series case for newer smartphones. Most Pursuit cases also fall into this bracket.

Mid-range: Spending between $30 and $45 will get you a Commuter or Symmetry series phone case for the newest phones available, or a Defender or Strada case for an older generation phone. 

Expensive: At over $45, you will find most Defender and Strada cases, as well as cases in other series with added features and designs like PopSockets or branded designs. 

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Did you know?
Otterbox cases endure over two dozen tests across over 230 hours of testing before they are ready to be sold and used.


  • Double check compatibility. OtterBox has cases for just about every phone available. When purchasing online, be sure that you are buying the right model for your phone.

  • Know your warranty. Depending where, when, and what you purchased, you may have a slightly different warranty. In general, OtterBox will ship you a free replacement case within a year if your case was defective.

  • Buy from trusted retailers. There are a lot of cheap phone cases available to buy, with some masquerading as OtterBox cases or claiming to be similarly protective. Only buy from trusted retailers so you know your case is legitimate.

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Otterbox cases work for all seasons. They resist high temperatures, thick humidity, cold freezes, and even shock from rapidly changing environments.


Q. How do I clean my OtterBox phone case
A. First, remove the phone from its case. Then, apply mild soap and warm water to remove any dirt or debris. Let the case air dry before putting the phone back in, or dab it with a paper towel. 

Q. Does OtterBox make waterproof cases?
A. OtterBox no longer produces waterproof cases. These were known as the Armor series and the Preserver series. However, most of their cases are water resistant. This means they can be used in the rain without allowing your phone to become wet. Some cases may better protect the ports than others, while the cases themselves can easily withstand water droplets.

Q. Should I buy a screen protector?
A. Because some OtterBox cases do not all come with a screen protector, your screen may be vulnerable to scratches. However, due to the design of most cases, dropping your phone shouldn’t damage your screen, as the thick outer layer will protect it in most falls. Still, an OtterBox screen protector will help minimize scratch potential without sacrificing screen clarity and sensitivity.