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Best iPhone X Cases

Updated November 2022
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Best of the Best
OtterBox Commuter Series Case
Commuter Series Case
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Trusted Brand
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A sturdy, classically designed phone case from a reliable brand name will keep your phone secure wherever you go.


Featuring a sleek, simple design and multi-layer protection for your phone, this case also provides built-in port covers to keep out debris and dust. Grip on the case makes it difficult to lose a hold of and isn’t too bulky; phone will still fit in most pockets.


Despite having grip on the case, some found it to still be too slippery and preferred a more heavy duty case.

Best Bang for the Buck
ESR Slim Clear iPhone X Case
Slim Clear iPhone X Case
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Simple Yet Solid
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Extremely thin, clear case means you won't be adding any bulk to your smartphone.


Modern-looking, clear case that'll show off the style of the phone. Includes raised edges around both the screen and the camera to protect these areas from scratches. Will not hinder wireless charging process and boasts a low price tag.


Materials seem a little flimsy. Won't protect against drops from much height.

Smartish iPhone X Wallet Case
iPhone X Wallet Case
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Most Versatile
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Protect your phone and hold cards and cash all in one case. An all-in-one that’s great for traveling.


Capable of holding up to 3 cards plus cash, this is great for taking on the go when you don’t want to carry a bag or wallet. Offering a lightweight, yet durable design, this is a great multi use phone case.


Colors may not be as vibrant as pictured.

Kate Spade New York Protective Hardshell Case
Kate Spade New York
Protective Hardshell Case
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Most Stylish
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This fashionable phone case not only protects your phone, but makes it stand out in the crowd.


A scratch-resistant case allows for wear and tear while bumpers on the corners absorb shock if you drop your phone. A clear case with a design and gemstones make this a flashy phone case.


Button covers may be a bit stiff when new.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for the best iphone x cases

The iPhone X offers a variety of helpful and exciting features that make it one of the most popular smartphones available. But it also comes with a pretty hefty price tag, which means you should protect your investment with a durable case.

But there are so many iPhone X cases on the market that choosing the best option for your phone can be overwhelming. You have to select the right type, material, and other features to make sure that your iPhone X has the protection and look that you want.

If you’re ready to buy an iPhone X case, check out our top choices. If you want some general tips for choosing a case, our shopping guide has got you covered.

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While Apple claims the glass used in the iPhone X is the strongest ever featured in a smartphone, it can still shatter or crack if it falls without some type of protective case.


Types of iPhone X cases

iPhone X cases are available in a variety of styles, depending on how much protection you want, and how much bulk you’re comfortable adding to the phone.

  • Rugged or tough

A rugged or tough iPhone X case offers the most protection of any case, so it’s ideal if you lead a particularly active lifestyle – or are just clumsy. They’re made of thicker, more durable materials, and provide a great deal of shock absorption, which protects the phone from higher drops and falls. Rugged cases usually have a textured surface to allow for a better grip, and are often waterproof. But the drawback to these cases is that they add a great deal of bulk to the device, and a rugged case can make it difficult to access all of the iPhone X’s features.

  • Shell

If you aren’t overly concerned about the protection that your iPhone X receives, a shell case can be an ideal option. It’s extremely lightweight and thin, so it doesn’t add much weight to the phone. However, it can still keep the device safe from dents, bumps, scratches, and minor falls. Some shells are even clear, which allows you to see the sleek design of your iPhone X right through it.

  • Bumper

A bumper is a case that just goes around the edges of the iPhone X without providing any protection for the back. It’s made of a material that effectively absorbs shock, so if you drop the phone, it’s protected from serious damage. This style of case is also lightweight, and allows the iPhone X’s impressive design to remain visible.

  • Pouch/sleeve

A pouch or sleeve case is designed mainly to protect your iPhone X from surface scratches and dents, though it may have some padding that can provide protection from small drops as well. You simply slip your iPhone X in and out of the pouch to use it – but that means your phone doesn’t have any actual protection when it’s in use.

  • Flip/wallet

If you want a case that can do double duty, choose a flip- or wallet-style case. It provides complete protection for the front and back of the iPhone X, and you simply flip it open when you want to access the device. Many models have pockets or slots for credit cards, identification, and cash, so you can just grab your phone and not have to bring your wallet when you’re on the go. Flip- or wallet-style cases can be fairly bulky, though.

  • Holster

A holster iPhone X case is a fully enclosed case that usually features a folio-style design, which you flip open to use the phone. But it also has a clip on the back of the case, so you can attach it to your belt or bag and always have it within reach.

  • Armband

If you take your iPhone X with you when you run or workout, an armband case is an ideal choice. The case provides all around protection, and typically features a velcro band that wraps around your arm. It keeps your hands free for exercise, but still provides protection and shock resistance for the phone. Some styles also provide water-resistance to keep the iPhone X safe from sweat.



iPhone X cases are available in a variety of materials that vary in terms of the protection and durability that they offer. Prices also range based on the case material you choose.


  • Makes a durable, long-lasting case.

  • Offers strong protection for drops, falls, dents, and scratches.

  • Provides a sharp contemporary look.

  • Doesn’t have a good grip.

  • May affect phone signal.

  • Can be fairly expensive.


  • Available in both hard and soft cases.

  • Provides moderate protection.

  • Available in a wide range of colors, patterns, styles, and designs.

  • Often has a textured surface to provide a good grip.

  • Usually comes at an affordable price tag.

  • Not an environmentally-friendly case material.

  • Can crack if dropped.


  • Makes a soft, flexible case.

  • Provides effective shock-absorbing protection.

  • Often has textured surface for a better grip.

  • Available in a wide array of colors and patterns.

  • Can be tough to keep clean.

Carbon fiber

  • Makes an extremely lightweight, attractive case.

  • Provides very strong protection.

  • Can be somewhat pricey.

  • Not available in as many colors and designs as plastic and silicone cases.

Leather and faux leather

  • Provides a classic, wallet-like case with a textured surface for a good grip.

  • Can be very expensive, especially real leather, and don’t offer much protection for drops and falls.


  • Offers a very attractive look and a textured surface for an effective grip.

  • Can be pricey and don’t have cushioning to protect against falls.

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Did you know?
Some iPhone X cases come with a warranty, but the protection only covers issues that result from problems with the materials and workmanship, not normal wear and tear or accidents.


The iPhone X weighs over six ounces, making it one of the heaviest iPhone models. When you choose a case, remember that the phone is heavier than previous iPhones that you might have owned, and make sure that you don’t add so much bulk to the phone that it becomes unwieldy.

However, it’s important to remember that cases with a greater weight tend to provide better protection. Aim to find a good compromise between weight and protection – most people won’t want a case that weighs more than three ounces.

Screen protection

The iPhone X boasts an entirely new design for Apple – the screen features an edge-to-edge display, so the bevels from previous models are gone. While it provides an impressive look, it does make the screen more prone to cracking and breaking. That’s why it’s a good idea to look for a case with type of screen protection.

Some cases include a simple sticker that covers the screen and helps keep it safe from scratches. But if you want more protection, look for a built-in screen protector. The protector should be thin enough to offer enough sensitivity to allow you to use the touchscreen, but still thick enough to guard the screen against scratches and dents.

Color and style

When it comes to the color and design of your iPhone X case, personal preference is the name of the game. You can find options in just about every color in the rainbow, as well as a wide array of patterns like stripes, florals, or dots. To really show your personality, consider a case that features pop culture artwork, such as your favorite comic book character or an image from your favorite movie.

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Choose an iPhone X case that provides easy access to all of the phone’s buttons, ports, and controls, so you don’t have to remove the case to use your device.


Q. Does the iPhone X fit in other iPhone cases or universal cases?

A. The iPhone X is larger than previous iPhone models and features a unique design, so it won’t fit in an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus case. Its size also makes it a poor fit for “universal” iPhone cases. When choosing a case for your iPhone X, check the product specifications to make sure that it’s designed specifically for that model.

Q. What material offers the most eco-friendly option for an iPhone X case?

A. If you’re looking for an iPhone X case that’s good for environment, consider a wooden model – as long as it’s made from a sustainable wood like bamboo. If you don’t want to pay for a wooden case, choose a recycled plastic or biodegradable plastic case.

Q. What extra features can make an iPhone X case even more helpful?

A. Cases with slots for credit cards, cash, and even a key can make it much easier to just take your iPhone X with you when you’re running errands. If you use your phone to watch videos or streaming content regularly, opt for a case with some type of kickstand on the back to allow you to watch hands-free. Some iPhone X cases also feature a magnetic car mount, which is ideal if you frequently use your phone while driving.

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