Updated November 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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USA Gear Xbox One Travel Case
USA Gear
Console Carrying Case
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Case for Xbox or PS
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This case is reliable and leaves a decent amount of room for cables and accessories.


Whether you're looking to carry and protect an Xbox or PlayStation, this is a great case with a comfortable shoulder strap. A strap holds the console in place, and modular compartments can hold several controllers, wires, and a headset.


The fabric is somewhat flimsy and thin.

Best Bang for the Buck
TAESSV XBox Carrying Case
XBox Carrying Case
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Most Comprehensive
Bottom Line

Simple design with plenty of space not only for the console, but headsets, controllers, games, and other accessories as well.


Tough shell protects your console from bumpy car rides, plane turbulence, and standard bumps and bruises during transportation. Padded shoulder strap makes it easier to carry through the airport or a crowded space. Straps help keep the console in place.


Quite bulky, can be problematic if space is going to be an issue.

CASEMATIX Protective Travel Carry Case for Xbox One S
Travel Case
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Compact & Rugged
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A snug fit that protects your console well.


This foam design is designed to fit your S model perfectly, with room for 1 controller. The overall design is compact and fairly lightweight. The X model can be fit by cutting the foam.


No room for games, additional controllers, or cables.

CURMIO Travel Carrying Case
Travel Carrying Case
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Most Stylish
Bottom Line

Looks as good as it protects its user's prized gaming console.


Great design that looks less like a standard console holder and more like a briefcase or travel bag. Individual compartments for games, controllers, accessories, and the console itself. Suitcase strap allows buyers to slide it over their rolling luggage with ease.


Some complaints of flimsy dividers in the game and accessory compartment.

Zadii Hard Carrying Case
Hard Carrying Case
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Most Durable
Bottom Line

It offers plenty of room for your Switch and its accessories.


For Switch and Switch OLED. Plenty of space to hold Switch, power adopter, joy-cons, and HDMI cable. Hard shell and padded interior for dual protection. Handle or shoulder strap for transport.


Some complaints with shoulder strap quality.


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Buying guide for best xbox one carrying cases

Game on — or game-on-the go? If you’re a dedicated Xbox player, you and your system are rarely separated. After all, you’ve got everything from dailies to trophies to worry about, and the world of RPGs, MMOs, and FPS stops for no one. Whether you have a local or long-distance journey, you need to pack your Xbox One for safe travels, and conditions permitting, an immediate gaming session upon arrival. That’s why an Xbox One carrying case is something a seasoned gamer needs to have in their arsenal.

Xbox One carrying cases are a safe way to travel with your system and accessories, featuring dedicated areas for controllers, games, and headsets. Their reinforced designs stow your system to protect against jostling or impact that could damage internal components. They’re often constructed with lightweight materials so they don’t add extra weight to the ten pounds of Xbox One and its accessories.

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If your Xbox One carrying case is a messenger-style bag, alternate shoulders when you carry it. There’s a decent amount of weight in the bag, so make sure one shoulder doesn’t always bear the brunt.

Key considerations

Your mobile gaming setup

If you’re a gamer, you appreciate the precision involved with completing quests and challenges. That’s why the ultimate quest — successfully remembering all your Xbox gaming essentials — is one you won’t take lightly. At the very least, you need the following: system, controller, power cord, HDMI cable, and a game. If you’re planning on a more intense gaming experience, then expect to bring your headset, extra controllers, batteries (alkaline or rechargeable), or Kinect as well.

System model

Microsoft has released more than one model of the Xbox One since 2013. The original Xbox One has a larger surface area than its later iterations, the Xbox S and Xbox X. The S and X models are sleeker designs and take up far less room in a carrying case.

Keep in mind that not every Xbox One carrying case is universal for all three models. Cases designed for the S and X could be too small for the original system; conversely, a case designed for the original system could have too much room around S and X models. The extra space doesn’t provide a secure fit, so your system could jostle around in the bag while you travel. Your best bet is to check the manufacturer description, which indicates which model their case fits.

Carrying style

There are three main carrying styles when it Xbox One carrying cases. The most popular design with the most models available is the crossbody or messenger bag style. These cases have adjustable shoulder straps that often include padding for added comfort. There is also the tote style which has basic handles and is carried like a briefcase. These occasionally come with removable shoulder straps. Backpack styles are popular as well, since they’re totally hands-free and provide even distribution of the bag’s weight.

Ready player one, or two

When choosing an Xbox One carrying case, make your selection based on how many players you expect to play with on a regular basis. If you’re traveling independently and plan on gaming in a hotel room or somewhere else, you can stick with a simple, minimalist carrying case. Gaming with friends, especially those who don’t have an Xbox One, could require additional controllers and you definitely need a case large enough to fit them as not every style has enough space.


Game holder

Simple carrying cases focus on the essentials and often lack ample space for more than one game. In fact, some cases don’t have space at all. Other styles take into consideration the multi-faceted, multi-interest gamer and incorporate features to accommodate several games.

Some styles are equipped with disc slots that can hold between four and a dozen games. These save on space and cut down on the extra weight of the game cases. If you want game cases to accompany you on your journey, a larger carrying case works best. Some styles have extra space for the game cases themselves, though these are really just larger generalized compartments.


Exterior: The exteriors of Xbox One carrying cases are made with durable materials on par with luggage to sustain heavy use. Soft cases are made of woven ripstop nylon, whereas hard cases are made with dense PVC plastic. Both styles perform well and weigh about the same, so the exterior material is more about preference than anything else.

Interior: The lining and compartments of carrying cases are made of felt, dense foam sheets, or honeycomb foam. These materials are soft enough to prevent scratches to your system and accessories, yet they provide superior encasement and protection. Each carrying case has a different layout, so you often see a combination of these materials. The felt lining is popular, especially in soft cases.

Protective technology: Some carrying cases have advanced protective technology, particularly when it comes to their exterior materials. If you’re looking for protection against the elements, opt for a case that is moisture-wicking or weather-resistant. This is especially important for soft cases, as some nylon styles can absorb and retain water if they get wet.

Xbox One carrying case prices

Xbox One carrying cases are reasonably priced when you consider that it’s an investment in protection, so expect to spend between $25 and $60 for one.

Inexpensive: For $25 to $40, you can get a case that houses the essentials of a gaming setup.

Mid-range: Between $40 and $50 are cases that focus on holding accessories for two players, or ramp up their single-player protection with extra padding, particularly around the system.

Expensive: Between $50 and $60 you find larger cases that hold more than one controller or game and have several compartments to hold other accessories. They’re constructed with better materials and have more layers of padding than their less expensive counterparts.


  • Keep rubber bands in your case. Rubber bands are an essential item for gamers, especially when it comes to wrapping up cords and wires. Always keep a bag of them in your carrying case.
  • Consider your headset size. Before selecting a carrying case, measure your headset to see whether it fits in the dedicated area. If you have large headphones, you may need a bigger case to fit them comfortably.
  • Make a packing checklist. Because you always want to arrive at your destination with all the accessories to set up your Xbox, run through a packing checklist before you depart. Keep it in your phone for quick reference.
  • Pack lighter. Cut down on the bulk and weight you carry by eliminating non-essentials. Game cases, duplicate wires, and player guides can be left at home more often than not.
  • Give one as a gift. If you know someone who has an Xbox One and all the games and accessories they need, a carrying case makes the perfect gift. Verify the Xbox One system model first to make sure it will fit, or play it safe with a universal case.
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Even though your Xbox One carrying case is a convenient bag with plenty of space, it’s not recommended to keep food inside. It could melt or leak, causing permanent damage to your system and accessories, and depending on the food, you could be stuck with a smell inside the case for a long time.


Q. What is the best way to wrap up the cord for my controllers?

A. Simply wrapping the cord around the controller itself could damage the wires and cause malfunction. Opt for the rubber band method instead. It prevents extra stress on the cord and its point of connection at the top of the controller. Hold your controller in one hand and give yourself about six inches of cord length from where it connects at the top. Beginning at that point, wrap the cord around one hand. Once you’re out of cord, remove it and wrap it up with a rubber band approximately three times — not much more than that or it may be too tight. The six-inch slack keeps the connection site intact and lightly wrapping the cord in a rubber band keeps all areas secure for easy packing.

Q. Will an Xbox One and its case be too heavy for my child to carry?

A. Expect approximately ten to fifteen pounds of weight, fully packed. To put it in perspective, it weighs a little less than an average middle schooler’s backpack. It’s manageable, and the older your child, the easier it is to carry. If you’re still concerned the weight is too much for one shoulder, opt for a backpack style.

Q. In the event that my carrying case is lost, where can I put my name on it so it can be returned?

A. If your Xbox One carrying case doesn’t have a place for your contact info, you can use a luggage tag. Another option is to write your information on fabric with a permanent marker and sew it to the inside fabric of your carrying case. Include your name, telephone number, and email address so the finder has more than one way to contact you.

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