Updated March 2022
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Buying guide for Best BenQ monitors

For professionals working-at-home, avid gamers, and  just consumers of content who don’t have the biggest laptop or TV, a quality monitor offers efficiency and enhanced enjoyment of any activity or task at hand.

A monitor may improve or extend your screen, bettering your working situation to increase productivity. For gamers, the right monitor is quick and reactive enough so you don’t miss a beat. What’s more, just like the best smart TVs, there are monitors available that offer high-quality 4K resolution so you can enjoy all the details and vibrancy of all kinds of content.

Among the industry's leading manufacturers of affordable quality monitors is BenQ, a Taiawanese consumer electronics brand over 30 years old. They provide multi-purpose entertainment monitors of various sizes and resolutions as well as those geared toward specific tasks, such as graphic design and gaming.

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While not common in TVs, plenty of monitors, specifically gaming monitors, boast QHD, or Quad High Definition resolution. With 2560 x 1440 pixels, it’s twice as detailed as HD, though half as intricate as 4K, UHD resolution.

Top considerations when choosing a BenQ monitor

Design series

BenQ has several top-of-the-line series for specific uses related to graphic design, video editing, and photography, all of which are offered in both 2K and 4K resolution.

  • DesignVue: Featuring AQColor technology, these monitors deliver faithful recreation and accurate color representation. They work well in dark rooms and offer the chance to set up a second monitor with ease and pre-program frequently used settings.
  • PhotoVue: These cater more to photographers, with faithful color recreation as well as the ability to work in black and white. They are equipped with HDR to offer bright, authentic colors, as well as the option to display images in two gamut colors.
  • VideoVue: These high-end monitors are designed for videographers, with faithful colorful recreation, distinct color depth, and a high refresh rate, ideal for post-production work.

Entertainment series

BenQ offers two different types of monitors for film and TV viewing available in Full HD, 2K, and 4K resolution that are among the cheaper options offered.

  • Multimedia: These monitors support quality visuals as well as impressive audio with 2.1 channel speakers. They feature brightness intelligence with HDRi, which adjusts the setting based on ambient light and offers various visual modes depending on the content.
  • G/V: These multipurpose monitors put an emphasis on efficiency and functionality with thin bezels and a slim design. They also boast a convenient cord management system and are VESA mount compatible.


Those seeking the optimal gaming experience need a monitor with a high refresh rate to avoid lag or blur on screen; 60Hz is the minimum recommendation, though many gamers prefer a refresh rate of 144Hz. These use variable refresh rate through FreeSync technology, parking up with an AMD graphics card to get rid of any stuttering or pauses. Most BenQ gaming monitors feature a rapid 1ms response time as well. The options include both 2K and 4K monitors.


BenQ BL series of business monitors are designed to be ergonomic and adaptable to your work life. They can pivot and tilt to accommodate your desk space and ideal work setup and feature eye care technology designed to relieve visual strain. They are offered in FHD resolution.


BenQ monitors range in screen size, from as small as around 20 inches up to around 34 inches; size is measured diagonally in length. You may want a larger option if you’re working with graphics or gaming, while those who browse and work may be fine with a smaller option.


Most BenQ monitors feature DisplayPort and HDMI ports, each of which offer high-speed connections for audio and video. (These are important to eliminate gameplay ghosting.) DVI are also commonly included, though they provide connection for video, not audio. USB-C ports are also available.

If you’re investing in the DesignVue or FotoVue series, be sure to download the subsequent compatible software. They help match colors faithfully and streamline workflow.


Features to look for in a BenQ monitor

Shading hood

Some BenQ monitors may come with a shading hood, which otherwise would be sold separately. This detachable item can clip around the monitor to help prevent glare and eliminate ambient light hitting the screen.

Wall mounting

While BenQ monitors include a sturdy stand with purchase, most are VESA compatible and can be easily mounted.While mounts are sold separately, they are relatively easy to set up, and many offer the ability to tilt, pivot, and swivel while saving desk space.

Eye care

BenQ monitors may support any number of eye care features, including the ability to reduce blue light and eliminate any flickering that would disturb the eye. Some monitors also automatically adjust brightness to accommodate ambient light.

Did You Know?
They are not the most popular options, but a curved monitor offers an immersive, panoramic experience. BenQ has a couple of quality options available, ideal for gamers.

BenQ monitor prices


You can find a quality HD BenQ monitor geared towards business, gameplay, or entertainment for under $400.


Most BenQ monitors cost between $400 and $800. These may feature 4K resolution and include some of the specialty series options.


The top options of the graphics and design monitors cost over $800. These are large in size and boast an array of impressive features.

With proper calibration, graphic design-oriented BenQ monitors can allow professionals to “soft proof” their work before printing in order to see a faithful recreation on the screen, saving time, energy, and paper.



  • Know your content. A 4K UHD monitor offers enhanced detail and video quality, but only if you’re supplying it with 4K content. Check your consoles, discs, boxes and subscriptions for the content’s resolution, and find the matching monitor.
  • Consider audio. Some BenQ speakers feature 2.1 channel sound, though those committed to an immersive experience may want additional speakers for a more elaborate setup.
  • Note panel type. BenQ offers monitors with IPS panels as well as VA panels. The former offer wide viewing angles but low contrast, while the latter boast high contrast but narrow angles.
Woman playing a video game at a desk
A high-quality monitor can form the cornerstone of an efficient work or gaming station with the right accessories. Consider investing in a wireless mouse and keyboard along with a comfortable chair.


Q. Can I use a cleaner on my BenQ monitor?

A. Monitors accumulate dust and even fingerprints over time and with frequent use, so it's worth regularly cleaning your screen. But you must avoid using any cleaners or disinfectants on the screen. Rubbing alcohol or bleach can irrevocably destroy the screen, as will basic soap. A soft microfiber cloth is the best way to remove dust and prints from a screen.

Q. Why should I get a monitor if I have a quality laptop screen?

A. Monitors offer convenience and efficiency in most cases. Even the smallest monitor boasts a bigger screen than the largest laptop, and it will help promote work productivity and enjoyment of entertainment.

What’s more, a monitor may be a handy alternative to a smart TV in some areas of the home, as you can still connect a device to watch movies or TV in high resolution.  For gamers in particular, a monitor with a high refresh rate is essential for a successful campaign.

Q. Do BenQ monitors work for both PCs and Macs?

A. Yes, BenQ monitors are compatible with both PCs and Macs, but it's important to identify how the two products will be connected. DisplayPort and HDMI are common ports for PCs, though Mac users are likely better equipped for a USB 3.0 hookup or the increasingly popular and powerful Thunderbolt connection.


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