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AOC portable monitor vs. Asus portable monitor

Which AOC or Asus portable monitor is best?

If you are in the market for a portable monitor, you should check out AOC and Asus branded portable monitors. While both monitors have a lot to offer, one brand may be better suited for your needs. 

Some people are partial to the thicker bezels and size of AOC portable screens, while others prefer slimmer Asus models for their thinner bezels. And while Asus models are a solid choice, some people may not use them to their full potential.

Take time to note your needs before making a purchase, so you can find a portable monitor that has the features you’re looking for.

AOC portable monitors

AOC markets its portable monitors as the ultimate choice for convenience and portability. All you need to use these monitors with a PC is a single USB cable connection. 

Cheaper AOC portable monitors with lower resolutions and USB 3.0 ports go for about $124-$137. The more expensive models with 1080p IPS displays, USB-C ports and low blue light mode cost around $300. 

Pros of AOC portable monitors

You won’t have to worry about clutter with an AOC monitor since it only requires a single USB-to-USB cable to draw power and transfer data from a PC or laptop. You’ll also get an extra screen for travel so you can boost your productivity when you are on the go. 

Even if your laptop has a 13-inch display, you can connect it to a 16-inch portable monitor and still be able to read documents or web pages easily. And some even give you touch screen monitor capabilities.

Since these portable displays come with a kickstand, you can comfortably use them on a desk. These kickstands hold the portable monitor in either portrait position or landscape position. Some other AOC portable monitors come with foldable stands that double as screen covers.

Models with a built-in battery do not need the laptop or PC as a power source, and you can use it as a power bank to charge different devices via USB-C.  

Cons of AOC portable monitors 

One major concern is that the high-end AOC monitors will only work with laptops or PCs that have a USB-C port. A USB-C port is one of the latest variants of the USB connectors, and it is much faster than the older versions. Only newer PCs and laptops will have this kind of port. 

Another issue is that the settings menu can be confusing to some users. If you care about color variety, AOC displays only come in black. 

What are the best AOC portable monitors to buy?


The single USB-C port reduces cable clutter and improves your productivity. It also comes with decent brightness for the 1080p IPS panel and the ability to control monitor settings from your computer. It is lightweight, slim and comes with a durable, foldable stand and cover. This is a great choice for people who travel a lot for work.

Sold by Amazon


The E1659FWU is a more affordable alternative to the I1601FWUX, but it will still get the job done. It’s 15.6-inches, has vivid 1366x768 resolution, connects with a single USB 3.0 port and comes with a foldable flexi-stand.

Sold by Amazon

AOC 16T2

Not only does this portable monitor have a sharp, vivid 1080p display, but it also has dual USB-C ports on each side. It comes with a micro-HDMI port and immersive built-in stereo speakers. This sleek option has slimmer bezels and a 10-point touch screen, making it perfect for both productivity and entertainment.

Sold by Amazon

Asus portable monitors

Asus designed these portable monitors to boost productivity and entertainment while you are on the go. They are supposed to look as good as your high-quality laptop or PC screen, even though they rely on your laptop and PC to work. 

Low-end Asus portable monitors cost between $169-$229 because they have lower resolution and brightness than the more expensive models. If you want the best quality, you’ll likely spend between $299-$500. This gets you 1080p IPS displays that present sharper images and more accurate colors. They also have USB-C and micro-HDMI ports that connect with many types of gadgets.

Pros of Asus portable monitors

High-end Asus portable monitors are sleek and slim, giving them a premium look. The thinner bezels still allow for physical controls such as the off button and the mini joystick navigation. The models with touch screens allow for gesture-based navigation, which is faster than even the mini-joystick.

Some models have sensitive displays that support pens as an alternative input method. The display ranges in quality from lower resolution all the way to Full HD. However, a higher resolution produces sharper images and makes colors look more lifelike. The great contrast ratio only enhances this, which is made possible by the improved brightness. 

You can use the portable monitor in landscape or portrait mode thanks to the folding cases that double as a stand. You can also use the pen as a stand when you push it through a hole at the bottom of the screen. 

These monitors have built-in 7800mAh batteries that deliver about four hours of battery life on a single charge. The built-in speakers also sound really good.

Unlike AOC monitors, Asus portable monitors come with more than one port for connectivity.

Cons of Asus portable monitors 

These are a lot pricier than the AOC portable monitors. Their higher price is because they have more features. Some cost as much as a mid-range business laptop. Another issue is that the colors sometimes look duller than laptops with similar screen resolutions. 

In addition, if you use an iMac or other iOS devices, you may have to contend with more limited touch support.

What are the best Asus portable monitors to buy?

Asus Zenscreen Touch MB16AMT: available at Amazon 

The Asus Zenscreen Touch is a solid pick among portable monitors because its 15.6-inch display is crisp and vivid. The 7800mAh battery offers four hours battery life after a single charge and only weighs 1.98 pounds. Since it has a USB-C port, a USB-A port and a micro-HDMI port, it connects with most computers, unlike portable monitors with only one USB-C port.

Sold by Amazon

Asus Zenscreen Go MB16AP

The Zenscreen has a 1080p IPS display, presenting sharper images no matter what angle you are viewing the screen. Just like the MB16AMT, it comes with a built-in 7800mAh battery and has a smart pen hole that allows you to use the smartpen as a stand. However, it only has a USB-C and a USB-A port. The display has a blue light filter too, allowing you to work for long hours without straining your eyes. The smart cover protects your screen and doubles as a foldable stand.

Sold by Amazon

Asus MB168B

This monitor is a cheaper alternative to some of the competition, but it offers a lot of value for the price. It comes with a 15.6-inch display that is vivid and bright, and it has a USB 3.0 port that is available on most laptops. The MB168B comes with a two-way adjustable stand that doubles as a case and the 0.3-inch profile only weighs 1.76 pounds.

Sold by Amazon

Should you buy AOC portable monitors or Asus portable monitors?

If you want a portable monitor that is slim and sleek with enhanced performance, then an Asus monitor is the right choice. But if you only need an affordable second screen to do your work, go for a mid-range or high-end AOC portable monitor instead.


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