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Best Dell Inspiron laptop

Which Dell Inspiron laptops are best?

Dell’s Inspiron laptops offer affordable mid-tier computers that are both portable and available in a variety of hardware configurations. Despite this, it can be difficult to pick one out for your specific needs.

The 2021 Dell Inspiron Laptop 3000 With 15.6-Inch Display is one of the best combinations of modern, future-proof hardware, pricing and display, especially alongside other laptop models at the same price point.

What to know before you buy a Dell Inspiron laptop


What makes for the best Dell laptop is getting the most out of your computer, which you can ensure by identifying what you plan to use your laptop for before buying. If you’re a professional or a student with intensive hardware needs, consider the minimum requirements of the programs you’ll need to run. If you just need a cheap Dell Inspiron laptop to get simple tasks done, take that into account before purchasing.

Hardware and performance needs

Your hardware needs come down to different computer components: the processor (CPU), amount of random access memory (RAM), the type and amount of storage and the display – which is measured in both size and resolution. Those seeking gaming PCs also should consider the model’s graphics processing unit (GPU), although many low- and mid-tier laptops simply include a small chip instead.

Preferred features

You may want specific features included in your laptop, such as a specific operating system or included programs, Bluetooth compatibility and certain ports.

What to look for in a quality Dell Inspiron laptop

Processor and RAM

When searching for a Dell Inspiron laptop with powerful hardware, consider a given model’s processor and RAM. A processor’s speed is measured in GHz while RAM storage is measured in GB. Both of these components contribute to the smoothness and quickness of your laptop’s overall performance.

Screen resolution and size

For those in graphic design, photography, videography and other visual fields, focusing on screen resolution and the overall size of a Dell Inspiron laptop’s display is important. Ultimately, the higher a laptop’s resolution is, the harder it is to see individual pixels – offering an overall more immersive display.


A laptop’s storage affects how many files and programs you can store at a time on the computer’s hard drive. Hard drives come in multiple sizes and types, including hard disk drives (HDDs), solid-state drives (SSDs) and serial ATA (SATA) hard drives.

How much you can expect to spend on a Dell Inspiron laptop

Dell Inspiron laptop prices vary widely, but depending on what you’re looking for, you can probably find one at most average laptop price points. In most cases, cheap Dell Inspiron laptops cost $300-$400, while more expensive models may run $500-$900 – with some costing even more.

Dell Inspiron laptop FAQ

Is a Dell Inspiron laptop good for gaming?

A. While Dell Inspiron laptops may be suitable for some games with low minimum requirements, those looking to game on a PC in a more serious capacity may want to look at Dell’s line of gaming-focused laptops.

How big are Dell Inspiron laptops?

A. Modern Dell Inspiron laptops feature two sizes, including the larger 15.6-inch display and a smaller 13.3-inch display for the thinner Inspiron model.

What's the best Dell Inspiron laptop to buy?

Top Dell Inspiron laptop

2021 Dell Inspiron Laptop 3000 With 15.6-Inch HD LED-Backlit Display

What you need to know: This Inspiron laptop from Dell features a quad-core i7 Intel processor for use with power-intensive tasks, and it offers an impressive 15-inch display with vibrant colors.

What you’ll love: Beyond being more affordable than a lot of laptop models available today, this Dell Inspiron laptop includes a 15-inch 1366x768 resolution display. In addition, it features a variety of powerful PC components, including 12GB of DDR4 RAM.

What you should consider: This Dell Inspiron laptop model is a bit more expensive than most other Inspiron units, and it isn’t suitable for most high-speed online PC gaming needs.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Dell Inspiron laptop for the money

2021 Dell Inspiron Laptop 3583 15.6-Inch Display With Intel Celeron Processor

What you need to know: This affordably priced model Inspiron laptop from Dell includes 4GB of RAM and a 15-inch display, with a workable Intel Celeron CPU for simple computer tasks.

What you’ll love: This Inspiron model is known for its affordability, costing almost as much as some cheap tablets while still offering the classic laptop configuration preferred for students, employees and others who like their laptops simple.

What you should consider: This model doesn’t have a particularly powerful processor, RAM and storage and is best saved for simple, non-intensive computer tasks.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

2021 Dell Inspiron Laptop 3593 15.6-Inch HD Display with Intel Quad-Core i7 Processor

What you need to know: If you can afford to pay a little bit extra, this Dell Inspiron laptop model may be worth it, offering a powerful processor, a lot of RAM and a nice display.

What you’ll love: This Dell Inspiron laptop packs a punch with its quad-core Intel i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and up to 512GB of storage, depending on which configuration you choose. In addition, this model includes processing power with speeds up to 3.9 GHz, making it perfect for those needing a powerful machine.

What you should consider: Some users complained that this display’s screen wasn’t any nicer than the other Inspiron models, despite the fact that this laptop is quite a bit more expensive.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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