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Best ultrawide monitor

Which ultrawide monitors are best?

Ultrawide monitors are usually marketed toward gamers, but anyone can take advantage of more screen space. Whether you want more space for multitasking during work or just like to keep your favorite streaming service running to the side while you surf the web, there’s an excellent option out there just for you.

The best ultrawide monitor is the Samsung 49-Inch Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor. It’s expensive but features all the latest monitor technology including High Dynamic Range, a 4K QLED screen and a massive 240-hertz refresh rate.

What to know before you buy an ultrawide monitor

Screen size and shape

Since they’re called “ultrawide,” screen size and shape naturally have the most importance.

  • Size: A monitor’s size is measured from one bottom corner to the opposite top corner. They typically start at 25 inches and go up to 49 inches. The widest variety of monitors come in 34-inch sizes. 
  • Shape: Ultrawide monitors are either flat or come in varying degrees of curved. Curved screens are designed to be more immersive for entertainment content. Flat screens are better for work-related purposes. A slightly curved screen can safely walk the line between purposes. Some consumers strongly dislike curved screens; if you’ve never experienced one, test out a model in your local store before committing.


Every ultrawide monitor has a different set of ports. Headphone and speaker jacks, HDMI, various USB types and some specialty ports are common. Which kinds and how many a monitor has can make certain monitors incompatible with the rest of your setup.


The footprint is how much space the monitor takes up, both for the screen and the stand. Your desk size is the deciding factor on how big a footprint you can accommodate. Some monitors save space by using small stands, but the trade-off is lower stability. Others have high stands so there’s space underneath the bottom edge for the rest of your stuff.

What to look for in a quality ultrawide monitor


Your screen’s maximum resolution is how sharp and detailed an image can look. Most work-related tasks don’t need more than HD (720p) or Full HD (1080p) resolution. If you want an entertainment hub, don’t settle for anything less than 4K resolution.

Refresh rate

The refresh rate, given in hertz,  is the maximum number of times a monitor can refresh the screen in a single second. This aspect is most important to gamers, as a monitor can only support a frame rate as high as its refresh rate, and the higher the frame rate the smoother the motion. Most ultrawide monitors start at 60 hertz, but some can be as high as 250.


This topic can be split between those who have and don’t have a separate speaker system. Those who have one need to ensure their prospective monitor has the ports necessary to connect their speakers. Those who don’t will want to check if the monitor includes speakers and how good they are. If your monitor is for work, you may not need quality speakers, but an entertainment hub will demand quality.

How much you can expect to spend on an ultrawide monitor

Monitors smaller than 34 inches can cost less than $300 but rarely have the best screens. Spending up to $600 usually gets you large good-quality screens, while top-of-the-line monitors start at $1,000. 

Ultrawide monitor FAQ

How much should I spend on an ultrawide monitor?

A. That depends on what you use your computer for. If all you need is more screen space for basic work-related multitasking, you can safely spend $200-$500 on a decent quality monitor, depending on screen size. If your computer is your central entertainment hub, especially for gaming, you’ll want to spend $800-$1,500 or more for a monitor that matches the intensity of your PC specs. If you’re somewhere in the middle, $300-$600 is a good estimate of what you’ll want to spend.

Are ultrawide monitors plug-and-play or do I need to change settings for them to work?

A. While they won’t work correctly right out of the box, the system changes you’ll need to make aren’t complicated. Just visit the Control Panel or System Preferences pages, for PC and Mac respectively, and adjust the settings specified in your user manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

What’s the best ultrawide monitor to buy?

Top ultrawide monitor 

Samsung 49-Inch Odyssey G9 Gaming Monitor

What you need to know: If your PC is your main entertainment hub, this monitor can’t be beaten.

What you’ll love: It has a massive 49-inch QLED screen with a 240-hertz refresh rate and 4K resolution. It’s built for high-quality gaming but is perfect for streaming and multitasking. G-Sync and FreeSync match frames to your graphics card.

What you should consider: Its huge screen and footprint require an equally large desk. It’s one of the most expensive monitors. The curve is too pronounced for some.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top ultrawide monitor for the money

LG 34WN650-W UltraWide Monitor

What you need to know: This budget ultrawide option is a great choice for multitasking.

What you’ll love: It has a 34-inch Full HD display with a 75-hertz refresh rate. The stand is tilt- and height-adjustable. It has two HDMI ports and an audio jack. Multitasking is made easy with Screen Split and On-Screen Control.

What you should consider: Its brightness could be higher. It doesn’t have 4K resolution or a USB port. It isn’t a good option for high-quality streaming or gaming. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Acer Predator Gaming X34 Curved UltraWide QHD Monitor

What you need to know: This is another excellent top-dollar selection.

What you’ll love: It has a 34-inch 4K Quad HD display with a 100-hertz refresh rate that can be overclocked — that is, run higher than the manufacturer intended — to reach 120 hertz. It has an HDMI port and four USB 3.0 ports, and is packaged with one HDMI and one USB cable.

What you should consider: Consumers reported a few problems with overclocking, including flickering monitors. There are rare instances of the monitor not waking from sleep.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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