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    We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

    Shopping Guide for Best Selfie Sticks

    With smartphone cameras that deliver such high-quality photos, it’s difficult to resist the urge to snap a good selfie whenever the occasion arises. But if you’re tired of the same up-close angles, it might be time to invest in a selfie stick. As the name implies, a selfie stick is a telescopic stick that you attach to your smartphone so you can take a photo from a much wider angle. But if you’re going to trust your phone with one of these sticks, you want to make sure you get the right one. That means choosing the perfect mount, length, grip, and controls so the stick works as well as possible.

    At BestReviews, we can help you choose the right selfie stick. We buy all our own products, so our recommendations are always completely unbiased. We also talk with industry experts to better understand the product categories we’re analyzing. Our goal is to provide the information necessary to make your shopping experience as easy as possible.

    Ready to buy a selfie stick? Check out the matrix above. For general tips on choosing a selfie stick, continue reading our shopping guide.

    A selfie stick isn’t just for taking photos. You can use it to take videos with a wider angle, too.

    Selfie Stick Types



    These selfie sticks feature built-in Bluetooth, so you can easily sync your phone with the stick. It allows you to snap a picture simply by pressing a button on the stick for the easiest photography possible.



    A wired selfie stick features a cable that connects your phone to the stick. Once the phone is connected, you press a button on the stick to take your photo.


    Remote Control

    A selfie stick with a remote doesn’t require syncing or connecting your phone to the stick with a cable. Instead, a remote syncs with your phone via Bluetooth, and you simply press a button on the remote to snap your photo.


    Some businesses and attractions, such as Disney and Six Flags parks, don’t allow selfie sticks on their properties. Make sure that your stick is permitted wherever you plan to use it.

    Selfie Stick Features



    Selfie sticks have a secure mount that allows you to attach your phone to the stick in a horizontal position. They typically feature an adjustable, rubberized bracket or clamp that holds the device. It’s important to check the product specifications to verify that it will work with your phone’s type, dimensions, and weight, or with any other device that you want to use.

    For the most versatility, you may want a selfie stick with a mount that rotates and swivels to provide a wider range of photo angles.


    Length and Reach

    Selfie sticks are meant to be taken on the go, so they typically fold up compactly. Most folded sticks measure about eight inches, but if you want to carry the stick in your pocket, purse, or other bag, look for a model that’s even shorter.

    It’s also important to consider the total reach of the selfie stick, so you know that you can hold the camera far enough from yourself to get the ideal shot. For the best results, look for a stick that offers at least 30 to 40 inches of total reach.



    You can find selfie sticks that offer a variety of helpful accessories, but the most effective addition to a stick is a mirror. It reflects your phone’s display, so you can see what you’re shooting and make sure that you get the best possible shot.


    Be aware of those around you when you use a selfie stick. You don’t want to accidentally hit another tourist or ruin someone’s view of a landmark just to get your own photo.

    Selfie Stick Prices

    Selfie sticks range in price based on their size and accessories, but they usually cost between $10 and $80.

    • Inexpensive

    A simple selfie stick with a reach of 30 inches or less and no accessories usually costs $10 to $20.

    • Mid-range

    A selfie stick with a reach of 30 to 40 inches and no accessories typically costs $20 to $35.

    • Expensive

    A selfie stick with a reach greater than 40 inches and no accessories usually costs $35 to $45. A stick with a reach greater than 40 inches and some accessories typically costs between $45 and $80.

    You don’t necessarily have to take a selfie with your phone when it’s on a selfie stick. Turn it around and take a unique shot of the surrounding scenery.


    Q. What type of selfie stick is the easiest to use?

    A. A Bluetooth selfie stick is usually the easiest to use because it syncs wirelessly with your phone so you don’t have to hook up any cables. When you want to take a photo, you simply press a button on the stick.

    Q. Does a selfie stick work with a tablet?

    A. Some selfie sticks feature mounts that are adjustable enough to accomodate a larger size item like a tablet. Make sure to check the product specifications to see if it will fit your tablet’s dimensions before purchasing the stick.

    Q. Can I pack a selfie stick for a plane trip?

    A. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does allow you to bring a selfie stick with you on a flight. You can either pack it in your checked bag or store it in a carry-on bag.

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