Updated August 2021
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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. Read more  
BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We buy all products with our own funds, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.Read more 
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Tucch iPhone 8 Plus Case Wallet Case
iPhone 8 Plus Case Wallet Case
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Premium Pick
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Detail-oriented case with laser-cut detail. Ideal for those who want a single portfolio for a phone and credit cards.


Has 3 card slots and a larger currency pocket. Strong magnetic closure stays closed, even when jostled inside a bag. Stands up on its own if you’d like to watch media on it. Available in 5 bright colors.


Not made of real leather. Card slots may stretch out over time.

Best Bang for the Buck
Caseology Parallax Series iPhone 8 Plus Case
Parallax Series iPhone 8 Plus Case
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Thin Design
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Mixes shock absorption with a really thin design that offers a good grip, all at a low price point.


Cover has a nice level of texture with a 3D geometric design that helps with grip. Slim case that doesn't add much bulk to the smartphone. 4 colors. Good bargain. Reinforced corners to help protect against drops. Raised lip around the screen and camera for protection.


Materials in the case are too thin to protect against drops from a height.

ESR iPhone 8 Plus Case
iPhone 8 Plus Case
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Stylish and Stellar
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Stylish looking case that has a bit of sparkle, while protecting the phone with 3 layers.


Uses a raised lip around the screen and around the front camera to protect those areas from scratches. More than half a dozen colors and styles of cases available. Doesn't add bulk to the phone. Uses an outer, inner, and central layer to provide maximum protection for the phone. Good price for a phone case.


Doesn't provide a heavy level of protection, especially against drops.

Sahara Case iPhone 8 Plus Case
Sahara Case
iPhone 8 Plus Case
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Strong protection for the screen with tempered glass in a case that also supports wireless charging.


Uses reinforced corners to protect against drops. Nice mix of rubberized and plastic parts to maximize protection while providing a sure grip. Case gives a good level of protection against scratches. 2 color designs. Raised lip at the edge of the case prevents scratches on the screen.


Case doesn't have enough toughness in materials for a drop from a great height.

CIVPOWER iPhone 8 Plus Case
iPhone 8 Plus Case
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Simple Yet Solid
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PU leather case protects the phone from scratches. Nice-looking unit that provides a full cover.


Easy to put on and take off as needed. Will protect the phone from dirt and scratches. Case is configured so that it won't interfere with wireless charging process. 2 different colors. Reinforced corners provide a little extra protection. A nice grip to ensure you'll hang onto it.


Won't protect against falls from height. Can be difficult to press the buttons.


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Buying guide for best iphone 8 plus cases

Are you all about your iPhone 8 Plus? You’re not alone. This best-selling Apple release has earned praise for its expanded functionality as well as larger design. With so many features, it’s no wonder the phone costs a small fortune, so protect your investment with a top-quality iPhone 8 Plus case.

When it comes to choosing a case for your iPhone 8 Plus, it’s easy to feel spoiled for choice. Whether you’re looking for superior protection against drops or prefer a blinged-out accessory, there are countless options. No matter which case you choose for your iPhone 8 Plus, make sure it’s one that fits well and will last for the duration of the phone.

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If you love an iPhone 8 Plus case, consider getting a second one. That way, if it’s discontinued, you have a backup case on hand.

Key considerations


Finding a case that fits your iPhone 8 Plus is your top priority. Here are some signs of a well-fitting case that will keep your phone secure:

No jiggling: If you lightly shake your phone inside the case, it shouldn’t knock against the sides or rattle. If it does, your iPhone 8 Plus will only bounce around inside, and damage is inevitable. 

Flush pieces: All pieces of the case should fit together smoothly with no jagged edges. Poorly made cases are notorious for having ill-fitting pieces that tend to snap open on their own.

Easy-to-access areas: You need easy access to certain parts of your iPhone 8 Plus, such as its charging port, volume button, and power button. If you need to pry open compartments or wrangle with the case to expose these areas, it’s only going to be a source of frustration going forward. 


As you begin to compare iPhone 8 Plus cases, keep it real — when it comes to the level of protection you need, that is. Be honest with yourself: are you careful with your phone, or do you drop it multiple times a day? The more protection you need, the more you’ll end up spending on the case. With that said, considering an iPhone 8 Plus costs several hundred dollars, it’s well worth spending a little more money on something that will protect it.

Screen protection

If you’d like integrated screen protection in an iPhone 8 Plus case, you’ll probably end up with a multilayer case. In these styles, the protective screen is part of the inner shell. It requires regular cleaning so it can continue to activate the touchscreen. For all other cases, you can purchase a screen protector made from scratch-free plastic or tempered glass. 

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For your safety
Even though iPhone 8 Plus cases offer drop protection, do your best to avoid unnecessary drops. Place it — don’t toss it — on the couch or counter to minimize accidents.



Of course, we naturally gravitate toward cases in our favorite colors if they’re available. If you’re less picky about your color, think about the practical side of it. A brightly colored case is easy to locate in a bag, whereas a darker case may require more digging to find. Next time you guffaw at lime green or neon orange, consider that it’s not a bad color choice if you’re notorious for misplacing your phone. 


There’s a good chance you’ll rarely remove your iPhone 8 Plus from its case. That’s why it’s important to choose a case that’s compatible with other devices and accessories. Some cases work better than others when it comes to wireless charging stations, phone holders, or Bluetooth players.  

Popular styles

Shell cases

Shell cases are perhaps the most sleek and streamlined. Many iPhone 8 Plus users opt for a shell case, given its small footprint on an already large device. 

Hard: Hard cases are made from dense plastic, metal, or tempered glass. Harder styles tend to be more durable when it comes to drop and crush protection. 

Flexible: Flexible cases are typically made of silicone or pliable plastic. Some consumers prefer a flexible style, which tends to bounce when dropped and soften the impact. 

Multilayer cases

Multilayer cases typically consist of a hard inner shell and a soft exterior bumper. The inner layer can be made of either a single shell or two pieces that snap together. The exterior bumper wraps simply wraps around them for added protection. 

Multilayer cases offer superior protection against dropping, crushing, and even moisture exposure. While they’re ideal for those who are hard on their phones, they’re significantly bulkier and heavier than other styles.

Wallet cases

Wallet cases offer minimal protection because they simply flip open and otherwise expose most sides of the iPhone 8 Plus. They’re more popular for regular smartphones and iPhones. 

Most wallet case styles feature card slots or a pocket to store a pen or stylus. Some cases have magnetic edges that keep the case closed, while others have snaps or hook-and-loop fasteners. Wallet cases occasionally come with a wristlet strap for easy carrying as well. 

iPhone 8 Plus case prices

Inexpensive: There are some iPhone 8 Plus cases priced at $20 or less. These offer minimal protection at best. If you’re looking for an affordable, decorative case, however, this is the bracket for you. 

Mid-range: When it comes to iPhone 8 Plus cases, the more you spend, the better the material quality and level of protection. For an overall better fit and protective qualities, expect to spend between $30 and $50. These cases include those made from top phone case manufacturers and often come with a warranty or guarantee.

Expensive: If you’re looking for superior protection or prefer a designer case, expect to spend between $50 and $100. Protective cases in this range are designed to withstand extreme wear and tear, so they’ll likely last for the duration of the iPhone. Designer cases, namely wallet styles, are usually made of premium materials and offer modest protection. 


  • Buy more than one case. If you’re traveling or camping, it’s a good idea to invest in a different iPhone 8 Plus case dedicated to your excursions. Having a separate, streamlined case is also ideal for times when you need to pack light, especially with mini bags or clutches. 

  • Save the purchase information. Save your receipt or register your iPhone 8 Plus case with the manufacturer. You’ll be able to take advantage of your warranty if necessary, and it’s infinitely easier to process with this information. 

  • Wipe down your case. Regularly clean your iPhone 8 Plus case to keep dirt and bacteria at bay. Clean it daily with an alcohol wipe for baseline sanitizing


Self-stick card holder: CardNinja Ultra-Slim Self-Adhesive Credit Card Wallet
It’s easy to travel light when you can carry your credit cards with your iPhone 8 Plus. We like this card holder by CardNinja, which expands to store eight credit cards or cash. This style also offers RFID blocking to keep your information secure.

Screen protector: Syncwire Screen Protector for iPhone 8 Plus
Keep your screen scratch- and fingerprint-free with a screen protector. We like this one from Syncwire, made from tempered glass for ultimate protection. It comes with installation tools and offers crystal-clear viewing. 

Other products we considered

Don’t see what you need in our matrix? We have a couple more options for you. For the best protection around, we like the OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPhone 8 Plus. This case features a robust three-layer protective design and comes with a secure belt clip holster. The brand also offers a lifetime replacement warranty on its cases and has excellent customer service to handle every inquiry.

We’re also impressed with the LeYi iPhone 8 Plus Case with Tempered Glass Screen Protector. It’s designed with military-grade air-cushion technology to protect against drops, scratches, and bumps. The case also has a 360° metal kickstand if you enjoy watching media hands-free. Choose from five fun colors, including mint or bright purple.

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Check the packaging of your shell case before buying a screen protector. Some styles come with one as a bonus accessory.


Q. Is an iPhone 8 Plus case compatible with any other smartphones?
A. It depends on the style. Most cases fit iPhone 7 Plus as well as iPhone 8 Plus, but they aren’t compatible with any other iPhone models or other smartphones.

Q. What’s the best iPhone 8 Plus case for travel?
A. If you intend to watch movies or TV shows on your phone during your trip, invest in a wallet case. These styles often stand up on their own, so you won’t need to tire your arm by holding it. If you’re engaging in outdoor sports and activities, you might want to invest in an iPhone 8 Plus case that offers water resistance. 

Q. Will the warranty on my iPhone 8 Plus case cover the cost of my phone if it breaks?
A. No. At most, the warranty will only cover a replacement or the cost of a new phone case. Any coverage you have will be through an insurance policy with your wireless carrier or retailer. It may also be covered under renters’ or homeowners’ insurance.

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