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Best Men's Winter Gloves

Updated February 2023
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Carhartt Waterproof Insulated Glove
Waterproof Insulated Glove
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Most Comprehensive
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Our fitness expert owns these long-lasting and truly waterproof winter gloves that keep fingers warm and dry; the tight wrist strap keeps snow out and heat in.


Excellent moisture-wicking design. Fingers are well-insulated, no need for additional liner gloves. Durable outer shell resists damage from shovels and other tools. Affordable price point for the quality.


Not suitable for regions with extremely cold weather. Narrow wrist; challenging to put on. Limited finger mobility.

Best Bang for the Buck
LETHMIK Thick Gloves with Wool Lining
Thick Gloves with Wool Lining
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Most Snug
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Extremely affordable, but do not skimp on comfort or insulation; we recommend ordering a size larger, but the fit should still be very snug.


Exceptionally warm and well-insulated gloves. Have thick wool lining but decent finger dexterity. Ambidextrous design makes them easy to put on before running out the door.


Narrow fit, with a little stretch. Sizing runs smaller than expected. Unpleasant odor was reported.

ELMA Leather Dress Driving Gloves
Leather Dress Driving Gloves
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Most Stylish
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For those who seek a stylish winter weather driving glove, this Italian model from Elma is one to consider.


Luxurious leather outer shell with a cashmere lining. Allows wearers to use electronic devices. Stylish appearance and practical warmth make these ideal as cold-weather driving gloves for more formal occasions.


Relatively thin for "winter" gloves; not well-insulated. Touch sensitivity is variable. Many inferior knock-offs on the market.

Gordini Gore Gauntlet Gore-Tex
Gore Gauntlet Gore-Tex
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Most Protective
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These are on the bulkier side but provide maximum protection in the harshest conditions, according to our fitness expert.


The outer shell is very durable; suitable for outside work. Gore-Tex material resists moisture and wind. A long wrist gauntlet protects the wearer's arms. Despite bulk, they provide good finger dexterity and a snugly fitting wrist strap.


Minimal cold protection below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Stitch quality is variable. Proper sizing can be challenging.

OZERO Winter Gloves
Winter Gloves
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Warm & Versatile
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In our testing we found these warm and comfortable winter gloves to be well suited to a variety of tasks.


Lightweight, with enough dexterity to turn a key in a lock. Thermal layer traps heat well. Deerskin palms provided good grip while skiing. No trouble with wind or snow. Simple style goes with many outfits.


We wish they came with more care instructions.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best men’s winter gloves

Men’s winter gloves are a basic wardrobe item that can become a beloved favorite if you choose the right pair. A quality pair of gloves will serve you well during harsh, wet, icy, and cold conditions.

In order to find the best gloves for you, consider which activities you’ll be doing when you wear them. Some men want gloves simply for driving from place to place; others want gloves they can wear when shoveling, skiing, snowmobiling, or ambushing the kids with snowballs. Regardless of what you’ll be doing, however, you most likely want a pair of gloves that is warm and durable.

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The best winter gloves are composed of more than one layer of material. The outer layer should be waterproof or water-resistant. The inner layer(s) provide extra warmth. Some gloves have up to four layers, including a waterproof layer and extra padding.


Glove style

Men’s winter gloves range in style from casual to professional. If you’re looking for something to wear while commuting, consider a low-profile glove with a lining but not a lot of excess padding. If you’re looking for something to wear while engaging in snow sports, especially those that do not require a fine grip, consider a thicker glove with padding for extra warmth.

Expert tip
Since gloves can and do easily get lost, I recommend having more than one pair of gloves around.
BestReviews Fitness Expert

Glove material

Leather is the most durable fabric for men’s winter gloves. This material provides a flexible fit and stretches somewhat for comfort. Leather tends to be a pricey option, however, and it’s not ideal for every use case.

There are many good synthetic gloves on the market, too. For example, polar fleece is a warm and soft material that many men love. Some polar fleece gloves have a leather, suede, or polyurethane external cover on the palm that provides extra grip.

Glove sizes

Men’s gloves sizes are based on the measurement (in inches) of the circumference of the palm just under the knuckles. So, if you wear a size ten, that means you measure ten inches around that part of your hand. The thumb is not included in this measurement.

Many men’s gloves come in standard sizes of S, M, L, and XL rather than numbers. As a general rule, S is equal to a size 71/2 or 8. M is equal to a size 8 1/2 or 9. L is equal to a size 9 1/2 or 10. XL gloves would be suitable for someone who measures 10 1/2 to 11 inches around the hand. In addition, there are some gloves available in a size XS (7 inches) and XXL (11 1/2 inches).

Of course, this sizing structure is not guaranteed to be universal with all brands of men’s gloves. When in doubt, check the sizing chart provided by the company. Most glove makers provide this so their customers have a better chance of purchasing the correct size.

"The leather used for making gloves is generally a soft, pliable leather that stretches for comfort and dexterity."

Other features to consider

In addition to the basics of style, material, and size, you may wish to look for men’s gloves that have some of the following features.

Gathered wrists

A gathered and elasticized wristband offers a couple of advantages over open-wrist gloves. First, these gloves tend to be warmer. The reason: the gathered wrist allows the glove to fit closely to your wrist and hold in the natural warmth of your hand. This glove style also prevents snow from getting inside your gloves — which could make you feel a chill in a hurry! Some gloves have an extra strap over the gathered wrist to offer even more protection from snow, ice, and dirt.


A warm glove is most effective if it is also waterproof or water-resistant. In winter weather, your fingers will quickly get cold in a wet glove. Leather is a naturally water-resistant material. Some synthetic materials also do a good job of providing water resistance.


The lining of the glove is nearly as important as its exterior. Options include fleece, which is warm but may hold water and sweat more easily than other liners. A moisture-wicking liner will wick water away from your skin and keep you warmer. Cotton may keep you comfortable, but it does not add a lot of warmth.

Extra grip material

Some mostly synthetic gloves have a leather or suede covering on the palm to increase grip. This can be important for a sport like skiing, where a good grip helps you hold the poles. It can also help you gain leverage on a snow shovel or ice scraper. Other grip materials include rubber and polyurethane, which can also be very effective.


Most men’s winter gloves are made with warmth in mind. Some are bulky and will take away some of your dexterity when you wear them. If you need to use your hands for fine motor activities while wearing your gloves, we recommend you focus on how flexible the fingers and palm are. Generally speaking, the thicker the glove, the less you will be able to use your fingers to pick up small items or perform tasks that require a delicate touch.

Expert tip
On the coldest winter days, a thin fleece liner glove worn under a larger waterproof glove provides ultimate protection.
BestReviews Fitness Expert

Men’s winter glove prices


When purchasing men’s winter gloves, you can get something to keep your hands warm for $5 to $15. These will usually be made from a soft and warm fibre like polar fleece or wool, but they may not be waterproof.


For $15 to $30, you can find a warm pair of gloves with some extra features, such as touchscreen tips on the fingers. You may find a good pair of leather gloves in this price range, too. These gloves are more likely to be waterproof than cheaper gloves.


If you want winter gloves made of a premium synthetic water-resistant material like GORE-TEX that can keep your hands warm in extreme conditions, expect to pay close to $50.

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Did you know?
Gloves with cotton fibers or foam lining will not be as warm as other options, but they may give you more dexterity, and they’re usually less expensive.


  • If your hands are prone to sweat, consider gloves with a moisture-wicking liner. Because these gloves will keep your fingers drier, you are more likely to stay warm. If your hands are prone to overheating, it may be wise to choose a glove with a thinner lining.

  • If choosing a leather glove, soft and supple leather will give you more ability to use your fingers and may also be more likely to work on a touchscreen.

  • Not all gloves are machine washable. Before you buy, consider glove care. After you bring your gloves home, be aware that some gloves will be ruined by exposure to hot water or the dryer.

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Make sure your winter gloves are not too tight. If there is a little extra space around the edges of your fingers, that space can act as an extra insulator and make the gloves warmer.


Q. What is the best type of leather for winter gloves?

A. Sheepskin is highly waterproof and offers extra warmth. Deerskin leather is considered a very comfortable leather. If you need to wear your gloves for a long period of time, deerskin is a good choice, but this material may not provide as much warmth as sheepskin.

Goat and cow leather can be soft and waterproof options. With the proper liner, these gloves are also very warm.

Expert tip
Remember that gloves need to be washed too. To protect the fabric, I recommend using a sports laundry detergent and then hanging your gloves to dry.
BestReviews Fitness Expert

Q. Can a work glove be a good winter glove, too?

A. Most work gloves are made with safety in mind. While they may be made of warm and water-resistant leather, they will likely lack the extra layers many winter gloves have that help combat cold. If you need the protection of a work glove and also want more warmth, consider adding a liner to your work gloves.

Q. Which synthetic fibres are the most waterproof?

A. GORE-TEX is a premium waterproof and breathable synthetic fabric found in many winter gloves. Polytex is another reliable material. Some less-expensive options may have a waterproof lining or a polyurethane cover that does an excellent job of keeping out water but doesn’t allow the hands to breathe. Thinsulate lining can provide warmth and preserve dexterity.