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Best Tudor Watches

Updated March 2023
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Tudor Pelagos on Blue Rubber Strap
Pelagos on Blue Rubber Strap
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Great for Divers
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Wear it to dive or just because you love the way it looks on your wrist – regardless of why you love this watch, it offers looks and capabilities that are made to impress.


The one to get for diving, as it resists water to an impressive 1,650 feet and has a helium escape valve. Boasts ultra-modern looks with a blue chronometer face, rubber strap, and titanium case. Looks great on the wrist, and works well with a wide range of attire.


Indulgent price point; but about what you'd expect for a designer diving watch.

Best Bang for the Buck
Tudor Tudor Heritage Ranger Men's Watch
Tudor Heritage Ranger Men's Watch
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Versatile Styling
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A handsome men's Tudor watch with a brown leather strap that contrasts nicely with the black dial and stainless accents.


Features a classic look with Arabic numbers and markers against a bold, black dial. Has a sturdy clasp so you can feel at ease when it's on your wrist. Genuine leather strap plus stainless steel case and hardware complete the look that is perfect for work and play. Affordable.


While it's water resistant to a depth of 500 feet, the leather band makes it impractical for prolonged water exposure.

Tudor Glamour Day & Date Black Dial Stainless-Steel Men's Watch
Glamour Day & Date Black Dial Stainless-Steel Men's Watch
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For Special Occasions
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If you are looking for a Tudor watch that you'll be proud to wear to formal events, this stylish men's timepiece is worth considering.


We love this Tudor watch for dressy or formal wear, thanks to the black dial that pops against the gorgeous stainless steel case and band. Has markers instead of numbers for an elegant flair. Day and date windows. Resists water to a depth of 330 feet. Has a secure buckle.


Not as practical as other men's Tudor watches, as its high-end looks aren't ideal for daily or outdoor wear.

Tudor Women's Watch
Women's Watch
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Stylish Look for Women
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Although the simple styling may not suit all ladies, this Tudor watch is perfect for those who want an attractive timepiece that can easily be worn every day.


A sleek stainless-steel women's watch with a casual design that pairs nicely with business or casual wear. Has a date window and Arabic numbers for a classic look. Water-resistant to 330 feet. Safety buckle clasp keeps it securely in place. Band has a brushed and polished finish.


Some women may find the design a bit plain, and it may not appeal to those who prefer a feminine-looking watch.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Automatic Men's Watch
Heritage Black Bay Automatic Men's Watch
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Chronometer Dial
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Choose this Tudor watch for active lifestyles, diving, and casual wear. Its good looks are also ideal for heading to the office or spending a night out on the town.


Resists water to a depth of 660 feet. Has a chronometer dial that gives it a rugged, sporty look. Black dial looks great with the stainless steel band that also has a secure fold-over clasp. Practical for everyday wear.


Although rare, this watch has shipped without the original paperwork that comes standard with Tudor watches.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best Tudor watches

Are you looking for a luxury watch on a budget? Then look no further than the Tudor watch. Manufactured by the trustworthy makers of Rolex, a Tudor watch promises high quality at a fraction of the Rolex price tag. Tudor watches are durable and sleek with unique features to keep watch enthusiasts interested.

Before you proceed to add a Tudor watch to your shopping cart, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Depending on where you plan to wear it, you may favor a Tudor watch that’s more conservative in style rather than something flashy. You also have a decent number of models to choose from, each offering a different aesthetic. And of course, price is a consideration when purchasing a luxury timepiece because you want to get the right value for your money.

Tudor sports watches
Tudor’s sports watches are acclaimed, and for good reason: The brand was once the “official supplier” of watches for the French navy in the 1960s through the 1980s. 

Selecting the best Tudor watch 


Before choosing a Tudor watch, it’s helpful to understand the various models made by Tudor so you can shop in the category that most appeals to you.

Black Bay Heritage watch: This line of Tudor watches emerged in 2012 and made a particularly big splash in the U.S. market. Black Bay watches meld classic Tudor design with modern touches. They are heavily inspired by the first Tudor Submariner, a watch built for deep water diving, boasting a sharp design, a large case, and a clean display. 

Within the Black Bay model, several sub-lines exist, each with its own distinct qualities. For example, the Black Bay Chrono watch is a chronograph watch with two subdials. Other sub-lines include GMT and Bronze.


Sports watch: Sports watches made by Tudor are popular as well. Similar to dive watches, these timepieces are water-resistant, shock resistant, and designed for physical activity. Tudor’s sports watch lines include the Tudor Royal, Pelagos FXD and Heritage Chrono. The Pelagos FXD is notable among the three because it’s modeled after a Tudor watch once used by the French navy. With its navy blue strap made from parachute elastic and its bi-directional bezel, this is a great purchase for deep divers and swimmers.

Diving watch: Tudor diving watches are high in quality, just as their sports watches are. Truly professional-grade watches, the Pelagos line offers the ultimate diving watches. Timepieces in this model aren’t too different from Tudor sports watches, containing additional Pelagos and Black Bay designs. 

Classic watch: Lines in this watch model are Glamour, Style, Clair de Rose, and 1926. As the name suggests, Tudor’s classic watches take inspiration from classic watch design and Tudor’s earlier models. The Style line, for example, draws upon the elegance of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. With its fluted bezel design, lacquered dial, and delicate five-link bracelet, this watch is appealing to all genders.

Women’s watch: Tudor debuted its first women’s watches in the 1930s and subsequently released more models throughout the years, including the first women’s diver watch ever in 1976. It’s worth noting that Classic watch models such as the Clair de Rose, Tudor Royal, and some Glamour watches include women’s designs, too.

The Pelagos watch is well-recognized for its quality. The watch was awarded at the 2015 Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Geneve.


What features should I look for in a Tudor watch?


As is the case with many luxury watches, the majority of Tudor watches have a gold or silver finish. Sometimes, that color only applies to the case and the bezel. Other times, it extends to the entire wrist band. 

Navy blue is another common color with Tudor watches, namely the Pelagos model. 

You can find more color variety on Tudor watch dials. This is especially for Tudor’s women’s watches. Some even have a dark pink dial, adding a pleasing touch of color to an otherwise neutral timepiece.


Tudor watches are available in many sizes. And when it comes to sizing, the first thing to consider is the size of the watch case. This is measured in millimeters, and Tudor offers watches from 26 to 42 millimeters. Small watches are 26 to 34 millimeters; medium watches are 36 to 39 millimeters; and large watches are 40 to 42 millimeters. 

The best way to figure out the right watch diameter for you is to measure your wrist circumference. A wrist that’s 6 inches (or 150 millimeters) or less would be a size small. A medium wrist measures up to 7.5 inches or 178 to 190 millimeters. A large wrist measures 8 inches, or 203 millimeters, or greater. 

St1- Cleaning Tudor watch  
Staff Tip
You can maintain your Tudor watch by cleaning it every so often. Rub the watch with a clean microfiber cloth for everyday care. If you swim with it, rinse it in fresh water after swimming. 

How much do Tudor watches cost?

While we’d hesitate to call any Tudor watch inexpensive, the quality is fantastic for what you pay. This makes Tudor one of the most affordable Swiss-made luxury watches. 


The most affordable Tudor watches lie within the $1,600 to $3,500 range. You can find several models of Tudor watches at this price. Many of them (though not all) are 36 millimeters or smaller. Most of the Black Bay watches in this price range have a simple fabric strap. For affordability, your best bet is to look within the 1926 model. These watches, inspired by the earliest Tudor designs, are simple, classy, and unpretentious.


$3,500 to $7,500 opens your options considerably. Not only will you find more Black Bay models and lines, you’ll also come across more sports watches, like the Pelagos. A number of watches in this range incorporate elements of yellow gold on the bezel or on the bracelet. More of these watches will be available in sizes larger than 36 millimeters.


You’d be hard-pressed to find a Tudor watch above $7,500, but there are a few out there. These watches are nearly always a special or limited edition using exclusive materials. For example, an 18k edition of the Black Bay watch sells for nearly $17,000. 

As of January 2020, all Tudor watches come with a generous five-year warranty.



  • Get your watch serviced. Given their high quality, you shouldn’t need to service a Tudor watch more than once every three to five years (assuming nothing goes wrong before then). The service cost will depend on the model and line of the watch. Note that newer Tudor watches with in-house movements cost more to service than older watches.
  • Check the water resistance. Not all Tudor watches are equally water resistant. Be sure to verify water resistance before you buy. Pelagos watches are certifiably waterproof, but a 1926 watch with a leather strap probably isn’t waterproof.
  • Read the user’s manual thoroughly. The user’s manual contains helpful information about the Tudor watch’s model, suggestions for maintenance, and cool features to know about.

Tudor watch history

Tudor watches actually started as a trademark registered by Swiss watch dealers “Veuve de Phillipe Huther”. The company registered Tudor on behalf of Hans Wildorf. The original founder of Rolex, Hans envisioned a watch that agents could sell at a more modest price than the Rolex while still maintaining reliability. In 1936, Wildorf took over Tudor himself.

In the early twentieth century, Tudor watches were outfitted with third-party movements but retained the high-quality cases and bracelets that the Rolex brand was known for. It wasn’t until after World War II that Tudor’s own brand identity began to form. This notably started with the launch of Montres TUDOR SA in 1946. Further, the launch of the Oyster models later that decade and into the 50s bolstered the Tudor watch’s popularity. The brand continued to release new models throughout the second half of the twentieth century.

By the twenty-first century, Tudor had undergone brand relaunch, with new watches better suited to the new millennium. Thanks to a consistent commitment to quality and maintaining a relevant style, Tudor watches are respected to this day. 

Tudor watch swimming  
When cleaning the watch or swimming with it, make sure the crown is tightly secured to avoid water damage. 


Q. How can I tell if my Tudor watch is real?

A. Because Tudor watches are more under-the-radar than the ever-popular Rolex, they aren’t quite as vulnerable to being counterfeited. That said, there are a few ways to verify the integrity of a Tudor watch. Make sure to vet the seller of the watch; do some research on their selling history, and pay attention to reviews.

Next, take a look at a few key spots. The crown of a genuine Tudor watch should have an engraved rose with sharp yet neat details. If the rose looks sloppy or is detailed yet low in quality, then it’s fake.

The watch dial is another dependable place to look. The lettering on the dial should be clear and precise with no smudging, misspelling, or ink bleeding. The hour markers should all be evenly spaced. 

Q. Will Tudor watches go up in value?

A. Possibly, but that depends on a number of factors. A watch’s popularity, condition, and market price impact how much it resells for. If resale value matters to you, we recommend keeping the watch in a box when it’s not worn and getting it serviced regularly.

Q. Do Tudor watches use Rolex movements?

A. Once upon a time, Tudor watches relied on third-party suppliers for movements and only used Rolex-quality casings. Today, Tudor’s movements are all made in-house. While they aren’t quite at the level of Rolex movements, they’re still reputable in quality.