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10 stylish clear stadium bags for concerts and sporting events

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Be ready for your next concert or sporting event

When attending a large stadium event such as a concert or sports game, you may encounter restrictions around the type of bag you can bring in. Commonly, there are purse size restrictions (along with rules as to what you can and cannot carry inside them) and oftentimes stadiums will require any bags you bring in to be clear so the contents are easily identified. 

If clear bags are required at your next event, don’t bother toting a flimsy and inconvenient food storage bag around. We’ve found 10 durable and dare we say stylish clear stadium-approved bags that’ll do the trick.

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Why do some venues require clear bags?

When you head to a large music or sports venue, you’ll likely encounter a security screening similar to the checkpoint at an airport. There may be metal detectors, bag checks or pat downs to ensure you’re not bringing any prohibited items, such as weapons or alcohol. 

Oftentimes, stadiums go a step further and require any bags brought into the venue to be completely see-through so that security personnel can easily assess the contents of the bag. This may help the security lines go faster and discourage people from attempting to sneak in any prohibited items. 

Even if your venue doesn’t require a clear bag, it will most likely have size restrictions for any bag you bring, so be sure to check the specific venue’s website to understand its particular rules and regulations. 

What happens if I bring the wrong type of bag to an event?

Most likely, you won’t be allowed to bring it inside. Many venues offer bag checks that’ll hang onto your items and return them when you exit, but that can be highly inconvenient if you brought items you’ll want on hand during the show (such as lip balm or a cell phone). 

When in doubt, we recommend packing a small but durable clear bag for a concert or sporting event. These will almost always make the cut (though we recommend double-checking against your venue’s particular rules just in case). 

Best stadium-approved clear bags

Baggallini Stadium Clear Pocket Crossbody

This 100% polyvinyl chloride (PVC) clear bag has a convenient and hands-free adjustable crossbody strap, so you can focus on dancing to the band rather than clutching your belongings. It’s lightweight and water-resistant, so it’ll keep your items protected from accidental spills. The 8.5- by 2.5- by 9-inch bag has one secure zipper pocket and one quick-access magnetic snap pocket. 

Eastsport Clear Stadium-Approved Messenger

If you tend to be a bit of an over-packer, this slightly larger crossbody bag can accommodate a greater variety of items, while still being compact enough to abide by most stadiums’ regulations. The 12- by 10- by 4-inch purse offers hands-free carrying in the form of an adjustable strap, and it includes a spacious front pocket and two side mesh pockets.

Vorspack Clear Purse

If you refuse to sacrifice style (hey, we get it), this clutch is a clear winner. The small snap purse looks like an elegant evening clutch, and it even has a metal chain that comes in gold, black and silver. At 8.6- by 6- by 2 inches, it can accommodate your phone, keys, lipstick, cash, sunglasses and a small wallet.

BAGAIL Clear Tote Bag

Many stadiums will have looser purse size restrictions for parents who are traveling with small children or people who need to carry medical items. In these cases, you can often bring a larger tote bag, such as this zip-top clear pick. The 12- by 12- by 6-inch tote is available with nine different strap colors. 

Baggallini Clear Stadium Belt Bag

A belt bag is a convenient hands-free purse option that also comes with added safety since it’s harder for someone to snatch it off your body. This version from Baggallini has a waist strap that extends up to 50 inches, so you can also wear it across your chest. It’s water-resistant and has one zippered compartment. 


This budget-friendly pick is more affordable than almost anything at the stadium snack bar. The clear crossbody purse has two zippered compartments, and it comes in 12 versions with various strap colors. 


It’s important to stay hydrated at large-scale events, especially when you’re out in the hot sun or expending energy while dancing. This crossbody purse has a convenient outer mesh pocket to stash a water bottle (just make sure to read the venue’s rules to find out whether you can bring your own water or you’ll need to buy one there). 

Vangue Clear Purse

Another more fashion-forward pick, this bag includes stylish vegan leather accents and gold-toned hardware. The strap is adjustable and detachable, so you can also use the bag as a clutch. 

Vorspack Clear Backpack

If allowed at your venue, a backpack is the most comfortable bag choice that also offers more room than a typical purse. This pick has one main double-zipper compartment, one interior mesh pocket, one interior PVC slash pocket, and two exterior mesh pockets for water bottles or an umbrella. 

LOXOMU Clear Crossbody Bag

A funky patterned strap adds flair to this clear crossbody bag. It has a roomy main compartment with space for all your essentials, plus a quick-access front pocket for items you’ll reach for more frequently. 

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