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The best blue-light reading glasses to help with digital strain

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Protect your eyes from digital screens with these glasses

We spend much of our time on electronic devices, especially computers, each day. We work, take classes or play games on the computer. However, over time, hours of looking at a digital screen can take a toll on our vision. Computer vision syndrome, or digital eye strain, is a common vision problem affecting people of all ages. 

To combat digital eyestrain, blue-light-blocking reading glasses can protect your vision. 

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What is computer vision syndrome?

According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), digital eyestrain, or computer vision syndrome, is an umbrella term for several eye- and vision-related conditions from prolonged exposure to electronic devices, such as computer screens, tablets and cellphones. 

CVS can arise due to the following risk factors:

  • Digital screen glare.
  • Poor lighting.
  • Improper viewing distances.
  • Poor posture when seated. 
  • Vision problems that haven’t been corrected.
  • A combination of all the above. 

Common symptoms of CVS include:

  • Eyestrain.
  • Headaches.
  • Dry eyes.
  • Blurred vision.
  • Pain in the neck and shoulders. 

The seriousness of digital eyestrain varies from person to person. For example, people with untreated eye conditions, such as farsightedness or astigmatism, may experience more visual symptoms of CVS than those without vision-related conditions. 

How to prevent digital eyestrain

If your daily obligations require you to be on an electronic device for more than two hours daily, there are ways to prevent or manage digital eyestrain. 

Here are some tips for preventing digital eyestrain, according to the Mayo Clinic

  • Fix the lighting: Aim for softer lighting in the room where you work or enjoy entertainment. 
  • Take breaks: Rest your eyes from electronic devices for a few minutes.
  • Reduce screen time: Limit the screen time you or your children have to prevent eyestrain. 
  • Use artificial tears: Get over-the-counter artificial tears to prevent or relieve dry eyes. You don’t have to wait until your eyes feel dry, but use eye drops frequently to keep your eyes moisturized.
  • Improve air quality: Dry eyes can arise from poor air quality in your household or workspace, so consider buying a humidifier or adjusting the thermostat to decrease the air blowing and smoke in your air. 
  • Get reading glasses or contact lenses: Consider getting glasses, such as blue-light glasses, or see if you can get a prescription for contact lenses designed for computer work. Consult your optometrist to discuss treatment options. 

Tips to reduce eyestrain while working

If you primarily work on the computer, these tips can help you reduce digital eyestrain.

  • Blink often: To prevent dry eyes, blink your eyes often to keep them moisturized and refreshed.
  • Give yourself eye breaks: Try the 20-20-20 rule, where every 20 minutes, you’ll look at something 20 feet away for about 20 seconds.
  • Adjust the lighting on your desk: Consider adding a desk lamp, adjusting fluorescent lighting or placing an anti-glare cover over the screen.
  • Fix your screen setting: Enlarge the text on your screen for easier reading and find the best contrast and brightness levels that won’t cause eyestrain.
  • Adjust your monitor: To prevent head and neck pain, adjust your computer monitor to where it’s directly in front of you at arm’s length.

Best blue-light reading glasses 

Henotin 3-Pack Blue-Light-Blocking Reading Glasses

This three-pack of blue-light glasses has an anti-ultraviolet A and B rays filter and anti-glare reduction. They have several magnification strengths or diopters to choose from. They have a swingable spring leg design to keep them from squeezing your head.

Sold by Amazon 

Peepers by PeeperSpecs Square Blue-Light-Blocking Reading Glasses

Get stylish protection for your eyes with this pair of glasses. They have a polycarbonate frame with acrylic lenses and a UV-protection coating. They filter over 40% of high-energy blue light from electronic devices. They are available in multiple colors and magnification strengths.

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Blue Cut Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses

These glasses are unisex, fitting both men and women. They are made of non-polarized, plastic lenses with magnification strength of up to 1.5 x. They have anti-scratch protection, flexible hinges and block 99% of blue light.

Sold by Amazon

Sigvan 5-Pack Blue-Light-Blocking Eyeglasses

Switch up your blue-light reading glasses to match your style with this five-pack. They have lenses that block blue light, UV rays and glare. The lenses are scratch-resistant, waterproof, dust-free and impact-resistant. 

Sold by Amazon

Eyeurl 4-Pack Cat Eye Reading Glasses for Women

These blue-light reading glasses have a fashionable cat eye shape. They are made of plastic and have non-polarized, acrylic lenses. They are stain- and impact-resistant and easy to clean. They can be worn all day and double as reading glasses. 

Sold by Amazon

Maxjuli Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses

Block high-energy blue rays with this pair of glasses. They come in a variety of colors and are made of light, non-fragile material that won’t break easily.

Sold by Amazon

Amomoma Trendy TR90 Oversized Blue-Light Reading Glasses

These blue-light glasses have a dual, anti-blue ray coating with a yellow tint to protect your eyes. They filter 80% of UV rays to relieve glare and digital eyestrain. They are polycarbonate lenses enclosed in a plastic frame and come in several magnification strengths.

Sold by Amazon

Fetrrc Reading Glasses

This five-pack of blue-light glasses can double as reading glasses. These unisex glasses are made of lightweight, unbreakable material with flexible spring hinges to fit different face shapes. They have multi-layered coated lenses that block 95% of blue light and UV400 for anti-glare and scratch-resistant benefits. 

Sold by Amazon

Videbla 5-Pack Blue-Light-Blocking Reading Glasses 

Get stylish frames and digital eyestrain relief with these eyeglasses. They block blue rays and UV400 and can provide all-day vision protection. They are made of lightweight, flexible resin frames for long-term wear. 

Sold by Amazon 

Readerest Blue-Light-Blocking Reading Glasses

This set of unisex reading glasses provides 1.25 x magnification while blocking blue and UV rays. They are scratch-resistant and anti-glare to protect your eyes while on electronic devices. The frames have lightweight, flexible spring hinges that won’t add pressure to your face. 

Sold by Amazon

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