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Best Backlit Keyboards

Updated July 2023
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Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro
BlackWidow V4 Pro
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This mechanical option works great for gaming with its media controls and the ability to sync up the keyboard lights with a game or program.


Comes with a command dial and customizable macro controls. The magnetic wrist rest is soft for comfortable use. Other features include a 3-side under-glow, per-key lighting, and durable keys that provide a tactile experience.


Due to the added media controls, the main keys feel a bit too close together, according to a few reviews

Best Bang for the Buck
Redragon Gaming Keyboard
Gaming Keyboard
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Great color and responsiveness at an affordable price. A good choice for those who like a satisfying click with every keystroke.


Excellent lighting that can be adjusted to your preference. Can easily be seen even next to a bright monitor. RGB lighting offers different colors and settings. Excellent keyboard for the price.


A few users had issues with sticky keys.

Redragon S101 Gaming Keyboard
S101 Gaming Keyboard
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A keyboard that’s designed for gaming both in appearance and function. The color choices and quiet keys make it a pleasure to use for work and gaming.


Seven color choices and 6 lighting modes. Up to 25 keys can be pressed at once, making it a great option for most gamers. Responsive keys that aren’t too loud. Includes a heavy mouse with a smooth glide. Uses Bluetooth.


Lights reset and flash every time you restart the keyboard.

Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Backlit Keyboard
HB030B Universal Slim Backlit Keyboard
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For On-the-Go
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A small, inexpensive keyboard that can be bought in 1 of 7 colors. An excellent portable choice if you’re on a tight budget.


Incredibly lightweight at only 0.3 pounds. Small enough to easily fit in a backpack or briefcase. Bluetooth connectivity works well. Compatible with 4 of the major operating systems. Battery lasts a long time.


Battery indication light doesn’t come on until the batteries are nearly depleted.

Logitech Mechanical Illuminated Keyboard
Mechanical Illuminated Keyboard
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This option has lights that fully illuminate the whole board, and even has 5 light patterns for added fun.


Full-size keyboard that won’t take up too much room on your work surface. Has white backlighting, and 5 patterns including snake and random. The mechanical keys allow for choosing between red, blue, or brown switches, and you can adjust the tilt of the board to the preferred angle. Looks sleek and feels smooth.


A few customers reported that some of the keys didn’t last very long.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for best backlit keyboards

Do you find yourself working late or gaming after dark? If so, a backlit keyboard can make it easier to get your work done or beat your top score. Illuminated keys let you use your keyboard at any time, night or day.

Keyboard design and functionality grow continually more sophisticated as technology advances and gaming requirements change. Whether you're a serious gamer or not, a backlit keyboard can increase your productivity. Our shopping guide takes you through the main considerations you need to think about, along with the features you’re most likely to find on backlit keyboards.

And don't forget to take a look at our top picks for the keyboards we think strike the right balance between functionality and price.

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Backlit keyboards can be either mechanical or membrane. Mechanical keyboards have that distinct clacking sound and respond better and faster when you’re typing or gaming. Membrane keyboards rely on pressure sensitivity and generally don’t last as long as mechanical models.

Key considerations

Wireless vs. wired

Your first big decision is between wireless and wired keyboards.

  • Wireless: Wireless keyboards declutter your space and let you get comfortable when you’re using them. However, you do have to think about power and connectivity. Some models rely on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, while others use standard alkaline. If it’s rechargeable, you’ll have stay on top of recharging so you’re not left without a keyboard. Wireless keyboards use either radio frequency (RF) or Bluetooth to connect to your devices.

    • RF keyboards are usually 2.4 GHz, as are many other household devices, which can lead to issues with interference.

    • Bluetooth keyboards eat up batteries more quickly and might require that a dongle be inserted into one of the USB slots on your device. Sometimes keyboards with Bluetooth have problems pairing with devices, or they can be slow to come out of sleep mode.

  • Wired: If you want to skip the unpredictability of a wireless model, stick to a traditional wired keyboard. They're always charged and you don't have to worry about connectivity. But, of course, you're limited in range, though some models come with a five-foot cord that still lets you get comfortable.


Not all keyboards are laid out in the same way. Some have a touch pad below the space bar while others have a touch pad to the right of the keyboard. And still other designs eliminate the touchpad altogether. Compact or lightweight designs may eliminate a separate number pad as well. How you plan to use the keyboard can help you decide on the best layout.

Size and weight

While keyboards come in various sizes and weights based on the layout and design, you'll find three basic categories:

  • Full-size: Everything on a full-size keyboard is, as the name implies, the usual size. These have 104 keys, a separate number pad, and function keys, and some shortcut keys may be included. If you have the room and the keyboard will stay in the same spot all the time, there's no reason not to get a full-size model. It has everything you need and usually feels the most natural to use.

  • Compact: Will you be carrying your keyboard in a briefcase, messenger bag, or backpack? If so, a compact model will take up less space and is usually lighter in weight. What “compact” means varies by manufacturer. Some use smaller keys, others eliminate extras like a separate number pad or arrow keys, and some do both as well as eliminate the surrounding case.

  • Thin/lightweight: Both full-size and compact models can also come in thin and/or lightweight versions. If you need all the keys on a full-size model but want to take your keyboard when you travel, a thin full-size model is probably what you need.


Some backlit keyboards lose a few of their functions when used with a Linux system or older versions of Windows. Make sure to check the specifications on both your device and the keyboard to make sure they’re compatible.

Backlit keyboard features


Even an inexpensive backlit keyboard should have some brightness adjustments that are easy to use. Pricier models might have five or more brightness levels with a key devoted to brightness control.


  • Size: Key size comes into play if you’re buying a backlit keyboard for visibility purposes. Some keyboards have large keys, bigger spaces between keys, and large lettering for improved visibility.

  • Hot keys: Full-size backlit keyboards may contain several hot keys to launch common programs and functions like Windows, Print Screen, and Pause/Break. Other models give you the option of programming some hot keys for gaming purposes. Compact and lightweight models might eliminate these keys to cut back on space and weight.

Noise reduction

The clacking of a keyboard can be disruptive in an office setting, dorm room, or other shared personal space. Some keyboards have noise reduction technology that dampens the sound each key makes.


Some backlit keyboards come with fun light and color settings. Some models have only one color option, though you might be able to buy the keyboard in one of several different colors. Other keyboards allow you to pick any color on the RGB spectrum. Some models allow you to change the color in certain keyboard sectors, which can be helpful when gaming. Others have lighting effects that intensify based on your typing speed, adding to the excitement of a game.

NKRO and anti-ghosting

  • NKRO: For most office work you don't need to worry about N-key rollover (NKRO). If you'll be using the keyboard for gaming, it's definitely something you want to think about. Keyboards with NKRO recognize the press of each key no matter how many of them are pressed simultaneously. Keyboards without this ability might only recognize a certain number of key combinations. Without this feature, key combinations needed for gaming or use with programs like Photoshop might not be recognized by the keyboard. NKRO isn't that important for general use, but if you'll be using specific key commands and functions, you should probably look for a model with NKRO.

  • Anti-ghosting: Some keyboards have anti-ghosting rather than NKRO. These models recognize up to a certain number of simultaneous keystrokes. That number may be a few or high enough, around 25, that they function like keyboards with NKRO.

Backlit keyboard prices

Inexpensive: You can find a basic backlit keyboard for less than $20. These models usually only have one color and don’t have any gaming features.

Mid-range: Once you get into the $20 to $40 range, the keyboards come with a whole host of features like five light levels, multiple color choices, and 25-key anti-ghosting.

Expensive: In the $40 to $60 range are keyboards with NKRO, aluminum casing options, and multiple color choices. There are more thin/lightweight models at this price, though they might not have all the gaming features.

Premium: Backlit keyboards that cost more than $60 have all the bells and whistles like NKRO, color options, and hot keys, and might include a gaming mouse. You’ll see lightweight models with full gaming functionality at this price, too.


  • Choose a keyboard with auto shutoff. You can save the battery life of your wireless keyboard by choosing a model that automatically turns off the backlighting when the keyboard’s inactive.

  • Clean your keyboard regularly. For the keyboard to function properly, it needs to be maintained and cleaned regularly. All it takes is compressed air to blow dust and grime from between the keys and a little rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab to wipe off the keys.

  • Try an ergonomic keyboard. An ergonomic backlit keyboard might be a good choice if you have limited wrist mobility or a medical condition like carpal tunnel syndrome.

Other products we considered

We limited our recommended products list to the top five, but here are a couple of models that still might be a good choice for you. The EagleTec KG010 Mechanical Keyboard is a relatively inexpensive mechanical keyboard with N-key rollover. It has five colors and just as many lighting modes. We like that you can also customize the light settings. The Velocifire VM01 Mechanical Keyboard is designed for professionals and has the brown switches that are perfect for quiet typing in a workplace or dorm room. The heavy, durable keyboard makes this one feel far more expensive than it is.

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Some keyboards include pre-programmed lighting patterns. These models allow you to pick certain keys or areas on the keyboard to highlight based on your gaming needs.


Q. Are there keyboards that will let me light certain sections in different colors?
Backlit keyboards designed for gaming might give you the option of lighting certain sections in a particular color. This feature is designed to speed gaming responses. Other models might not allow you to change the color of a certain section but give you the option of lighting one section over another with the purpose of enhancing your gaming experience.

Q. Do keyboards use a Bluetooth dongle to connect wirelessly?
Some keyboards require the use of a dongle, which plugs into one of your USB ports. However, some keyboards have an internal Bluetooth connection, eliminating the need for a dongle.

Q. Are there backlit keyboards that resist spills?
A spill-resistant keyboard might be hard to pass by, but you should know exactly what that term means. Typically, a backlit keyboard that’s advertised as spill resistant has a polymer film installed over vulnerable components, protecting them from moisture. Others might be designed to channel water away from the keyboard’s vulnerable areas. However, no keyboard is completely waterproof, so hang on to your drinks.

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