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    We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

    Shopping Guide for Men’s Watches

    The right watch doesn’t just help you keep track of time. It can also add the perfect finishing touch to your appearance. That’s why it’s so important to find a watch that’s both functional and stylish.

    But with so many men’s watch options on the market, sorting through all the choices can become overwhelming in a hurry. You need to choose the right style, band type, size, and other features before setting on a purchase.

    At BestReviews, we want to help you find the perfect watch. We buy all our own products and conduct field and expert research in order to find the best products for consumers. Our goal is to pass along the info you need to make informed shopping decisions.

    Ready to buy a men’s watch? Take a look at the matrix above for our top recommendations. For general info on choosing a men’s watch, continue reading our shopping guide.

    Some style experts dictate that a leather watch strap should match the color of your shoes.

    Watch Types: Quartz, Mechanical/Automatic, and Digital

    Men’s watches are available in three types: quartz, mechanical/automatic, and digital.

    • Quartz watches feature a small clock face with hour and minute hands to mark time. They are powered by a battery.

    • Mechanical watches also feature a small clock face with hour and minute hands. However, a mechanical watch is powered by a wound spring that releases energy in a regulated pattern. Some mechanical watches are self-winding; others must be manually wound.

    • Digital watches feature an electronic display that shows the time in hours and minutes. They are battery-powered and may have extra features, such as stopwatch and/or alarm functions.

    What’s Your Watch Style?

    Which watch style do you prefer? When shopping, you’ll notice that there are dress watches, diver watches, field watches, racing watches, and aviator watches to choose from. We outline the standout features of each watch style below.

    Dress watches usually feature the following:

    • A thin leather band that fits easily under the cuff of a dress shirt
    • A metal case that’s round, square, or rectangular in shape

    • A display with basic hour indexes in Arabic or Roman numerals

    Diver watches usually feature the following:

    • A bold, easy-to-read display with Arabic numerals that display the seconds in 15-second intervals

    • A display made of hardened mineral glass to withstand deep water

    • A case with a unidirectional bezel that rotates counterclockwise, allowing a diver to easily know how long he’s been underwater

    • A long metal band to fit around diving equipment


    Remember, classic styles will always be fashionable. More bold timepieces may not always be as wearable.

    Field watches usually feature the following:

    • An easy-to-read display with simple black numerals that may illuminate in the darkness

    • A rugged, stainless steel case

    • A canvas or leather band


    Racing watches usually feature the following:

    • A large display with bold Arabic numbers and contrasting colors

    • A stainless steel case

    • A metal or leather band

    • A chronograph to provide stopwatch or timer capabilities


    Aviator watches usually feature the following:

    • An oversized display with large numerals and illuminated hour and minute hands for easy reading

    • A leather band that’s longer than usual to fit over the cuff of a flight jacket

    About Men’s Watch Bands

    Men’s watches typically feature bands made of metal, leather, rubber, or canvas.



    Casual vs. Formal

    Metal and leather bands exude polished, formal look. Rubber and canvas watch bands have a more casual appearance.


    Professional Wear vs. Weekend Wear

    A leather or metal band works well for work and other professional settings, while a rubber or canvas watch band is ideal for weekend and recreational wear.


    If you wear other jewelry, match the metal of your watch band to your other pieces.

    Staff  | BestReviews

    About Men’s Watch Sizes

    Men’s watch faces, or displays, come in a variety of sizes, though most fall between 34mm and 44mm.

    If you have thinner wrists, opt for a watch with a case diameter between 34mm and 40mm.

    If you have thicker wrists, choose a watch with a case diameter between 44mm and 46mm.

    Watch Complications

    A watch’s “complications” are the features it offers beyond the simple displaying of time.

    Many watches display the date on their face in addition to the time. Some provide the current moon phase as well.

    You can also find watches that offer an alarm function and/or a chronograph for stopwatch capabilities. Watches with chronographs may allow you to calculate speed and distance traveled.

    In general, casual watches have more complications than dress watches.

    To protect a collection of watches, consider investing in a watch box. You can store your watches there for safekeeping, and you’ll have them all in the same place.


    Q. What can you do if a men’s watch with a metal bracelet band doesn’t fit properly?
    Metal bracelet bands are made of individual links that allow you to adjust for size. If your watch is too big, take it to a jeweler and have them remove one or more links. If your watch is too small, contact the manufacturer to learn how to order additional links. A jeweler can then add the links to make the watch larger.

    Q. What features make a men’s watch more durable?
    If you’re concerned about durability, look for a watch with a stainless steel case and a polycarbonate face that’s scratch-resistant. You’ll also want to make sure that the watch is water-resistant.

    Q. How do you keep a men’s leather watch in good condition?
    Avoid exposing the watch to direct sunlight or heat, as these elements could cause the leather to fade or deteriorate. Don’t place the watch on damp or wet surfaces, either – leather can crack if it is exposed to moisture.

    Most leather watches come with specific care instructions, so be sure to observe them when cleaning your watch to avoid any other damage.

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