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The best Alienware laptop

Which Alienware laptop is best?

For those who want to play games with a laptop computer, the machine needs to have plenty of processing power. But it also helps if the laptop chassis has some style, too.

The Alienware laptop brand has found the perfect recipe in its designs, creating laptops that gamers love. These laptops have big screens, strong graphics processors, efficient cooling systems, and plenty of stylish add-ons. As with any gaming computer, it’s important to consider what tech specs are must-haves to run the games of your choice.

To learn more about Alienware laptops, continue reading our buying guide. Our top pick is the Alienware Area 51M Laptop, which has outstanding levels of performance and several extra features.

Considerations when choosing Alienware laptops

If you’re selecting an Alienware laptop for an on-the-go gaming machine, you’re going to have some different expectations for the laptop than if it will serve as a desktop computer replacement. Think about the following items when comparing different Alienware laptops.

Screen size

Screen sizes of roughly 15 and 17 inches (as measured diagonally) are common with Alienware laptops. A larger screen will result in a larger laptop chassis, which reduces the portability of the machine.

Laptop weight

If you want a laptop for gaming that is easy to take with you anywhere, smaller, lightweight machines work nicely. If you plan to keep your laptop at home, weight may be less of a factor. Alienware laptops vary widely in weight, with some models weighing a few pounds more than their lightest options.

Upgrade options

Unlike many laptop designs, Alienware laptops are made to allow for relatively easy upgrades of the interior components. This is a great feature when you want to add RAM to the machine or add a larger capacity hard drive.

Alienware laptop features

Alienware gaming laptops have the same types of interior components that standard laptops contain. However, because gaming software requires powerful computing processors and graphics processors, an Alienware laptop will deliver high-end features and components compared to a standard laptop.


The central processing unit (CPU) is the primary processor inside the Alienware laptop. This brand regularly makes use of high-end CPU chips. Some CPUs in Alienware machines allow for overclocking, which allows you to push the CPU to a faster clock speed than is listed as the maximum speed.

Graphics processing

Alienware laptops often have the latest graphics cards. This card contains a graphics processing unit (GPU) as well as RAM dedicated to graphics rendering.


Random-access memory, or RAM, is the temporary memory storage area the laptop uses to hold data that the CPU may need for a task. The more RAM your Alienware laptop contains, the more efficiently it can run software, especially processor-intensive gaming software. A typical Alienware machine has 16GB of RAM, but you usually can upgrade to 32-64GB.


Alienware laptops often contain SSD storage, which is significantly faster than HDD storage technology (but also costs more). Some of these machines have a hybrid hard drive, which has both SSD and HDD.

Alienware laptop price

You will pay a premium for the power you find with Alienware laptops. The least expensive models cost around $1,300 and are often compact in design. More powerful, VR-ready Alienware laptops have a price tag of $2,000-$4,300.

Alienware laptop FAQ

Q. What sets an Alienware gaming laptop apart from standard laptops?

A. A gaming laptop usually has a high-end CPU and a large display screen. It also has a lot of graphics processing power, allowing it to run gaming software that regular laptops would struggle with.

Q. Who owns the Alienware brand?

A. Dell manufactures Alienware laptops, which means you can use Dell customer service to resolve any issues.

Alienware laptops we recommend

Best of the best

Alienware Area 51M Laptop

Our take: The clear top-of-the-line gaming laptop from Alienware, containing all of the extra features you’d expect to find.

What we like: Can have up to 64GB of RAM installed. Huge 17.3-inch screen with an anti-glare design that’s perfect for gaming in any lighting.

What we dislike: All of these features make for a high price tag.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best bang for your buck

Alienware 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop

Our take: Has quite a bit of power for running games, but it also delivers a nice level of value.

What we like: Huge display screen that includes a full-HD resolution. Contains a hybrid storage option with both an SSD and HDD.

What we dislike: The read/write speed of the HDD is underwhelming.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Alienware M15 Gaming Laptop

Our take: Durable laptop chassis that consists of magnesium alloy, so it’s perfect for those who need an on-the-go machine.

What we like: Weighs less than 5 pounds. Can expand to 32GB of RAM. Extremely thin laptop body.

What we dislike: Screen is smaller than some other Alienware laptops at 15 inches diagonally. Pricey.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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