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Cookware Mother’s Day gifts for the foodie mom

Expertly reviewed by Andrea Boudewijn

The best Mother’s Day cookware gifts she’ll actually use

If you know a mom who loves to cook or bake, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to treat her to the latest kitchen gadget or a high-quality, time-tested staple. We asked BestReviews cooking and baking expert Andrea Boudewijn to recommend her favorite cookware gifts, from must-have appliances and heirloom dishes to overlooked tools and everyday essentials. Whether you’re shopping for a mom who goes all-out for bake sales or loves trying new dinner recipes, these gifts will make her Mother’s Day special.

In this article: KitchenAid 5-quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer, Joey’z Extra-Large Cake Carrier and Home Array Set of Six Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls.

What does Mom really want for Mother’s Day?

Instead of picking out something simply based on its appearance, Boudewijn suggests a more practical gift. Rather than collecting dust or taking up space in a cupboard, a gift that gets regular use is bound to be more appreciated.

“Our moms work hard for us all year, providing everything from PB & to souffles,” she said. “Instead of giving them another pretty copper pot, make her kitchen time easier with something different.” Depending on the recipient, this could include a time-saving gadget for dinnertime or something to make morning coffee quicker and easier.

Mother’s Day baking gifts

For a mom who loves to bake, the options are almost limitless: mixing bowls, loaf pans, cake carriers or even appliances such as a stand mixer can all inspire her next baking endeavor.

For a more artistic baker, consider a cake decorating kit loaded with piping tips and frosting bags. Someone who’s fine-tuned their sourdough recipe might appreciate fresh baking sheets or linen bags for bread storage.

Mother’s Day cooking gifts

Picture the kitchen. What gaps could you help fill? Maybe she’s been using the same set of wooden utensils for as long as you can remember and they’re due for a refresh. Maybe she could use a beautiful, high-quality chef’s knife.

Mother’s Day can also be a good opportunity to upgrade her pots and pans to a nonstick — and nontoxic — set. Ceramic cookware is made without the usual nonstick coatings that can release toxins at high temperatures. Other eco-friendly gifts she might love include cutting boards made from recycled materials or bamboo bowls and utensils.

Stainless steel cookware is another popular option for someone who loves to cook. Stainless steel doesn’t have the same nonstick properties as ceramic or Teflon, but it’s durable, conducts heat beautifully and can last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Mother’s Day entertaining gifts

For a mom who loves to host a gathering, look for bakeware that can double as a beautiful serving piece. Oven-to-table cookware such as casserole dishes or Dutch ovens is designed to make cooking and serving easier. Gifts that help throw parties, such as a cheese board or a tiered serving tray, can also help make her next get-together even more special.

Expert picks for Mother’s Day gifts 

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

“My go-to is this easy-to-use and easy-to-clean Keurig for a perfect cup of coffee every morning,” said Boudewijn. It can brew three different cup sizes, including tall travel mugs, and has a descaling setting for easy maintenance.

Sold by Amazon

KitchenAid 5-quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

A perennial favorite gift, Boudewijn suggests this 5-quart stand mixer, which comes in a rainbow of colors to match her kitchen. The glass mixing bowl features measurement markings and a pour spout, and the mixer comes with a wire whisk, dough hook and flex edge beater.

Sold by Amazon

Chef’s Choice Trizor 15XV Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

“Make things with tough skins like tomatoes and oranges easy to slice with sharp-as-heck knives,” recommends Boudewijn. She loves this knife sharpener for quick and easy sharpening thanks to its three-stage sharpening system with diamond abrasives.

Sold by Amazon

Joey’z Extra-Large Cake Carrier

“It’s not just for cake!” said Boudewijn. “It will house casseroles, pies, dips and more.” This carrier measures 14 inches across — big enough for a 13-inch cake or dish — and features a locking cover and a carry handle.

Sold by Amazon

Home Array Set of Six Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls

Boudewijn prefers these mixing bowls for their wider, shorter shape, which makes them easier to handle than taller bowls. The stainless steel nesting bowls range from 3 cups to 8 quarts and feature rolled rims for easier pouring.

Sold by Amazon

Other top Mother’s Day cookware gifts 

Caraway Classic Cookware Set

This beautiful cookware set features a nontoxic ceramic nonstick coating over an aluminum core. They can be used on any cooktop, including induction. Choose from six colorways, all with large stainless steel handles.

Sold by Caraway

Mammafong Flat-Bottom Carbon Steel Wok Pan

This sturdy, high-quality wok is made from hand-hammered heavy-gauge carbon steel. Its flat bottom allows it to be used on most cooktops. With proper cleaning and seasoning, it’ll last for years. 

Sold by Amazon

Anchor Hocking Set of 10 Glass Mixing Bowls

Made from durable tempered glass, these bowls can be used in the oven or microwave. Plus, they nest for easy storage, and they’re dishwasher-safe. They come in a set of 10, with sizes ranging from 1 fluid ounce to 3.5 quarts. 

Sold by Amazon

Woodenhouse Wooden Cooking Utensils Set

This elegant set of handcrafted teak utensils comes with a matching container. The wooden turner, spatula, ladle and more are perfect for protecting the finish on nonstick cookware. Included in the set are six hooks for hanging the utensils, as well as a spoon rest.

Sold by Amazon

Mac Knife Professional 8-inch Hollow-Edge Chef Knife

Indentations in the knife edge help reduce friction, making it easier to slice sticky foods. The Santoku-style blade is made in Japan from vanadium alloy steel, which better resists rust and holds an edge well.

Sold by Amazon

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