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Best Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Sets

Updated May 2022
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Vollrath Economy Mixing Bowl Set of 5
Economy Mixing Bowl Set of 5
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Good for Everyday Use
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Our cooking expert notes that flat, wide-mouth bowls are easy to use, hold, and store.


Set of five includes 3/4, 1.5, 3, 4, and 5-quart sizes. Wide shape ideal for whipping and mixing. Flared lip is handy to hold and pours cleanly. Lightweight and easily stackable. Holds up to repeated use.


No-frills set not ideal for display.

Best Bang for the Buck
OXO Good Grips 3 Piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set
OXO Good Grips
3 Piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set
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Comfortable & Stylish
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A plastic outer lining and grippy base make these bowls attractive and comfortable to use.


Wide lip is easy to hold and pour. Deep shape is excellent for batters and doughs. Flat bottoms have rubberized coatings for stability on work tops. Plastic coating protects hands from heat, is attractive. Dishwasher-safe.


Plastic coating may melt near high heat.

All Clad Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set
All Clad
Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set
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Sophisticated & Glossy
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A set of mirror-finish mixing bowls; All-Clad is our expert's favorite brand for pots and pans.


Set of three bowls with 1.5, 3, and 5-quart sizes. Large handles allow firm grip while mixing, stirring, and whipping. Flared edges make for clean pouring. Mirror finish is attractive and easy to clean. Dishwasher safe.


Expensive. Mirror finish will quickly scratch with use.

Cuisinart Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Lids
Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Lids
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If you want a want a starter mixing bowl set and don't need a variety of sizing options, this set is an extremely good deal for the price.


A classic set made of stainless steel that is both dishwasher and freezer safe. Plastic lids are a nice bonus.


The set consists only of 3 bowls which is less than the others on our list.

Tramontina Mixing Bowl 18/10 Stainless Steel 3-Pack
Mixing Bowl 18/10 Stainless Steel 3-Pack
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Bigger Sizes
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A set of deep, wide-lipped bowls made of quality steel that earns it our expert's praise.


Made of high-quality, food-grade 18/10 stainless steel for durability and strength. Wide lip for ease of grip and pouring. Deeply shaped for voluminous contents. Set of 3, 5, and large 8-quart bowls.


Collar groove can collect material while mixing or pouring.

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BestReviews spends thousands of hours researching, analyzing, and testing products to recommend the best picks for most consumers. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and all opinions about the products are our own. About BestReviews  
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Buying guide for Best stainless steel mixing bowl sets

Regardless of what you cook or what your kitchen skills are, at some point you’re going to need a decent set of mixing bowls. A quality set of bowls is a must for making bread and other baked goods, salads and dressings, and pasta, or basically doing any prep work in the kitchen. Throw in a handy set of lids, and the bowls can also be used to store food on a shelf or in the refrigerator.

There are different types of mixing bowl sets, but stainless steel is at the top of every chef’s list for its durability, lightweight, and classic appearance. A quality set of stainless steel mixing bowls will have you mixing and tossing in style for years.

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Stainless steel mixing bowls are more durable than glass bowls, and they resist stains and odors better than plastic bowls.

Key considerations


  • Durable: We’re obviously talking stainless steel here, but even with that you’ll find different grades of steel. The best stainless steel mixing bowl sets are made from metal that’s thick enough to hold up over time but not so thick that it makes the bowls heavy and hard to use. Choose stainless steel that offers a nice shine and appearance and is stain and rust resistant.

  • Nonslip: You’ll find nonslip silicone or rubber bottoms on many bowls, although not on all. This material keeps the bowls stationary on the counter when you’re mixing and whisking. It also helps to protect your countertop. Some are available in a choice of colors, which can add a nice decorative touch. Be sure that the silicone or rubber is firmly attached to the bottom of the bowls so that it will neither slip off nor allow water in between the material and the bowl.

  • Lip: Another standard feature is a wide or extended lip on the top edge of each bowl, which gives you something to hold onto when stirring and mixing. The lip should be comfortable to hold and not sharp.

  • Shape: Stainless steel mixing bowls vary in shape somewhat from set to set. Some are wider than others, and some are deeper. Some bowl sets offer a classic appearance, while others tend toward a more modern look. What you choose will depend largely on your own tastes. Any set you choose should nest together to make storage easy.

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Expert Tip
Stainless bowls are the industry standard in working kitchens. Typically these work bowls are lower and wider than some of the deeper sets we recommend – focus on your preferences rather than cost or celebrity endorsement.
BestReviews Cooking and Baking Expert

Stainless steel mixing bowl set features


The more bowls in the set, the more versatile it is. Stainless steel mixing bowl sets range in size from three to six, with the average being five bowls to a set.


The whole purpose of choosing a set of bowls is to have various bowls of different sizes for use in the kitchen. The largest bowl in a set can reach eight quarts, although the largest bowl in most sets is five or six quarts. The other bowls step down in size to around one quart.


While not all stainless steel mixing bowl sets come with lids, this is a pretty standard feature for most of them. If a set includes lids, there should be a lid for each bowl that fits snugly and preferably provides an airtight or watertight seal. The lids should be made from BPA-free material. Clear or semi-clear lids will allow you to easily tell what is in a bowl without having to remove the lid. Some sets also offer you a choice of colors so that you can more easily fit the bowls in with your kitchen décor.

Measurement marks

Having measurement marks on the inside of the bowls provides an easy way to measure flour, sugar, and other ingredients without having to use measuring cups. Not all mixing bowl sets include these, but cooks find that they can be a great help in the kitchen.


While not standard, some stainless steel mixing bowls include handles so you can more easily hold the bowls when using or carrying them.

Expert Tip
Stainless steel bowls aren’t just for the kitchen. I use a large one in the garden to collect tomatoes and other vegetables, or you can line one with a soft cloth and collect eggs from the coop.
BestReviews Cooking and Baking Expert


Other than lids, you won’t find stainless steel mixing bowl sets that come with a lot of accessories. Occasionally, you’ll find a set that includes a recipe book, a grating or slicing insert for the lid, and/or measuring cups.


Are the bowls dishwasher safe, or does the manufacturer recommend washing them by hand? Also check how any included accessories must be cleaned (for example, it’s generally recommended that any lids should be hand-washed).

Stainless steel mixing bowl set prices

You can find stainless steel mixing bowl sets for less than $20 and as much as $100 in rare instances.

Most are in the $20 to $30 range. At the higher prices, you can expect to find higher-quality stainless steel, more bowls in the set, and extras such as lids.

Expert Tip

Store your bowls at waist height or below to avoid an avalanche on your head when you pull one out of the stack.


BestReviews Cooking and Baking Expert


  • Make a double boiler in a pinch. While not ideal from a safety standpoint, you can use a stainless steel mixing bowl on top of a pot of boiling water to create a double boiler for melting chocolate or creating sauces.

  • “Burp” the lid. Force a plastic lid into a tight fit by pressing down on the middle of the lid to “burp” air out of the bowl.

  • Dry the bowls completely. Always dry stainless steel bowls completely after washing them, and store them in a dry location.

  • Be careful with acidic foods. Be careful when using acidic foods in stainless steel mixing bowls because some stainless steel can react with acids, giving foods an unwanted flavor and possibly staining the bowl.

  • Look for deeper bowls for baking. If you plan to use your stainless steel bowls for baking, look for a set with bowls that are deep rather than wide. This will keep flour and other ingredients in the bowl when you’re using an electric mixer.

  • Take care with the lids. While it’s usually recommended that you hand-wash the lids, if you must use the dishwasher, place the lids on the top shelf with the heat on low.

  • Don’t scour stainless steel. If food gets stuck on the inside of one of your stainless steel bowls, don’t scour it off. Fill the bowl with water and let the food soak off.
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The brushed finish on the outside of most stainless steel mixing bowls makes them less susceptible to fingerprints.


Q. Can I use these mixing bowls in the oven?

A. While some manufacturers claim that their bowls can be used at low temperatures in the oven (for example, at 250°F), the majority advise against it. This is particularly true if the bowls have a silicone or rubber nonslip coating on the bottom.

Q. Can I use these bowls with an electric beater?

A. You can, but some bowls scratch more easily than others, so you could end up doing some damage to your bowls. This generally won’t hurt the bowls overall, but it will affect their appearance.

Q. Will the bowls nest with the lids on for storage?

A. They should, although this may vary slightly, set to set. Bowls that include lids should be designed so the lids can be placed on the bowls when they’re nested. This will keep you from having to hunt for the lids when you want to use them.

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